طريقة شد الجواد 🐴 How to tack horse

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Hello , today we will be knowing how to tuck a horse. Initially We put on the horse boots They are being used for hands and legs. The shoe are being weared in such a way that the shoe are heading towards outward direction. the boots are on the horse. in the same way we will be wearing the boots on the other hand. walk on (cheering horse) This is the way we will be letting it wear Make sure the boots are on the horse perfectly . Tie up the strips to tighten the boots make sure the tie is firm and fix in the knots. The horse tack are put it in 2 spots. the first spot is the face (bridle) the second is the back of the horse, the pad and the saddle we wanna make sure the girth area is clean first put the pad on the back of the horse cover the back of the horse this is the appropriate way to put the pad on the horse. we use the heavy pad, so that we can make the horse weight feel light. by this mean the horse feels light and comfortable. the rider weight is felt lighter to the horse. now we will be putting on the saddle on the back of the horse the saddle is put on in the right position Now we put on the girth we start with left hand side then it continues to the right Thats how it should be. now the tie is pulled and connected to the right hand side To affirm the girth is in the correct position Use your palm to affirm that the distance of horse shoulder and girth fits in To confirm we see the distance between shoulder and girth it should be a distance of palm the reason is when the horse is moving it should not touch the shoulder now we already know how to put on the boots it should be facing towards outside first the pad is going on second the heavy pad and at the final we out on the saddle. and finally we get the girth and connect it from left to the right of the horse. we hook up the girth on the top while heading towards the arena to indicate the horse, that we are ready to roll last step is the bridle we set up the bridle on the face To make sure that horse should not run away we use the working hand to hold up nose of the horse and the other hand is use to put on the bridle start from the rin I prefer to keep my palm flat and put the bet on my hand and put the way I am doing (Pampering) (she got it) it is supposed to be the bit going first in the horse mouth it helps to reach at the top of the ears and helps to connect the other end now we will be finishing to tie the bridle the belt helps to hold the jaw of the horse and it is supposed to be tied and it is mandatory to get fixed it goes within the bridle because the leather and horse skin should not create friction The final part of the bridle is to check this belt it should no be tight in any condition we ensure by inserting our hand in the belt when there is easy movement of hand, its ready to roll you will know when your hand passes through and that’s how we did it Now everything is put on the horse, starting with the boots we have the pad, saddle, girth and finally bridle horse is ready to ride (Have fun 🙂 )


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