Ослиная шкура / THE DONKEY’S HIDE

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LENFILM First Artistic Association THE DONKEY’S HIDE Screenplay by
M. VOLPIN Based on the fairy tales by
Charles Perrault Directed by
N. KOSHEVEROVA Director of Photography
E. ROZOVSKY Production Designers
Sound by S. SHUMYACHER Starring: V. ETOUSH as King Gaston
S.NEMOLYAEVA as Queen Gorgette V. NOVIKOVA as Princess Theresa
A. GALIBIN as Prince Jacques Z. GERDT as Poet Aurevoir T. PELTSER as Wicked Fairy
V. PANINA as Good Fairy N.KARACHENTSOV as Robber Burabeau
L.MAKAROVA as Madame Burabeau S. PARSHIN as Redhead
B. ARAKELOV as Gendarme A. DOMASHOV as Dandy
Blind old woman Ladies and gentlemen,
may I introduce myself. Armand Aurevoir, the court poet
of King Gaston X… No, IX. Of course,
I remember it perfectly well. The court-stationed artist,
he painted my portrait. Quite famous a poet I was
at the time. But the nature of fame,
as you know, is transient, And a very famous portrait
I’ve now become. The portrait adorns now
a wall in a museum. Books written about it
and many words said. The bronze-covered frame
bears just one inscription: “Portrait of an Unknown Man
In a Dark Round Hat”. Unknown… Of course, it’s
annoying, but what can I do? I’m going to tell you an interesting
and instructive story, in which I happen to be
a principal character. I, Princess Theresa
and one exceptional donkey. How generous and whimsical
are the ways of Nature! It endows everyone in some
special way. So, Nature has given the King’s
donkey an extraordinary ability to turn oats and barley
into gold coins, and not through some alchemy,
but by way of normal digestion. All of the donkey’s produce
went to the Royal Treasury. Well, good. Yes, it’s me. Oh, it’s silver! Yes, it’s silver. Right you are, Your Majesty.
It’s silver. – But it’s never happened before.
– For the first time ever. I see it myself. But why?
Is the food not good enough? No, Your Majesty.
I’m fed very well… Who’s talking about you?
I meant the other ass. The poor donkey
every day Ate lots of barley,
lots of hay. He ate very much, as it appeared,
but gold coins he “minted” not. Then silver also disappeared,
and even coppers came to naught. So the donkey was driven out And left without his oat dole-out. It’s being winter, our poor ass Could hardly make it
to the wooded lands. But being a newcomer to the woods, He was immediately… Eaten by the wolves. I shouldn’t have started my story
with this sad incident. I should have begun
with Princess Theresa. With the royal feast in honor of
her birthday, or rather baptism. Princess Theresa’s godmother’s
name was Riade. She was a good fairy. Though she used magic only
as a last resort. Long live Princess Theresa! – How’d I introduce you, granny?
– I’m a fairy. The fairies had already been here,
the young ones… They foretold what they were
supposed to and left. – What letter do you begin with?
– My name is Gravidana. No such name in the guest list. And what would you say
if I presented each of you with such a gold circle? – Thank you very much indeed.
– Thank you very much indeed. Why, you’ve taken the money
but wouldn’t let me in? – We can’t, Your Grace.
– We’re incorruptible, Your Grace. Oh, is that so? Well! Are you turning us into
negative animals? It’s not nice. Long live the King! Long live Princess Theresa!
Long live the Queen! I see there’re only guests invited,
wanted and welcome here. And I had the nerve
to crash this party. But don’t worry,
Your Majesty. Don’t bother to entertain me.
I don’t eat strangers’ food. – I beg your pardon, Madame!
– I just dropped by for a minute. I’ll tell your newborn doll’s
fortune and leave. The Princess will be
most beautiful and charming, She will be loved by people
of all make. She will get everything in this
world, providing… What do you mean?
Explain it, for God’s sake. You said “providing”.
Why “providing”? Providing what? You’re demanding too much
of those who were not invited. I order you to stay, Madame. Having said “A”,
you must say “B”. By the order of His Majesty
King Gaston… – IX.
– IX, I remember. To Fairy Riade have been
summoned the most famous poets of the kingdom, including me. The geniuses were sweating over
At least for an hour on end. And suddenly, “Eureka! That’s it!”,
One of us jumped and said. That one of us was I. Here it is, that missing line. The Princess will be
most beautiful and charming, She will be loved by people
of all make. She will get everything in this
world, providing… Providing? What is it?
What’s happening to me? Mademoiselle Riade! How cruel of you to do that to me. I did think up that great
missing line! Now I don’t remember
a word of it. Don’t worry, Monsieur Aurevoir,
I remember it. Now it’s been 17 long years Since born was our Princess. When she was just a tiny tot,
Her mother’s taken by the Lord. And was replaced by her godmother. And now would you even bother
to guess who’s that indeed Riding in all her splendor
on that fiery Spanish steed? What happened? Are you all right? I’m absolutely fine, Theresa. Prince Jacques? On my account you dismounted
and are inquiring about my health. – Why are you lying on the road?
– To be able to meet you. Wait, Theresa. I need to have a few words with you
tete-a-tete. At parties you’re always surrounded
by suitors whom I resent. – Oh, really?
– I didn’twant to ask you for a date. – So you lay down on the road.
– That was my only chance. I figured it out. You always take
a horse ride in the morning. Suppose my horse would’ve
trampled you to death? Death is not too high a price
for meeting you. Theresa, I’m in love with you. Will you marry me? – Right now?
– Well, we cannot do it right now. By our kingdom’s stupid laws,
I’m still under age. But this fall I’ll be 21,
and then… Then we’ll talk. Marriage is too important
a subject to discuss it with a minor.
See you in the fall! Why are you barking, Azor?
She said, “in the fall”. Godmother, does a person first
fall in love and then get silly, or does he first get silly
and then fall in love? You’re talking about that madcap
stretching himself across the road? Why would I? No, I’m thinking of my father. What on earth has made him
marry my stepmother? About the Queen one should say
only good things or nothing at all. Or nothing good at all. Godmother, you’re a magician.
Turn her into something, will you? Not necessarily into something
filthy. Let it be something nice… Say, a drop
of the morning dew. So that by noon she would have
already evaporated. Or a crystal ball.
And let it roll and roll away… Please, do it. It’s so easy for you. Oh, you little viper. Magic should be used only
as a last resort. She IS the last resort. Wait, Your Majesty.
Aren’t you ashamed? Well, my adorable one? Ancestors on one side, descendants
on the other. They’re demanding. – What are they all demanding?
– Why aren’t you listening to me? My adorable, how can I not listen
to you? Want me to repeat it? Ancestors on one side,
descendants on the other. Why do you repeat it like
a parrot, without understanding? Why without understanding? Ancestors are the people
who are no more, and descendants are the people
who are not yet. And they’re all demanding. Your Majesty, every day
you’re getting more stupid. Your descendants and ancestors
are demanding great deeds of you. All the decent monarchs are
remembered by the mankind by some wonderful names. For example:
Leopold the Ruthless, Philip the Merciless,
Arnold the Bloody. And you want the mankind
to remember you by number. Gaston IX, and that’s it.
IX, and that’s it. What else do you want? Who am I then?
Me, your wife, your spouse. – Your only other half.
– The adorable one. Who am I then? Whose half?
Half of Nine? Not a woman, but What Time Is It? Gorgette! Oh, my God! Why, my adorable one? You’re a milksop who has no idea
of the royal honor. You even take for granted
a slap in your face. – D’you know what a slap is?
– A clout. How terrible to be a wife of
the king who’s being clouted. But it’s beyond you
to understand that. Explain it to me in plain words,
and I’ll understand everything. Your Majesty, I don’t want
to be Half of Nine. I want to be a half of
Gaston the Conqueror. As you wish, my adorable one.
What should I do for it? Conquer the entire world! Right now? First gun, fire! Second gun, fire! For Queen Gorgette, forward! For Gaston the Conqueror, fire! Battery, fire! They’re retreating! Battery, fire! We’re fighting, we’re mighty,
and the enemy retreats! We’re attacked from the rear!
By a girl! – Did you call me, Daddy?
– Yes, on an important matter. As you were! To play with toy soldiers. Silly girl. Do you think I’m playing here?
I’m preparing a future victory. It is expected of me
by my historical mission. Tell your historical mission to mind her own business. Don’t dare talking like that.
The Queen has opened my eyes. It will be more correct to say
that she closed your eyes. Do you mean I’m blind? – I can see very well.
– Yes, but through her eyes, Daddy. I told you to stop saying that. Yes, it’s true, Queen Gorgette
believes that I must… conquer the entire world. – What for?
– What d’you mean, what for, baby? For various reasons. Imagine how happy people will
be when I conquer them all. – Oh, God!
– You doubt it? I will! But to win a victory I’m short
of something in way of provisions. The science of war is based
on three principal rules. To keep the army quite invincible,
you feed the soldiers, in principle. This is Rule One.
Rule Two: A victorious outcome calls
for the guns and cannon balls. And, finally, Rule Three: Not to look like one big mess,
our soldiers should be assed… Not to look like one big mess,
our soldiers should be dressed. In short, to win a war we need
money, but I’ve got none. You see, we used to get by
thanks to that auriferous donkey, but now it has run dry.
There’s no more donkey. So my only hope now is you,
daughter. Me?
Where can I get you money? You can. From King Evstigney
the Magnificent. His coffers are bursting with
money. And he’s crazy about you. Daddy, do you really want me
to marry… that ugly old man? I hate him! Well, love isn’t everything,
honey. Take me. I adore your stepmother.
I’m mad about her. And do you think I’m happy? Look at me closely.
Do I look like a happy man? But I’ve got a duty, my mission, and it’s dictating
to me… Right, she’s dictating to you.
And you’re already… Whoa! What is all this? I demand that you marry
King Evstigney. And mind you, it’s not a caprice,
but a military necessity. Oh, really? And you’d better know
that if you don’t obey, I’ll put you in a convent
of the highest security. Here I am, Theresa!
Today is my birthday. I’ve come of real age at last! You even look like real spring. And you look like real winter. – Something happened, Theresa?
– No, no, Jacques. I’m glad you came, I… How could I have not come? I love you,
I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I’ve been looking forward
to this moment. Get up, Jacques, will you? You’re saying
you really love me? Of course, I do. Well, in that case,
I’ll bring you a happy news. – I’m getting married.
– What do you mean, married? – Married to whom?
– To Evstigney the Magnificent. – But he’s a disgusting old man!
– So what? I’ll be getting fame, respect,
wealth, instead of… your destitute kingdom. After all, he’s not that old, he doesn’t stoop,
and anyway… Don’t look at me that way. You’re supposed to be happy if you really love me. I really loved you. Now I’ll try to really fall out
of love with you. You see, Azor, the worse
he thinks of me the better,
the sooner he’ll forget me. Judging by you, one might think
it’s someone’s funeral. Exactly.
Look at them. A disgusting old man
and a young beauty. A beauty? Your Majesty,
you’re deluded. Your daughter has
quite an ordinary appearance. Dazzlingly ordinary. – King Evstigney the Magnificent.
– Yes? Are you willing to take
Princess Theresa here as your lawful wife? Yes. Princess Theresa, are you willing to take King
Evstigney the Magnificent here as your lawful husband? Do yourjob, Father, and
don’t ask unnecessary questions. Excuse me, Your Highness, but according to the wedding ritual,
a clergyman is not supposed… If not supposed, then don’t do it! Your Majesty, don’t worry.
Calm down. Bring me a horse, now! – It’s your own fault.
– I’ll get her myself. Hurry up! Onward! Many years ago,
the wise Riade hung the poor donkey’s hide
in her room. For it to be a permanent reminder
Of how little mercy a human has, That human beings could be kinder
To poor creatures such as an ass. And not only to an ass, of course. – Godmother!
– Theresa, what happened? I ran away from the altar! Do you realize
what you have done? Of course! I’ve never been
happier in my life! Villains! Scoundrels! All right,
we have no choice. You’ll have to flee from here
as fast as possible. One. Take this magic water, wet your
hair and splash your face with it. Two, three, four, five. Take this
and go change. Quick. What happened?
Your Majesty! – Where’s Theresa?
– Where are you hiding her? Search it. Hurry up! Don’t touch me!
I said, don’t touch! Let go of me! – Who’s that scarecrow?
– A homeless beggar. I’m going to wash and feed her.
She’ll help me around the house. Well, gentlemen,
there are no Princess here. She must be hiding
in the stable or in the shed. Follow me, gentlemen! Don’t be afraid, dear. Tell me, where are you hiding
the Princess? – Where’re you hiding the Princess?
– I don’t know, Your Excellency. Not Excellency,
but Majesty. But I guess, Your Majesty,
she’s somewhere around. I think
they stuffed her into the cellar. Where is it? Open up! Your Majesty,
may I report to you? I personally discovered
an oak barrel. – What barrel?
– Emitting female sounds. – What female sounds?
– Exactly, Your Majesty! – Female sounds?
– Yes! I believe that your august daughter
be in that barrel oughtta. Why do you report in verses? That’s no verses, just an assonant
arrangement of facts. Where’s this barrel of yours? Female sounds. Get out. – If you please.
– Get out of here. You may go. But remember, you haven’t
heard any female sounds, nor have you seen any barrel. Yes, Your Majesty! Theresa, honey, that’s me,
your daddy. Sit quietly there
until we go away. My sweet child,
why did you do that? Your stepmother
will never forgive you. She’s a kind woman,
but her heart is merciless. – Gorgette, is that you?
– Yes, it’s me. Give me your little hand, child. Oh, what a nice ring!
Is it magic? Not very much. But whenever
you feel sad, press the stone. This ring will help you
not forget the past, accept the present
and not be afraid of the future. Come over here. Don’t be afraid, press it harder. And now you’d better leave, before anyone decides
to surprise us again. Go on, press the ring. Come on, chin up. Don’t lose the ring. And remember, you should use
magic only as a last resort. Sure, it’s not a sable coat or an ermine mantle, but it’ll protect you well against
the winter cold and the fall rains. I think that the hide of
that wretched donkey will finally
bring you happiness. What is it, Godmother? Nothing. I’m all right now. The old people’s malady
is their failing heart. Young people are susceptible to the
ailment of failing to have heart. – Try not to catch it.
– I will, Godmother. Come on. Go now. Granny, wait! Careful! On the order of His Majesty
King Gaston IX, they were looking for Princess
Theresa all over the kingdom. The Princess is missing!
Five hundred gold coins! Come on, granny.
Come on, let’s go! So much money! Thank you, child. You’ve
saved me, the wretched old thing. It’s nothing, granny. Now I can make it myself.
It’s not far. Let’s get acquainted
before we part. What do you look like? Oh, you are a beauty! Come on, granny.
I’m just an ugly girl. If you could only see me. Any eyes can be thrown dust in,
but you can’t deceive my fingers. My fingers are very sharp. What’s wrong with your finger? – Got a splinter in it. It hurts.
– We’ll get it out. And what is this?
It must be a ring, isn’t it? Is it gold?
And the stone must be precious. – Where did you get it?
– I stole it. Why are you slandering yourself,
Your Highness? It doesn’t befit a princess,
the King’s daughter. – Who told you that?
– I guessed it myself. They promise to give a lot of
money for finding you! Are you going to give me in
for 500 gold coins? Sure! I’ll get rich
and save you at the same time. You’ll wither living the way we do. What is it that you don’t like
at home, in the palace? Go ask the King’s forgiveness
and kiss the Queen’s hand. Never! You hear, I’ll never do it! Here we are. I’m going to bring to your
attention an amazing spectacle: a beggars’ feast,
a ball of the homeless. The owner of thatjoint
himself used to be a tramp. But he somehow managed
to strike it rich. To commemorate his past, he annually arranges a free feast
for this kind of people. Why aren’t you dancing,
Mademoiselle Donkey’s Hide? Or doesn’t anyone invite you to,
my charming scarecrow? In that case, allow me to engage
you for the next dance. Look how touchy she is! – Are you hurt?
– Are you all right? Excuse me,
but this is my partner. Why are you just sitting here?
Let’s go dance. – Go on.
– That would be quite a sight. Come on, musicians, play. Are you crazy? Some partner! He doesn’t know
how to dance and has no manners. Do it! Good for you, Donkey’s Hide! – She put such a biggy in his place!
– She sat him, not put him. – And in a puddle, not in a place.
– A puddle is exactly his place! That’s our girl!
Let them know us! Quiet! You, get up! Give me your bag! – Why?
– Give me your bag! Stop pretending to be
an innocent sheep. It is not mine, I swear! Get your things and we’ll go! – Where to?
– Where you belong. Let’s go. – I’m innocent.
– I said, go. I’m innocent!
It’s not my purse! – It’s not her purse!
– Shut up! – Where are you taking her?
– None of your business. Oh, Mademoiselle Donkey’s Hide! Go on! Move it. My God, look who’s here!
Gabriel Sosu. – My friend!
– What?.. I heard you killed someone
when you were drunk, stuffed yourself at his wake
and died of pangs of conscience. And here you’re, alive and kicking.
Is that really you? You are a gendarme now!
Let me kiss you! – Sorry, I’m mistaken.
– Idiot. She’s gone. One, two, three,
four, five, six. There you are. – How beautiful!
– Yes, it’s nice. Monsieur Burabeau gave me this
necklace for my birthday. You’ve got a wonderful husband. And you’re a very nice woman, too.
You’re a great couple. Not exactly.
I’m a jealous type. And Monsieur Burabeau gets
very easily carried away. He falls in love with absolutely
everyone. – Rushing headlong into it.
– You don’t say! I say what you hear, my dear. You know, I don’t even have
a maid. I have to clean all those rooms
myself. Careful! Step on the runner.
Take your boots off. Over there. Careful. Yes, this way. Be careful.
By the wall, by the wall. – Is that a new antique wardrobe?
– Yes. – How charming!
– But it’s very expensive. – How much?
– A thousand. Unbelievable! Why? My husband and I
can afford it. You must know that my husband
is a prominent robber. Cuckoo. Good boys. You’ve got the signal. And now watch,
my dear butchers, I climb the tree,
and what I’m doing? You’re stalking
the right person. – What do you mean “right”?
– From whom you can get a ransom. And then what? The right man comes out on a glade
and watches green fir trees. Then you give a second
“cuckoo” signal. – We turn around and yell…
– Hop-stop! You’re out of your mind!
Stop it now! All right, my green fir trees, my dear daredevils,
my hopeless idiots. What can I do?
There has been a flop. As they say,
Man against Nature. So, we’ll have to change
the signal. – Did any cows pass here?
– No, Monsieur Burabeau! Listen to my new signal! For God’s sake,
forgive me, Madame! I was shut in this wardrobe
by some scoundrel. He wanted to ruin me.
He locked the wardrobe with a key. Oh, girl, you’re a godsend. You’re going to clean my rooms. Thank you! Thank you, Madame! Move. Come on, push him in. My dear devils. All right. Let’s go. Madame, why are all of your
pictures covered with rags? These are not pictures, this is
a collection. 16th century.
Italian Renalssance. I don’t want
the whole town talking about Madame Burabeau’s
16th century being flyspecked. You’re right, Madame.
What do they understand, the flies? And what is thatjug? This is a priceless rarity. Work of the famous Greek,
Polyvedor of Piraeus. See his own handwriting
on the bottom: this vase is made by me, the
ancient Greek Polyvedor of Piraeus, in the 5th century B.C. – Just a regularjug, Madame.
– No, it’s an amphora. – Ajug from the market.
– I’m telling you, it’s an amphora. – Can’t you see for yourself?
– It IS an amphora! And I say it’s a jug.
You’ve been cheated. What do you mean? You mean
you are very clever and I’m a fool? – Everything’s possible, Madame.
– What? – How you dare?
– Snake! What are you doing here, Azor?
Where’s your master? Wait. Oh, maiden of such rare beauty,
You’re my dream, you’re my cutie!.. Oh, you’re so magically charming,
Your pure soul is so becoming! Hello, prisoner. Hello, prisoner! Hello, prisoner! Hello, prisoner!
Damn you! You don’t want to talk? Well, prisoner… You must understand
I came here not to talk with you. I want a ransom,
and I don’t even know who you are. Tell me, who are you? You don’t want to? All right, prisoner, you’d better
know that tomorrow I’ll come not to say
hello, but to say goodbye. And don’t even dream of being
killed at once. I’ll be doing it… gradually. Tomorrow I’ll have one of your
ears cut off, next day, the other one,
on the third day, the third one. Still not saying anything? You’re a heartless person,
prisoner. What is it?
Who is there? Come out. Or I’ll shoot. Who are you? Nobody. I’m the queen
that an eye can’t behold, queen of the enchanted realm
of the dreams. Close your eyes, don’t move
and count to ten. Otherwise, you’ll never see me
again. All right. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten. Thank you, my good stork. Well, for a poor beggar,
you look pretty good. Hold your dog. Don’t be afraid. He won’t
touch you. Tell me, chargirl, has anyone
been here besides you? – Who else do you want?
– What is your name? People call me as they like.
Donkey’s Hide or Scarecrow. Why do you want to know? A beautiful girl stood in this
place a moment ago. No, sir, there was nobody here
but me. – You were just seeing things.
– Yes, I probably was. Though it’s strange. Very strange. How do you like that! A man is
daydreaming about beautiful girls! – Is she one you know?
– Yes, she is. – Are you in love with her?
– I was. You were, but you can’t
forget her? I cannot. Unfortunately. I don’t understand it. You were
in love with her and she wasn’t? Yes, it looks like that. She must have hurt you
very much, sir. Very much. But she gave me
a promise. Do you understand? She gave you no promise! What are you talking about?
How could you know? – You just said it yourself.
– I said no such thing. Don’t argue with me, sir. If a person daydreams about
beautiful girls, he has no way of knowing what
he said and what he didn’t. Maybe you’re right. It’s strange. Do you still love your beauty? No, I’ve forgotten her. Almost. I’ve fallen in love with another
girl now. Almost. Who is that other girl? What do you care,
Donkey’s Hide? I don’t care at all! You can marry
a turtle, as far as I’m concerned! What’s the matter with you? Nothing! His fiancee hurt him.
Big deal! I have no fiancee whatsoever. Now I have to marry the girl
who has saved my life. – And who is this girl?
– I don’t know. I only know that she wears
an emerald ring on her finger. Goodbye, Donkey’s Hide. Come on, Azor. Well, my esteemed wise men,
what advice can you give me? We have no advice, Your Highness. What kind of wise men are you then? We’re very wise wise men,
Your Highness, but… That’s why we can’t give you
any advice. – And who can?
– Fools can, Your Highness. Fools love to give wise advice
at every opportunity. This is a wise observation. – What?
– What happened? Come on, Azor, show me
what you’ve brought. Let’s see.
Come here. This is for me. A ring! A ring. – A ring.
– A ring. Prince Jacques returned
to the palace determined to marry the owner
of the hand with the emerald ring. But how can he find her? May I have your attention, please? Attention, please. I want to remind you that eligible to get married to
His Highness Prince Jacques would be persons of female sex,
and only in the exclusive case if, after trying on a ring,
to be called hereafter “the ring”, the ring finger of
that person of female sex will, without any difficulty,
penetrate the frame of the ring to be called hereafter
“the ring”. Please, don’t crowd in. I ask each of you to draw your lot
from the hat, not making any fuss. Ha, your lot both in the literal
and figurative sense of the word. I’m the first!
I’ve got one! Quite a fitting evaluation. If you will. All right. – What’s this row about?
– The brides are nervous. Don’t interfere with my work.
Keep silence. Line up. – A beauty queen.
– A scarecrow. What do you want here, beauty? I want to marry a prince. Number one, please. Some hand she’s got! Next! Next! Next! Next! Next, next… My number is 21. I’m not
trying to get ahead of the line. – Let me through, granny.
– I’m a bride, not a granny. Quiet! Calm down, please.
I’ll go and make inquires. Excuse me, Your Highness.
I think it’s my duty to warn you. Number 21 is…
is something outrageous. She’s scruffy, dirty…
Some ugly beggar. You should order not to allow her
to try it on. You may go! I’ll marry anyone
whose finger the ring fits. Whoever she is
and whatever she looks like. I don’t care. Number 21, please. Your Highness,
give up before it’s too late. Your Highness, retract
your rash decision. It’s madness, Your Highness! No! – Is that you?
– Yes, it’s me. But if you don’t want to marry me,
it’s all right. I’m still young,
I’ll find someone else. But it was you who threw the key
to the dungeon to me. It means you’ve saved my life. Me and another girl.
We saved you together. – Together with whom?
– With her. Theresa! Jacques! I know that I have failed you. And you have reason
to feel offended. But now you will have to
marry me, Prince Jacques, of course if Your Highness’ word
means anything. I’m notjust Princess Theresa now,
I’m a person of female sex to be called hereafter
Your Highness’ spouse. – But how?..
– It’s all very simple, Jacques. Haven’t you ever read
any magic fairy tales? – Yes, but I read that…
– Then give me a kiss over here. That seems to be all.
After that, there was a wedding. The wedding was attended by King
Gaston IX with Gorgette and by Fairy Riade. Only Evstigney the Magnificent and
the snubbed Fairy were not there. Dear ladies and gentlemen!
I forgot the most important thing! The untold prophesy
of the old Fairy. That mysterious “providing”!
Providing!.. Wait, please!
Now I remember! It was I who has created you!
That was my best line! Wait, please!
Stop forjust a minute! Is it so difficult, for God’s sake? Thank you. The princess will be
most beautiful and charming. She will be loved
by people of all make. She will get everything in this
world, providing Of happiness she worthy proves to
be, whatever hardship she may take! A fine line, isn’t it? Take note… “Of happiness
she worthy proves to be”! And now, ladies and gentlemen,
sorry, but our time is up. The End


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