3 Awesome DIY Saw Horses


let’s go ahead and build some saw horses!
these saw horses are so simple but incredibly useful in this video I’m
going to show you three different types that are all very quick easy and cheap
to put together while all three can be used as a standard sawhorse they are all
three made with a slightly different purpose than mine let’s go and get into
the first design which is a folding sawhorse I love this one for the shop
environment because once I’m done with them I love to fold them away and store
them on the wall I placed a handle on the top board to make it easy to carry
when it’s deployed or folded then it also has a folding tray at the bottom to
set tools or boxes of hardware on while working this design takes just a few two
by fours and a scrap piece of plywood for the tray if you’re interested in
plants or any of these I do have them available on my website there is a link
for you down below after cutting all of the legs and cross members I used wood
glue and Brad nails to make up the two leg assemblies if you’re building these
for a traveling job site and want the ability to tear them down between jobs
then go ahead and skip the wood glue however since I plan to always leave
these together and use them in my shop I apply a tight bond original to all the
joints which really increases the overall sturdiness at the end of the
build if you skip the wood glue then use screws instead of Brad Mills on these
joints alright let’s see on these up and get a quick visual check yep looks good
so let’s add on some hardware to make these guys foldable I’m using a strap
hinge at the top on both legs the main thing to pay attention here is that both
feet are flat on the work surface and that the barrel of the hinge is below
surface level I’m using a straight edge to make sure the two top planes are in
line with each other then using a pencil to mark the location of the holes this
way I can lay the sawhorse on its side and open it up to access the inside to
pre-drill and mount the head by the way in cases like this I’m not pre drilling
to prevent splitting it just makes running in the smaller screws easier now
it was originally planning on leaving them like this
but I didn’t like how the legs didn’t automatically stop at their correct
angle or how there was nothing preventing them
from just slipping out completely so next came in betray for this I recommend
using just whatever thickness of plywood you have scrap of I had some
three-quarter inch but half inch would also work fine after ripping it down at
the table saw I used a speed square to guide my jigsaw and cut out the corners
which will go around the two-by-four legs next I changed the holding
orientation in my super jaws so that I could attach a small front lip to the
front edge this lip will drop down over the bottom brace when the saw forces are
deployed and not only make the legs stop at the correct angle every time but also
stop them from slipping open when you don’t want them to these are also
attached with a small hinge then once again is to it on it to test it out it
feels great but let’s go ahead and add a top board so that we can incorporate a
handle and also just increase the surface area for putting material down
for this board you only want to attach it to the base on one side of the
horse’s or it won’t be foldable anymore I recommend countersinking me so that
the head of the screw is below the surface and a passing blade won’t be
able to hit it to make a handle I typically cheat and tear off a
cardboard handle from a six pack and then trace it on to the center and that
is it it’s easy cheap but sturdy you pick up the tray to start the folding
action then drop it to lock the legs into place and you can see I actually
did a jump test on these and they did not budge
moving on to design number two this is another folding option but in a
different direction these can be used for holding regular stock material but
where I feel like they thrive is at holding large sheet items since you can
adjust the angle of each horse to be as wide or as narrow as you need it these
are almost mostly made from two bun material but also has some scrap ply
involved working off the cut list I made I started by cutting all the parts
needed to make a pair there are a lot of repeated links so I folded out the wings
on my mater saw and used a bussy clamp and a scrap piece of wood to create
different stock blocks next I adjusted the stop block to cut
the sheet cut down into square since all of these triangles are going to be the
same I used a few pieces of tape to group them together and then cut them at
the same time at the bandsaw these are going to be the gussets or braces for
the connection at the feet to the legs to assemble I stuck the leg and foot
pieces and my superjaws use type on original again then pre-drilled and
attached with screws next I repeat it’s you out on the gusset again if you want
to break down your horse’s in the future its and skip the wood glue but if you
plan to leave them assembled then add the wood glue okay and that is the legs
done all six of them so now let’s join them together this is done with a 2×4
connecting two legs together but know how this member doesn’t attach to the
same side on the legs it’s actually mounted on opposite sides while holding
the board flush I would use a one-handed bussy clamp to hold it in place so that
I could move to the other side and get it in its position as well now I could
countersink and attach with screws next the third leg can be attached by way of
a hinge again the important thing to pay attention to here is to make sure that
the top surfaces are in line with one another and to make sure the hinge is
facing the correct direction there we go I’m just like saying so
stuff like that happens all the time the last thing to do on these horses is to
add a top plate to just widen the top surface area on this part I did skip the
wood glue so that when these get eaten up by blades they can easily be replaced
again make sure to countersink all the screws here these are gonna be the
sawhorse as I pull out when I’m wanting to break down sheet goods since the
angle can easily vary it is dead easy to support a wide board it’s worth noting
that these would also be great for a makeshift work area you know you could
throw a sheet good on top when needed but then tuck it away when work is over
for the day and then I also use it for painting or sanding larger projects such
as this named tivity scene I made for my mom already and then the leftovers for
this video is going to be a pretty standard fixed sawhorse this design has
been around for ages but it is a great one
these don’t fold but they do snap this one has a 2 by top but then one by legs
and support pieces again plans for all three are available on my website if
you’re interested I started off by cutting the ends of my 2 by top over at
the miter saw then taking it to my table saw and ripping both edges after cutting
the corresponding miter on all four of the legs I’ll use some more type on and
screws to attach them to the top this one doesn’t have a handle put in on it
because the legs are set in slightly so that there is an overhang on both ends
this gives the user a very easy way to pick one up and move it well that feels
good as is the last thing to do to really give it some strength is to add
gussets I cheat when making stuff like this I just hold up a piece of board and
trace it on both sides along the back then I could use a miter saw to cut them
to length then use glue and Brad nails to attach it and then of course I had to
stand on it so you test it out I might fall off due to poor balance but
it’s worth noting the sawhorse looks dirty okay and that wraps this up if you’re
interested in building some salt horses then I hope that this has helped you out
of course you can buy the plastic ones or even the thin lightweight metal ones
but the great thing about building your own is the ability to customize them for
the task at hand I love the ability to add in hinges beefed up the material or
make them quicker than what it would take me to run to the store and back let
me know down in the comments section which design is your favorite or if you
have a specific unique design that you’ve done for certain tasks that’s it
for this one I will see you on whatever I’m building next I want to say a big
thank you to this video sponsor which is Skillshare ghost air is an online
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  1. Randy Clary

    January 13, 2020 5:53 pm

    I like all the designs on those sawhorses particularly the folding ones with the tray in the bottle I enjoy watching you work you’re cute as a bug God bless you

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    January 13, 2020 6:08 pm

    I've been following april for years. I wish she would graduate from simple projects and get into some fine furniture building.

  3. T wagner

    January 13, 2020 7:05 pm

    Nails and glue will make them temporary then in the first part of the video. There is an old carpenter's saying, "screw it, glue it and tattoo it".

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  5. Vedran Latin

    January 13, 2020 10:23 pm

    @April You have an ouuupsie around 3:46. When you jump second time, the folding shelve starts to lift off the crossbeam. If it lifts a bit more, your sawhorse could collapse under load. Problem is that the shelve catch piece lies on a slanted side of the crossbeam. If you route the outer top side of the crossbeam so as to make a vertical surface, them it won't want to lift as much. Best would be to make the negative slant and match the catch piece, so once it grabs, any additional force makes it bite down harder

  6. jrsmez

    January 14, 2020 12:07 am

    I like the one with the shelf the best, and will be building a set myself. I have an old set of plastic Stanley ones with a shelf (both broken) that I have had for many years. My DIY set is more of a standard design, but with a replaceable top. So maybe I’ll build the first and second design.

  7. Al

    January 14, 2020 12:38 am

    Because I have a garage workshop, I made mine out of treated lumber so they can stay outside and not take up valuable floor space.

  8. Pimp Squad Vlogs

    January 14, 2020 1:46 am

    These are so cool! I am a wheelchair user and live in a small apartment so these all would be a great way to add temporary surface space to work on then store away!

  9. Michael Lusk Disabled Vet WoodWorker

    January 14, 2020 3:45 am

    Questions and comment. How long are the brad nails that you use? Great vid. I will be going to your website to buy the plans. Will do Patreon too. Thanks so much April. Keep the content coming.

  10. William buckley

    January 14, 2020 4:54 am

    It is great that you are young and agile, but when testing your work,what if you did fall onto the cement floor, you could break a bone or two. I'd buy some weights and do it that way, but then I was never a risk taker. Job well done. 🙂

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    April, I do not recall ever commenting on your videos. I watch them all with great interest. From the days you installed wainscoting in your hall building an outdoor stair and casting brass. I love your chanel which brings me to my comment, not only nice saw horses but Shiner Boch is without a doubt one of my favorite beers ever. I'll be certain to remember the Shiner Boch template. Thanks April.

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    As an aside, love the dangly earrings worn while building sawhorses in the shop! Elegant woodworking.

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  16. Dan Cody

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    I have always made a I beam saw horse. Very similar to the one in Next Level Carpentry. I will have to try yours.

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  18. Nigel Marston

    January 14, 2020 8:10 pm

    You're the only other person I've seen using Superjaws. I've had mine for 15 years and can't imagine not having them available. I use them far more frequently than I would have guessed before I owned them.

    Thanks for another great vid.

  19. Timothy Thompson

    January 14, 2020 8:38 pm

    “I love that I can Make them quicker than it would take me to run down to the store and back “
    Yeah. Me too…

  20. joe LeGrand

    January 15, 2020 1:14 am

    My uncle had the stack able SH, 45 years ago, made his living with them. I like all of them, but agree that the one hanging on the wall is best for shop.
    I am put out about a commit that you quoted"that CNC is Not real wood working". This is rude & probable came from someone who buys their lumber, talking to someone who not only has the biggish back yard saw mill ever made, but made it herself. Okay you had a little help from Matt & friends, but still you can harvest your own trees, cure them & make what ever. If that is not a woodworker/ maker, then I will eat my hat!

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  23. Geoffrey Mills

    January 17, 2020 7:11 pm

    All 3 are great designs but i may need a couple of those folding style with the tool shelf, very nice

  24. Eddie

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    Hi there, your amazing and I’m just starting up my own little workshop sometime this year and your videos have give me lots of ideas and inspiration and thank you 😊👍

  25. Richard Slingwine

    January 19, 2020 1:26 am

    Made the sheet material horses this morning. Instant benefit. NOTE: I made them the exact size of my work-site table saw minus 1/2 inch. That way you can lay a piece of 1/2 ply on top and have an out feed or side support for the saw. Thank you, very cool idea.

  26. David W

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    Great videos. Question; what software do you use when you are designing your projects? Thanks in Advance. David.🦅

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    Wow! All that and beautiful too! Very lucky boyfriend or husband!!
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    Thanks again April for the different saw horse ides. I have always made the traditional horses for my shop and never thought about the ones you have for cutting sheet stock. Genius.
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    February 3, 2020 9:22 pm

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  39. Your Shooting Buddy

    February 14, 2020 4:36 am

    I built one of the 3 legged, hinged saw horses a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea how I got by without it all this time. I use it for everything. Great video, nice, easy to follow plans. Good work.


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