1994-2004 Mustang Running Pony Grille Emblem w/ Bracket – Black Review & Install


Hey guys, Adam here, with americanmuscle.com. Today, I’m bringing you a quick overview and
installation of the Running Pony Grille Emblem & Bracket in Black, available for all ’94
to ’04 Mustangs. In this video, of course, I’ll be going over
the styling and appearance you can expect from the Running Pony Grille Emblem & Bracket,
as well as materials and construction. I’ll top the video off with the install, which
I’ll let you know upfront gets a very simple one out of three wrenches on a difficulty
meter, considering it only installs with two bolts, so I’ll start right into it. The Running Pony Grille Emblem & Bracket will
be for any ’94 to ’04 Mustang owner looking to pick up a brand new Pony for their front
end to really complete that Mustang look. It’s great for the guys out there looking
to replace a damaged or stolen Pony, but want to mix it up with a more aggressive black
finish. The Pony Emblem & Bracket mounted on the front
Grille of all the SN95s, including the new edges is an iconic look for the Mustangs for
sure. With that said, like all good things, these
things can become damaged over time or even stolen in some cases. Now, if this sounds like you might be looking
for a replacement and it’s made extremely easy, thanks to this direct OEM replacement. Only difference being it was finished in a
gloss black paint to really give it a more stealthy and aggressive look than the factory
option. This one’s definitely gonna cater to the guys
out there looking to complete an exterior blackout look and just need that final detail
with the Pony upfront, or the guys out there looking to switch it up from the factory chrome
option and wanna go with a stealthy black. This black powder-coating won’t chip or crack
over time, so you have peace of mind when you’re shopping there. Now, if you are interested in picking up the
black version of the Running Pony and one for your front end with the bracket installed
on back, you can expect to be spending 50 bucks for this particular one. Now, in my personal opinion that’s not too
bad of a price. I’ve owned three SN95s myself up until this
point, and I’ve gotta say, if you don’t have the Running Pony on your front end you definitely
gotta pick one up, and for 50 bucks, I don’t think you can really beat it. Shifting gears to the install aspect of the
video, like I said in the beginning, this one’s easy enough for almost anybody to take
care of with about 15 minutes to the driveway at home. All it requires is the two simple bolts on
the back here for the bracket. All you have to do to get this on, remove
your factory grille, and install this using the two screws provided for you in the kit. All you’ll need for tools is a Philips head
screwdriver and that’s about it. Fifteen minutes in the driveway and a one
out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Well guys, wrapping things up here, if you’re
the owner of any ’94 to ’04 Mustang, and you’re looking to pick up a blacked out look for
the Pony grille and the bracket to complete the job, you might want to check out the Running
Pony Emblem & Bracket in Black available right here at americanmuscle.com.


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  1. Fordfanone

    December 8, 2016 9:11 pm

    Cost me about 10 bucks to do my own emblem. Black spray paint, white paint pen to do the skeleton, then a couple coats of clear gloss.


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