A Big Surprise for Sarah from her miniature donkeys

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By buying a National Lottery ticket you’ve
helped change lives and here’s what happened when we decided to honor a hero
at the heart of one of those projects Sarah set up Miniature Donkeys for Wellbeing because her mom had dementia and whenever she took the donkeys to see her
it would bring a piece of her mom back so she wanted to share that joy with
others. When we take the donkeys out to care homes, the people in there can’t get
out and when we bring the donkeys into the room, the smiles are just amazing.
You’re just a lovely animal aren’t you. You’re very very beautiful. Sarah and the
donkeys today are off to a country show. What she doesn’t know is that with the
help of the National Lottery, the donkeys and I have organized a big surprise to
say thank you to her. We’re here today to say thank you to a
very special lady. She is such an inspiration to myself and the other
volunteers and we just want to say a huge thank you to her for everything
that she does. I couldn’t do it without all of you. It’s a big surprise. I don’t often get
surprised by donkeys. By playing The National Lottery you help to support
projects like Sarah’s Minidonks


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