🇳🇵Horse riding in Pokhara|世界和平塔|漫遊博卡拉|Episode 8


Good morning, today is the second day of Pokhara leisure It’s 7:30 in the morning, and I’m going to go horse riding after 30 minutes I don’t know if they will cancel it? Because the weather doesn’t seem too good Show you the horse riding later Some people say that they have to drive And I have a real BMW Waiting for me This is the BMW I am going out today This is the horse I ride today Should it be a good horse? People walk, take taxis And I am riding a BMW like this, you see, how powerful He told me that there seems to be only one person today. . . Isn’t that me? If I am alone, it is a bit boring. . Passers-by and tourist look at me with a strange look The Lonely Planet travel book said there are three ways to go to the World Peace Tower The first is walk The second is bus The third is taxi What I want to say now is the fourth one, which is to ride a horse ^_^ I’m the King Um….those passersby just talked to me directly in Nepalese language=_=The first to appear is No. 1: Human Power No. 2: Emperor riding Sound of nature This one is the world peace tower. There are a lot of cards at the door to remind you to be quiet and not to speak loudly. Come in and take off your shoes. This location overlooks the panoramic view of Pokhara No one is playing paragliding today because the weather is not good Yesterday I was playing paragliding over there. Landing on the grass over there Here is the town of Pokhara If you come to Pokhara and don’t stand on the heights, you won’t know the charm of this place. Just like some roads, you never leave, don’t go You will never know how beautiful the road is. It’s like I’m on the mountain ABC The scenery there is better every day,at the end of the trekking point, the scenery is so beautiful If the weather is good today, you can see the snow-capped mountains and the Himalayas. If you watch the sunset here at night and enjoy the night view, it should be great. There are many tea houses on the hill that sparkle Shining on the mountain and on the ground at the same time There will be some restaurants to rest next to the Peace Tower I will have a drink on the roof and take a photo. Just get in this place, the layout here is quite style Go up to the rooftop to see the scenery Sit here and drink and chat at night, a great joy in life. However, it is not easy to come here, even if you are in a car, it seems to take an hour by walk A chocolate milkshake and admired the scenery Just 2 USD The lake is very quiet If the weather is good, the lake will reflect the mountain view and you can see the mirror of the sky. After drinking the chocolate, look around the view, the Peace Tower has also seen it, and now it’s down the mountain. Calling Uber~ Has not arrived yet I’m calling Uber, not BMW coming Looking at such a beautiful mountain, green grass This12 USD is worth paying, right? The entire Pokhara should have more than 200,000 people, but it has become the second largest tourist town in Nepal. Probably because of the geographical advantage here The tail of the cow seems to be very flexible Look at its tail Strong like a ghost Is he performing? Bye Bye, your tail (Hong Kong Idioms) It’s raining and I soaked Just checked out, now I am going to the second Youth Hostel Because I want to try different hostel every night, I don’t want to be same every night On the second night in Pokhara, I chose this backpacker inn This is the most beautiful one I have ever seen Here is the reception Garden atrium My room is here Very beautiful There is a guitar, there is such a comb, super comfortable It is very important to have books and air-conditioning. The name of my room is Annapurna The name of each room is different, and it is taken from the name of the mountain. No one is here at the moment Very big and very comfortable, have electricity, can take a bath, have a locker Flowery fragrance Look at what the scenery is like Um… forget it The toilet is like this, I don’t know what I’m yelling at=_=Just 4 USD for a night, I can enjoy this room. Annapurna Near the lake area are all hotels, restaurants Each has its own characteristics, each one has a style Very colorful Color styles vary I really want to stay more different hostel, but I don’t have time I still have two days in Pokhara, and then I will go back to Hong Kong. Lunch is chicken Pizza Came to the old town, claiming that it has maintained the original appearance of Pokhara has not yet become a tourist area It seems that these red-brick houses have been 50 to 60 years old Mainly on the building But there seems to be no market here, like the Hong Kong Ladies’ Market Old buildings are all here The house here and the house next to the lake area are very large. Internet cafe in the old town But not a computer, just have PS4, PS3, XBOX Here you will not see travel agencies, or Japanese, Korean restaurants. The shop here only sells daily necessities, department stores Because it is an old district, not a tourist area. Most of the cola sold in Nepal is made by glass Passing a net cafe that can play PUBG 50 rupees for half an hour Baochao, why is there no water suddenly? (Zhou Xingchi Kungfu) See a hill and go up to see the scenery It seems beautiful This is Pokhara On a hillside Walked for about 5 minutes You can see this scenery After a few hours, visit the town with my feet Now that the weather is getting better, it’s just at sunset time I want to rent a bicycle and ring the Fewa Lake Rented this bike, 3 hours 2 USD Show you later Watching the sunset, surrounded by the lake There is a Ferris wheel and a pirate ship there. Should I play? It’s really comfortable to ride here, the cool breeze and watching the lake view You can stop at any time and rest in the restaurant by the side of the road. Every restaurant is looking at the lake view, you must try it But today’s sunset is just like it, a bit cloudy Maybe I come back tomorrow night and see if there is a chance to see a good Sunset The owner of the bicycle shop told me to come to this restaurant to rest and watch the sunset I just ordered a cup of lemon tea I will be there later, and then I will return Have a face in the cloud ^_^ With eyes Can you see it? Wow, I didn’t expect 1.5 USD lemon tea to be such a big cup, like a beer Drink first There are many things you can do here Over there in fitness Here is the love Swimming There are 4 boys BBQ dog If you like JEEP, off-road vehicles, it is good for you to be here Because there are a lot of off-road vehicles here, I also like off-road vehicles, especially Benz Defender 110 At night. Shining in the town and the mountains The lake scene at night is like this. I don’t know how you think? I think of Stanley in Hong Kong because my high school in Stanley There are several musical instruments stores in Pokhara, there are guitars, various instruments I don’t understand these, it should be a Nepalese style instrument In the middle of the lake, there is a theme park to buy tickets at the door There are bumper cars, Cafe, a super fast Ferris wheel, a pirate ship There are also some small trains Have a pool Do you see it? It’s the tea house that shines on the mountain But there are not enough tea houses here All are tea houses The top of the mountain is also a tea house There are more things to watch here at night, there are Live Band, Nepalese national dance, guitar, street performance There is one more thing I really want to try I used to see those Indian massages on Youtube ,they beat people head, it seems very exciting I saw an Indian massage shop here. He said it is Indian style, 3 USD beat you head for 10 mintues Yeah! Right, that’s it. This place has really fulfilled my many wishes. Just after the massage, I finally tried the Indian massage. Now at 9 o’clock in the evening, I will return the bicycle. Then, after a little more, I will go back to the Youth Hostel. Today’s itinerary is about this. Tomorrow’s itinerary.. still thinking… Maybe plan tonight Flashing, City Of Stars Really a great place for a holiday After leaving the lake This is a gourmet paradise that feels like the night market in Taiwan The price is cheaper, more authentic and more lively than the lake. Eat a spicy chicken, I love this so much I tried it once and I was eating spicy chicken for a whole week At 11 o’clock in the evening, I am alone here Nobody It’s mean I’m alone tonight I just found this map at the door I know what I want to buy, it should be a detailed map of the mountains Here is the Annapurna Base Camp This is the starting point The distance is…. Tomorrow is the last day in Pokhara I will take the bus back to Kathmandu the day after tomorrow I have no ideas of tomorrow’s itinerary. If I don’t make an appointment for outdoor activities, I really don’t know what to do tomorrow. Because most of the attractions I have been to World Peace Tower Old Town. . Cycling, the lake is also completed Maybe tomorrow will be more casual It’s about the end of today See you tomorrow Bye Bye !


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