8. Halal Food Guide – Donkey, Horse, Mule And Hunted Animals


now so moving on from the sea creatures
we go into the land creatures and this is where we see the simple list here all
land animals are haram except this in the domesticated animals cow sheep goat
camel are known some of you must be surprised horse donkey and mule but it’s
a star besides it and star means it is Makruh but it’s not Haram and I’m told in
some of the parts of the Muslim world they serve you know in donkey biryani
people don’t even know what they are eating
but anyway it is Makruh it is not Haram coming to the wild animals you
know buffalo mountain sheep wild ass or gazelle or deer this is all you know
permissible so what do you hear about the Robin Hood story hunting deer in the
forest there you know as far as making it halal or not that’s permissible
but there are certain things with that we have to keep in mind number one in case
of the domesticated animals their meat becomes halal only if they are
slaughtered according to the Sharia laws we are not going to go into details of
that the main thing is that the slaughterer must be a Muslim and he
should say the basmala you know bismillah at the time of the
slaughtering and it doesn’t even matter whether it is done manually or
mechanized slaughtering as long as the conditions are fulfilled it would be
acceptable in case of the wild animals their meat is halal
only when they are hunted by the Muslim who says basmala at the moment of
shooting you know pulling the trigger or letting the string of the bow go at that
time and he says bismillah or when he’s throwing the spear or whatever weapons
that you use actually you are even allowed in Islam to use hunting dogs for
hunting and when you let that hunting dog go to say go you know to this animal
this is where he had to say bismillah ar-rahman rahim at that time but these
are all you know I don’t think it’s common but just to complete the
discussion here


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