:0124:سیڈ ل گرافٹ Saddle Graft:


May peace be upon you. It is 4th of April today. This is a plum tree and I added few grafts on it. Some were successful , some not. I have recently added more grafts on it Nothing can be said about their success or failure. These are two grafts of Opal variety and these two have been added above. If you look next to them, these flowers and leaves are from a graft on small branch which is growing successfully. Now I have this one and half inch piece and this scion is of an other variety. Now I shall choose a branch to graft it on. These are branches where it can be grafted. They are suitable for grafting method which I shall use and cut other branches. Cutting this second branch. I shall leave the surrounding branches but will remove this one. Sometimes a new graft is not accepted easily and it needs a lot of care. Now prepare the scion first. Place a knife on its side and with a rocking motion, cut out portion of wood. That is a cut on one side, now on opposite side and while doing it, you need extra care as your minor mistake, a knife can cut your hand in stead of scion. I have taken out this portion. Now I shall give a cut on both sides of it. This is the cut on one side and this on other side and will fit the desired variety here and tie it with this rubber band. Make sure that when tying, it does not move from its place. I am tying it with a plastic strip and after the bandage I shall seal it permanently. Cut the extra bit This is my home made sealant and I shall seal all the cuts which were made so that it does not dry. This is grafting joint which I have put a bandage on. I shall seal it properly so that any air or water does not get in and affect its chances of success That is name of new variety and label is added and In sha Allah, I shall let you know the result.


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  1. Salman556415 Khan

    April 14, 2017 2:18 pm

    I like lemon .orange and Kino on one tree I 'll try your method .Do you have what's app?


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