750 km on Horseback in Brazil – Facts about One of the Longest Endurance Horse Races in the World

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Hello Adventuresses! I’m Krystal Kelly
and welcome to Equestrian Adventuresses channel. I’m here in Brazil where I’m
gonna give you some fun facts about the Marcha,
which is a 750 kilometer endurance race on Criollo horses here in beautiful
Brazil. So stay tuned and hit that subscribe button, so you don’t miss any
of our upcoming videos Fact number one:
So, the Marcha is 750 kilometers. It takes place over 14 days. There is one day of
rest in between and it’s all on the same horse. Fact number two: We actually ride
two times in the day, in the morning and in the afternoon, and during the ride it
can be anywhere between 15 kilometers to 50 kilometers in one leg. Fact number three: There is actually a set pace which you have to keep during the ride. It
actually builds up as the week progresses. So today was 10 km/h and
every 5km they tell you whether or not you’re a minute slower or faster. So that
way you can try and keep the pace and then, towards the end, on the second week
there’s actually I think three free days, where you set your pace and your
time. The paces can be anywhere from 8 kilometers per hour
to 15 kilometers per hour and then of course the free days where you choose
the pace. Fact number four: Before the Marcha, the horses actually have to rest
on grass for 22 days. It can’t be ridden. They also don’t have
their shoes and they’re not getting any grain. They’re only eating the grass. So
the first day that the Gauchos are riding them is the first day of the
Marcha and then they also get 22 days of rest after the Marcha completes. And then
during the Marcha, they’re also not allowed to be getting any grain of any
kind. They have to be totally on the grass. So the reason that they do this is
to make all of the horses equal they want the horse that wins to win because
it’s genetically superior, not because you’ve been giving it supplements and
it has, you know, more fitness than the others. Fact number five: During the Marcha, they’re actually only allowed to use traditional tack which
the Gauchos would use normally. So it’s the leather saddle, the sheepskin and
everything. The only exception to this rule, because its endurance and it’s such
a long distance: they are allowed to use very thick pads; very fluffy pads – the
more the better, it seems. So thick memory foam type pads. Whatever they can think
of is okay and this is to help the horse. Fact number six: After every leg they
have to have a vet check just like in a normal endurance race. The only
difference is that the heart rate has to be around sixty heart rate after about
twenty or thirty minutes. So you know they splash the water on the horses. They
cool them off. They walk them around and then the vet checks for their pulse and
for their breathing.


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