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there was once a woman who was very lonely and decided to go visit her friend the fairy hello dear what brings you here dear fairy i’m so lonely i wish i had a little daughter even if she was a teeny-weeny one well you are a dear friend so I will help you take this grain of barley & go home and plant in a flower pot but I want a little girl what will I do with a grain of barley trust me and do as I say you will receive a very pleasant surprise the woman went home and planted the grain of barley like the fairy told her to the next morning she was amazed to see that the grain had grown into a beautiful flower resembling Sheila with its soft petals still shut tight this is so beautiful i have never seen anything like it the woman held the flower tenderly and kissed it immediately the petals opened and there lay a beautiful tiny girl oh my god she’s so pretty and dainty I shall call her Thumbelina and I must thank my friend the fairy for such a lovely gift the woman gently lifted the little girl from the flower now let me see how I can make her comfortable this walnut shell shall be her bed and I think these flower petals can be used as a mattress and blanket the woman placed Thumbelina on a tulip castle floating on a plate during the day how happy thumbelina was she drifted around on our little lake singing in the most sweet voice ever one night when Thumbelina was fast asleep in her tiny walnut shell a horrible-looking frog saw her who is this tiny thing she’s so pretty I think she will make a fine bride for my dear toady and a very good daughter-in-law for me the Frog hopped inside and carried away the sleeping Thumbelina to the pond where up up where up oh where are you i am so hungry stop complaining all the time look what I have brought for you this beautiful creature will be the perfect bride for you croak croak croak yes yes i know you are very excited now we have to make a nice bridal room in the marsh so that you can marry her and stay there with her broke broke broke the croaking noise woke up Thumbelina she looked around feeling very scared on seeing the frog and toad she is awake she’s awake my bride is awake bride of this ugly looking creature never his eyes look like they will pop out at any minute how dare you you will marry my son and be a good and obedient wife i will make sure you can never escape from here the Frog both on the later on the leaf of the wall turning in the middle of the thumbelina sobbed and cried out for you help help someone please help me some fish swimming nearby and seen and heard everything look at that part dear sobbing her heart out that horrible code will make an awful husband friends we must not allow the nasty frog and her ugly son to get away with their horrible plan come let us nibble at the root of this lily and set it free and say they nibbled nibbled nibbled till the leaf of the lily was free and floated away from Thumbelina sail passed many beautiful places and so many pretty summits one day a big cock Schaefer saw her and carried her away to a large tree he was very proud of her and invited all his friends to come and have a look at her she looks so weird she’s actually ugly it’s just not one of us so how can you even think of marrying her are you out of your mind when all his friends at the same thing the cock Schaefer thought they might be right so we put Thumbelina on the ground and flew away poor Thumbelina she walked and walked in the wood eating whatever she could find and drinking the juice of flowers summer turned to autumn and soon the bitter cold winter arrived it’s getting so cold unless I find someone to take shelter i will surely freeze to death or as Thumbelina was walking in a field she suddenly came across a tiny door this must be the house of field mouse i i hope this kind mouse will give me something to eat and let me sleep for some time Thumbelina knocked on the door and very soon it was opened by a mouse am very hungry could you please give me something to eat what are you filling out the cold come in and warm yourself near the fire you can share my dinner I have some hot soup and cheese and bread thank you so much you are so kind soon Thumbelina head eating a nice meal prepared by the mouse and feeling tired she just wanted to sleep for sometime your house is so warm and cozy may i sleep here tonight and really tired after walking for so long well if you have nowhere to go you can certainly rest here in fact if you can keep my house neat and clean you can stay here for the whole winter can you do that of course thank you so much so Thumbelina spent the winter with the mouse one day the master Thumbelina please clean the house very well as i have a dear friend visiting me tomorrow friend isn’t another Mouse No nol it’s my good friend the mall oh he’s so rich he has such a large home you know what I have a great idea if you could sing sweetly for my friend and tell him some nice stories he might even marry you even though he is blind he will look after you well and all your worries will be over when the mole came to visit he fell in love with thumbelina’s beautiful voice and asks to marry her I’m so happy I’m sure you both will make a wonderful couple let us start making preparations for a summer wedding as the mole was leaving the whole leading to the mouse’s house he kicked ass power lying don’t take the poor little thing can’t you see it’s her where did this piece of filth come from these pesky things keep flying all over and don’t bother to make home for winter the sparrow deserves to die Thumbelina was shocked at the moles behavior she can’t imagine how anyone could be so cruel you poor Bernie i will nurse you back to help though the mouse got angry Thumbelina cared very lovingly for the sparrow till it was strong enough to fly away as her wedding day was coming closer and closer i can’t marry that mole i would rather die not only is he stupid and ugly he is a total savage I can’t imagine living all my life in a hole I want to be out in the Sun breathe the fresh air and see all the lovely flowers and birds i have to escape from the mouse and the mole suddenly Thumbelina heard a sound and looked up to see the sparrow she looked after my dear you are gentle and kind soul that horrible mole does not deserve you winter is soon going to come and Im flying away to a warm land what dont just hop onto my back and come with me I will take you far away from the mole and the mouse thank you thank you so much to your friend I have to escape from here so Thumbelina jumped onto the sparrows back and away away away they flew to the beautiful land of flowers we this is so wonderful the sparrow very gently put Thumbelina on the petal of a large yellow flower Thumbelina was tired after a long journey and immediately fell asleep the sparrow sat on the tree above looking after her a little later she woke up to the sound of a very gentle voice who is this pretty maiden I have never seen her here before Thumbelina got scared on seeing the stranger oh don’t be afraid i am the king of flowers i have never seen anyone as beautiful as you will you be my queen suddenly thumbelina’s friend the sparrow flew down and Thumbelina Thumbelina this is the king of flowers he is a very very kind man and everyone here loves him I know so my dear what do you say will you be my wife the king was so kind and handsome how could Thumbelina refuse and so she married the king and became the queen of flowers living happily ever after


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