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Hey guys Ali Pierce of the ranch now this particular Video is about our hey saber feeder Hey saver, that’s what they call it. It’s a feeder we use big round bales and Look more efficient if you have a tractor anyway, the more efficient we used to use square bales But it took 600 square bells to feed our half a dozen horses Now we do it with about 40 round bales same amount and round bales are a lot easier than throwing square bales around because I use the tractor for the round bales
Yeah, but anyway, one of the problems with horses as you probably experience is the horses are not the neatest eaters in the world They’re not pigs Their horses. But anyway, they tend to throw. Hay all over the place for some strange reason They don’t like the hay on the outside So they both all the way on the other side off drop it on the ground and eat the inside Anyway, it makes a big mess. Number one. Secondly it wastes a lot of hey, it’s all good. Hay Clean and dry no motor and it’s good. Hey for some reason the horses They have to make a mess this particular device took us a long time to find one of these We’ll add a long ways. We went from Toronto to Indianapolis. These are only made in Indianapolis this particular one I tried to get one to some other supplier. They don’t make them I was going to get one made locally. It was going to cost me your fortune So we went down about one of these little include Kevin’s going to put in there the name Of the company in Indianapolis that makes them if you decide you’d like to I have get out of here good So anyway, it’s Winnie the donkey anyway, so when what and bought this thing? Let me tell you about it first of all when you buy this It comes in pieces under picture to the back of a pickup truck You could carry two if you have a lot orders in the back of a pickup truck They’re actually packed up very very compact Ly and strapped with steel straps and so on and what it has it is basically is a square With made of bars. It has a platform a wooden black worm, which is included by the way It has legs and on the brave bottom has skids Like this so you set this up in your yard You bolt it all together you end up with the square now We wanted to protect the hay so we put a roof on it as well. The roof is not included when you buy this It’s not a big deal It’s two pieces of two-by-six and some old tin a couple of stringers on there and we make it out of slope So the snow and the rain runs off so you see the roof. There it is. That’s it. What’s the big deal? Well the big deal is this number one Let’s load it How do you load this unlike other feeders even tombstone feeders or those fancy bags that you buy that are supposed to say? Hey, this is much much better in our opinion and we’ve been using us now for about four years It’s working really well this door on this end locks in place and swings open Now the door on the other end swings open as well So you can use either side to put the bale of hay in and you literally go to the barn pick up your baling Hay bring it over here. Take the string off drop the bale of hay inside and pull the door closed It’s as simple as singing the world. There’s nothing else to do much in the cleanup. Nothing to prepare you put this back in place That’s it shut Just that easy. So what’s so special? Well, take picture this picture this now I have my round bale Inside the feeder, right? So what I’ll do now is I’m gonna drop the round bale Trap this side It latches like that drop it onto the round bale. It goes down and sits on the round bale I drop the other side too. So now I have these two sides sitting on the roam bill The horses can easily reach through and pull. Hay out and eat but they can’t get enough to pull a whole bunch out they can only get a mouthful just enough to eat and Then I say eat it slowly goes down and down on down and down until finally of course Finally, of course, it’s empty Trying to put a new bail in it’s just that easy now. We did one small thing to make it a little bit handier what we did was Hooked up a chain so we can control how much hay they get we just put this Chane on the top. It only goes down that fire You see then when it’s down that fire will let the horses live without Hay for a half a day, and then we drop it down Then you finish the rest of the bill just a little bit of control as you feel you need that both sides are down Horses eat the hay bale when it’s all gone. We’ll put a new bail in we’re going to show you how that works I’m going to show you two things I’m going to show you how easy it is to move There’s like little runners on it and when you’ve got one area and of course Unfortunately, the horses are also not particularly Particularly about where they make a mess So they’re eating they’re making a mess So you end up with a fair bit of manure horse manure around this feeder every once in a while We just pull it 10 feet away clean that mess up and leave it there for a while Let me show how how easy that is to do. We’re going to get the track You’re gonna give it a quick pull and then we’re going to put a bale. Hay in. Okay right back Okay, guys We’re back with our hay saber feeder And I just wanted to quick to show you how easy just to move this thing as you may have noticed or I’ll get Kevin That pointed out the the the big pipe that it sits on is sloped on the ends tipped up. So it’s like a like a Snowmobile ski and all you need to do is hook a chain on to the two outside legs like that And then have you have a long enough chain great or put another chain? We use two chains, but another chain in the middle like this You hook it up to the back of your tractor and pull the ten feet watch this see how easy it is Take it over the green spot There we go, okay Just about that easy so know we’ve got the Hey saver feeder in the new spot where we want it now We’re going to put a round boat and you watch how easy this is I’m gonna go to the barn and get a round belt. You don’t need to see that part of the operation I’ll bring it back up here and Kevin you watch what we do here, okay Well the bales in just that easy, okay Guys well crazy just that simple Alright the hay saver feeder We just look you noticed by the way when we were toying it is very very light as I said Yeah, I don’t know if a guy could pick it up on his own but probably it might weigh 1000 pounds total with everything So the very very light straw all galvanized steel. It really has been a real. Hay saver and time-saver On our ranch, maybe maybe if you haven’t seen them you might want to check it out. Ok guys. Talk to you real soon I gotta take care of my horses Alec Pierce at the ranch. Bye. Bye


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  1. OverlandTT

    June 29, 2018 1:53 am

    Your horses (and donkey) are beautiful. The location is stunning and I can't wait for September 👍

  2. Tyrese Gould Jacinto

    January 19, 2020 6:12 pm

    How are you keeping them from dropping so much hay outside the feeder? We cannot figure out how to fix this.


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