A Father’s Fate | Pathfinder: Knights of Everflame | Season 2, Episode 5


(heroic music) (gentle music) – Welcome to the fifth
episode of the second season of the Knights of Everflame. I’m Jason Bulmahn, your host
and GM for this adventure. Is everybody ready to play? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Mm, yeah.
– After the last session I would hope so. (laughter) All right, let’s get started. When we last left our
intrepid band of adventurers, you the knights of Everflame
were in the town of Canorate preparing to go to an art gala. Sounds like a pleasant
experience but it would turn out to be nothing of the sort. Based on the sponsorship of Lady Woodland the group of you had
managed to get tickets to the last fall gala. An event being hosted by
one Lucent Longfinger, or as you know him, Lucky Longfinger. You arrived at this gala to find it to be a sideshow of horror. Filled with kind of ghoulish
auctions of art from Lastwall and worse still, the back room was filled with actual undead that
were being auctioned off as pieces of art. Suffice to say, the entire scene kind of went sideways at this moment. Lucky was there. You challenged him, but
before you could get your hands on him he walked
up to a mirror, tapped it, it turned to liquid, he stepped through into a darkened warehouse and vanished, shattering the mirror as he went, whistling and waving to you. You had no choice but to try
and find a way to follow him. The only clue you had was
that he appeared to go into a darkened warehouse
and out the window of this warehouse you
could see a lighthouse with two rotating lights in it. This is a lighthouse
that was familiar to you. It was the lighthouse at
the docks in Canorate. You manage to sneak out of
the gala before anything, before the guards arrived after summoning Tariel’s, well, betrothed? I don’t know that we
should call him fiance, – Yeah.
– You haven’t agreed. (laughter) – Suitor. – Suitor, suitor’s a
good way to refer to him. Anyway, the giant meat slab of a man came in and secured the situation while the lord general went
and summoned the guard. You took this as your
cue to make a hasty exit before the Canorate justice system locked the entire place down and
you spent the entire night in a cell answering questions
about what just happened. There would be time for that. But not before you found Lucky. You raced down to the docks
using Mr. Demply, your driver, who brought you in a carriage
down to the docks of Canorate. You thought long and hard
about the vision that you saw and immediately cast off to the east to try and find the warehouse. But after searching around there
and having nothing match up you suddenly realized that you were looking through a mirror, and everything was reversed. You rushed to the west side instead and found the warehouse
that matched the vision that you saw through the mirror. There was a front door,
there were side doors, there were windows. You decided to split up
and enter the building from multiple different avenues to ensure that Lucky didn’t get out this time. Venturing into the place,
some of you breaking into the front door, some
through the side door, you dealt with some traps. There was a blast of lightening in one, there with as scythe trap in the other that you didn’t set off. And you made you way into this warehouse only to be confronted
by maimed and mutilated dockworkers whose lips were sewn shut and whose body was covered
in ritual scarification. You fought them. They attacked you with
long curving kukris, these deadly looking blades. And they were fierce combatants but you managed to defeat them. Despite the fact that they almost seemed to enjoy being hurt. After cutting your way
through these dockworkers one of them ripped the
stitches out of his mouth and started screaming that Lord Longfinger would have his revenge upon you. You made your way deeper
into the warehouse, this time splitting up even further to try and cover more ground. Things got real confusing real quick. Linneus saw a strange shadowy
form that beckoned to her and called out to her as if it knew her. She ran off into the darkness. Omelette began climbing up and over crates looking around for things
and stumbled upon on ax that seemed to be a
relatively recent arrival unlike everything else here
that’s covered in dust, this looks relatively new. And grabbed this weapon and realized that it was a powerful, powerful
ax and brought it with her. The rest of you found Lys and Tariel found a flayed guardsmen who
probably had the misfortune of accidentally stumbling
upon this plan or this place and was tortured near on to death. His skin pulled from his
body in long ribbons. You put him out of his misery. There was now coming back from that. But deadliest of all, Ikyulys
wandered in the darkness trying to find Linneus who the two of them had gotten separated in the dark. Making his way through
the darkened warehouse he found a kind of grim gallery. Additional paintings. These not of Lastwall. Each one depicting an assassination. And artist, a poet, a performer, a writer. All brutally murdered. All with different daggers
that all shared one similarity. At the end of the dagger,
hanging off the pommel of each one of these
daggers in each painting is a single link of chain. Just one. Just attached to the pommel. Reaching the end of this
gallery Ikyulys saw a painting of his father being
stabbed through the heart. It was then that you heard Lucky
call out from the darkness, “Do you like my work?” And he dove off the crates to attack. A poisoned dagger aimed
right for your heart, this one bearing a
chain link just like all of the other daggers that you saw. The battle was fierce. He was outmatching you. He was slicing and cutting
you and dodging your attacks, your friends racing to your aid. They managed to get there just in time. He was cutting you to pieces. And your friends, the knights,
they came and joined you, and joined the battle. Lucky took many hits and began laughing as each one that he took,
taunting you the whole way. He said rather horrible things. Hurtful things. That you you were worthless,
“is that all you’ve got? “Is that the best that you have?” He said, “I’m going to send
you to see your father soon.” And he said, “Oh, that’s right. “You won’t get to meet him anytime soon.” In the end you dealt him grievous wounds and he dropped his daggers to the floor and looked at you with a laugh. (laughs) “I give up, I give up,” he said. “What are you gonna do, kill me? (laughs) “If you do that you’ll never find out “what happened to your father’s soul.” He laughed. He chuckled, he laughed in your face as blood poured down hid chin and he began to choke. And quite suddenly his chest split open and chains began to emerge like rope and they formed into a ball of flesh, blood, viscera, and chain. Blades emerged and a single eye appeared. That eye almost had the
color of Lucky’s eye. And it just stared at you
unblinking and faded into shadow leaving behind the corpse of Lucky, his chest splayed open
staring vacant at the ceiling. We’re gonna go ahead
and pick up right there. We’re not gonna advance too much, we’ll pick up right there. You’re standing in this warehouse. You’re standing in front of
the corpse of Lucky Longfinger. – Going to Burning Hands
and set it on fire. – What in the name hell’s was that? – It was Zon-Kuthon. – Who? – Zon-Kuthon, Shelyn’s brother. My father told me years ago when he was still alive. Zon-Kuthon, an evil, evil, evil god, if you even call him a god. He and Shelyn were inseparable
in a very young age. And they took different paths. – It certainly seems so. – I prayed after I battle and Shelyn told me what that was. All of those artists and
ministers and my father, all followers of Shelyn. And Zon-Kuthon has killed them all. I’ve been chasing an evil god for all these years. – So the gods of Golarion
are a vast and varied lot. They don’t tend to take
direct action in the lives of the people of Golarion. They act through followers. There are many many gods of all sorts. There’s Sarenrae, the goddess of light. There’s Desna, the goddess of the stars. But there are evil gods as well. Those who are venerated by
wicked and hurtful souls. Shelyn and Zon-Kuthon are a tragic tale. Shelyn followed beauty and art and love. Zon-Kuthon went into a dark
place beyond the stars. He ventured into places
that no sane entity, no sane mind should ever go. He walked dark paths
and came back changed. There are many who follow his
wicked hurtful horrid ways and he has many vile
and terrible servants. That Lucky was one of them,
you had no indication of. – I wonder how long he is, well he was a vessel for this evil. When we first met him he
seemed so totally benign. – So normal. Was he–
– There’s no way of knowing. – Well he had been arrested for somethin’. – He’d been arrested several times but who knows what for. He told us it was just thievery. But–
– A good liar. – That is for sure. – The main question I have though, I never know what happened
to my father’s soul. – That is very troubling. – We can ask around, see if
there’s a way to track a soul. – It’s something you
never even thought to ask. When mortals die their soul, this is known to anyone
who practices faith, every religion teaches a
different version of this tale, your soul leaves your body
and travels beyond this realm to a place called the Boneyard. There it is brought before
Pharasma, the goddess of death, and she judges your soul and
determines where it should go based on your faith,
based on how you lived. Pharasma sorts them all at
and sends them on their way. Those who live feckless unbelieving lives, they remain in her Boneyard forever. Tormented for eternity. But even then those souls
go on to another place. You never thought to question that your father went
into Shelyn’s embrace. That thought never even crossed your mind. And for mortals there’s
no real way for you to learn of a soul’s true fate. Not without asking for an emissary or communing with an agent of your deity. This is a thing that people can do but it is only done in the
most extreme of circumstances. – I would say this definitely counts. – It’s extreme to us, but not sure if an
emissary would deem it– – No.
– Extreme. – Lucky seemed to indicate
that something happened. Something out of the ordinary. – Do I know if this god has
the ability to steel souls? – Zon-Kuthon? – Yes. – Give me a religion check. – Can I light my thurible?
– You can of course make a religion check. – (laughs) Okay.
– Yeah. – I’m going to light my thurible so we’re going to get a plus one. – Yeah. (dice clacking) – As a follower of Shelyn
I’m just automatically gonna knock the DC down
for you for various bits of this information ’cause
all followers of Shelyn are taught some aspects
of Zon-Kuthon’s faith. – Okay. – Not like, you don’t study it.
– Yeah. – But you learn about, you know, your–
– Yeah. You know both sides of the coin. – Yeah.
– Okay. It’s a 16 for me. – Okay. – 21, 22. – Between the two of you, you managed to piece together a little bit. You don’t have a complete picture ’cause neither one of
you sat down and read a Zon-Kuthon holy book,
I mean they’re sharp. (laughs) They’re not pleasant things. – No.
– So Zon-Kuthon is known as the Midnight Lord. He’s the lord of pain and loss and envy. He’s kind of the darkened mirror for love and beauty and art. He’s the opposite of that in all ways. He’s things that are ugly and horrid. Soul stealing isn’t
necessarily his thing per se. It’s not something he’s known for. But stealing the souls of the
followers of other deities it’s kind of a way to
get one up on the others. It’s not a common practice
but it does occur. Now you have burned Lucky’s body. – Yes.
– And it scorches and stinks as it burns. The only thing that’s left of him once you’re done are like the odd bits of scraps of cloth and the
two daggers he dropped. One of them looks like
and ordinary blade with a, that looks like it was covered in, coated in some kind of poison. That was the ordinary one. The other one though is
the silver-bladed dagger With this black leather hilt. And on the end of it is
a single link of chain that dangles from a single
loop attached to the pommel. Just like every dagger in the paintings. – Do you know the significance
of this chain link? Is that somehow connected to Zon-Kuthon? – Zon-Kuthon’s… The chain’s a very big part of him. – I can make a wild guess that we should perhaps not kill anyone with this dagger. – Or even touch it perhaps. – What is my concern, because the gods love
this symbolic imagery, is that this chain will
bind the soul to the god as he is all about chains and
it could be just another link, another soul in his, you know what I mean? – Mm-hmm. – It seems like that kind of imagery. – I do not want, I have no
interest in keeping this dagger. We should definitely
turn it over to somebody who knows what to do with it. – It’s the favored weapon of Zon-Kuthon. – Mm.
– Wow. – He works in a lot of blades and things that cause horrible lacerations. Chains play a big part of
his faith and his symbol. In fact looking at the blade,
you notice that on the tang there is a tiny carved skull with chains coming out of its eye sockets. You recognize this immediately
as the symbol of Zon-Kuthon. – We can’t leave it. – No.
– No. – For some else to find.
– Do you think there’s someone in town that, I mean– – There might be a temple!
– That can tell what sort of magic is on it. – Oh, yes!
– Maybe it will tell us where the souls go. – Can I detect magic on it? – You detect magic, and the
way that detect magic works at your level is you can
kind of specifically tell that it has magic in it.
– Mm-hmm. – It is a magic item. You don’t learn much
more about it than that, it’ll take more time.
– Okay. – As you are doing all of this you start to hear noise from the doors. – We did make a lot of noise. Perhaps we should go.
– Perhaps that is our backup. – Backup.
– And you hear someone call out, “Is
there anyone in here? “What seems to be this disturbance? “Town guard! “Lay down your arms and
come out peacefully!” – It is very likely
that we are surrounded. – We could–
– What should we do? – We could sneak out
of one of the windows. But first this–
– Not without breaking it and making a lot of noise. – Or maybe we can open it. I don’t know. – The windows are all up
pretty high and if you recall I said that they don’t open.
– Oh that’s right. – They’re just solid panes. – I know that–
– And it’s the town guards outside. – It does sound like the town guard, yeah. – I know that he–
– At least that’s who they’re claiming to be. – Is there–
– But up until now we have favored running away, but we can only run for so long. – It’s true, I just
don’t want to get caught. – I know, I understand.
– This doesn’t make– – We did–
– But we have plenty of evidence to prove that we are not, and we did not kill him. We’ve done nothing. – Do we really have all
that evidence though? – We have our word. – I think it, you look at
the place that you’re in and first of all it’s a
warehouse filled with– – Undead? – Who knows what. Including scarred dockworkers,
a dead town guard. – Who has been flayed alive. – Yeah. – I’m pretty sure that
we have a decent case for we definitely did not do this. – You have a mountain of evidence about what happened here tonight. I mean not just what
happened up at the estate, but also what happened here. There’s a whole lota things
that you had nothing to do with. That you just stumbled upon.
– We at least have something resembling the remains
of the person who did it. – Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have burned him. I just didn’t want to
see his face anymore. – Is it possible to send
a message to the captain? – Captain DeGrelle? – Yes. – I don’t know if I’m close
enough to send one to her. – I think that we are, I think that we don’t lose
much by just being honest. – I know that–
– I hope that’s true. The moment we got here we
been sayin’ to investigate. – Mm-hmm. – And–
– That’s true. – There’s a warehouse that
they clearly did not come to. His name’s on everything. – It’s true. – There’s, you can now see light. The guards are clearly bringing lanterns and whatnot in with them. ‘Cause this place is dark. – Before we leave there’s one
thing I have to ask you first. Would you like me to set in fire? Would you like me to burn it? – Shelyn does not like burning art. – Oh, well–
– This is not art. This is evil, please. – Okay, I go set my hands
on the painting and I, Burning Hands on the
painting of your father. – So you just unleash a bit of flame and the fire slowly rises up
the canvas burning it to ash. The frame is blackened and
scorched but it remains. And the painting itself you
watch as the flames lick up the canvas and destroy it. Moments later the area that
you in is suddenly filled with a lot more people. – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – The town guard has arrived. And they are obviously really freaked out about what they’ve seen so far making their way through this place. And are in no mood far any resistance. And there are immediate calls to drop all of your weapons and put up your hands. – Okay.
– You under arrest of the town guard under
the authority of Canorate you are under arrest
pending investigation. – Oh. – The rest of the night
goes by in a bit of a blur. You spend all of it in a cell individually being questioned
about what happened. Is anyone trying to bend
the truth or hide any facts? – Linneus is just crying. (laughs) She’s saying the truth
but just crying. (sobs) And then he stabbed my friend! – Ikyulys isn’t speaking, just praying. Just meditating. – So you don’t cooperate? – I cooperate but I don’t
know if there’s anything I really have to say. – Well they ask you about
the facts of the day. – Okay.
– About the events. So they’re not asking for interpretation, they’re just asking about what happened at the manor.
– Okay. – You and your friends arrived
there under false pretenses. Like they’ve sorted all of that out. – Mm-hmm.
– After they went through the manor, because some of you, as you are marched to your cells, you see in other cells, other
nobles who have been arrested. You see like Lady Tirana’s in a cell. (everyone laughs)
– Lady in red. Lady Tirana the social piranha. – (laughs) Brilliant.
– So obviously the people you don’t see in any cells, you
do not see the Watcher Lord, he does not get arrested. Sorry, the Lord Captain from– – The General Lord? – Yeah, the General Lord,
– Liocarcinus? from Markholm, Liocarcinus. Yeah, he’s not in a cell. You do not see, your
paramour is not in a cell. But many of the nobles are. You even see some of
the staff and whatnot. Like they arrested everybody. That place was a sideshow of horror and everyone got put in a cell
until they could sort it out. – Did the chef get his kitchen
staff out like I told him? – You don’t see any of them
but this is a big place and you’re not 100% sure. – Is the art dealer in jail? – Absolutely. (everyone cheers and laughs)
– I sneer at him as we pass. – Cylor Prett is in a
cell weeping. (laughs) – Cry you baby!
– That’s what he deserves. It is what he deserves. – (laughs) As I cry. – So we’re cooperative, I mean we’re– – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah. – So they get a complete rundown of the night’s events. And it takes hours. You
sit in a cell for an hour then somebody comes and questions you. Then they leave and somebody else comes back and questions you. They ask you different
questions every time. You’re asked to explain what happened at each location, like three times each while someone takes notes. They keep you awake the entire time. They don’t let you sleep. And it’s kind of a grueling process. But it’s ridiculously thorough. It’s the morning. And you only know this
because through the thin bars that look out you can see light. And each one of you is
escorted into a room and you soon find that you’re
all being brought together. – Gosh, I’ve missed you. It is nice to see your face. – It’s nice to see you all. – You’re all okay? – Yeah. – You’re in here by
yourself for a few moments. And then the door opposite you, not the one that you were brought in from which leads to the cells, but
the one that probably leads to offices and stuff, the door opens up and in walks Watch Captain DeGrelle. – Hello. – And she’s like, she walks
in, sits down on the chair in front of you, looks at all of you and says, “Well you made
my investigation simple. “Lengthy, but simple. “We got to the bottom of it.” She looks at all of you. “Good work.” – Oh thank you.
– Thank you! – I was worried, I know
you said no vigilantism but it was really frankly
not going fast enough. – And very personal and very dangerous. – She looks at you, “To be
honest, considering what we found “you did the right thing.” (nervous laughter) – Oh my gosh, thank goodness. – If only all of this
could’ve been prevented. – The wheels of justice
sometimes turn slowly. But every once in a while
we get a bit of grace. (laughter) – I would imagine that
it is not the worst idea to be a little bit more thorough in your searches of the
warehouses at the docks, but I’m just saying. – She looks at you and says, “We’ll take it under advisement. “It’s hard to search every single crate “that comes into the port. “We have to trust our
captains to some extent. “But it seems like this
Lucent had been operating “under our noses for quite some time “smuggling in contraband. “There was much in those
crates that was illegal. “Shipments of drugs. “Shipments of foul necromantic magics. “All sorts of horrible things.” – Could we make a request? – Hmm? – If there were any other
knights from Lastwall that he brought in could
they please be laid to rest? – They’ve all already
been put to the sword and have been sent for a general burial. – Thank you. – We don’t know who they are
or who their families are. They had no identifying marks on them, but we shall make sure
that they are laid to rest as is dignified for soldiers. – It’s absolutely despicable
that such a distressing thing happened to them in the first place. How much dishonor are we to bear as, we may not have known
them or fought beside them but we are the last echelon of them and we will not see it happen again. – She looks at you and
says, “I am truly sorry “for what has happened to you. “I would like to extend the
apology of our government “that we did not find this out beforehand “or that it got this far, “and we appreciate that you intervened. “You will of course be
released, you are free to go. “All of your gear will be returned.” – Oh, my sword! – Of course. Yeah, they took the Everflame. – I know!
– They took everything. – Oh, I know. (laughs nervously) – They stripped you of
your armor and everything. You were down to rags
and thrown in a cell. And we have all that in the other room. However there is one
object that we recovered from your person that we
are assuming is not yours. However it is of big question, I would like to ask you about it. And she lays out on
the table a black cloth and opens it up and inside is the dagger. – We are not interested in keeping that. That should be taken to a temple of Shelyn and disposed of as is proper
for such a terrible piece. – Mm-hmm.
– The watch captain looks at you and says, “I can
of course understand “that this might hold
some significance for you “it seems like this Lucent
character had the weapon on him “if your story is correct. “We have cataloged that. “However this as a more
important meaning to us, “something that is quite troubling. “This dagger bears the mark
of a foul deity, Zon-Kuthon.” You know this, it was in your records. – Yes. “However, it’s presence here
in Canorate is very troubling “for a variety of reasons,
the most important of which is “the relations with our
neighbor to the west.” – How so? – “Well, if you do not travel
around these areas much “you may not know much about
them, but to the west of us “are a people called the Nidalese. “They live in a place called Nidal.” – Yes. – Nidal.
– I know Nidal. – Nidal is a… It is a troubling neighbor
that fortunately gives us few problems but that is not absolute. They have caused many and
issue for us over the years. The presence of the
weapon like this tells us that they have made
influence here in Molthune and it is quite troubling. You see Nidal is a land
cloaked in shadow and darkness. It is filled with
worshipers of Zon-Kuthon. – Oh!
– Yes. – And the fact that they
are here violates any piece that we have with them. This is very very troubling
to us and the origins of this dagger are not entirely clear. Why Lucent had it, who he was working for, we can not honestly be sure. However we do have agents
who know more about this but not here in Canorate. We are too far away. We have, in particular,
one of our general lords is rather an expert on Nidal. – Where do we find them? – You can find her in Doommark. – Doommark? – Doommark. – Oh, sounds benevolent. – Is that in Nidal? – No it is here in Molthune. It is our westernmost city, it is close to the border with Nidal. You can find it up the river. The town is governed
by the Lord of Ravens. – What is that? – Her name is Francyne Magga. – Francyne Magga. – Francyne Magga. – General Lord Magga? – General Lord Magga, yes. She is known by the locals
as the Lord of Ravens. – Hm. – She will know a great
deal more about this. Now if you are uninterested
in exploring this further then we shall have it shipped there and she will investigate
it and tell us more. However I have a sneaking suspicion that that will not be sufficient for you. In which case I will prepare
you a letter of mark. And you can travel there to speak with her about this dagger yourselves since it seems like it holds
a personal significance. – Thank you. – I would absolutely like
that, I know that my fellow knights would like that as well. – Very well. In that case you are of course free to go. You will of course
understand that we do not return this dagger to
you until you leave town. – Oh yes. (players murmur)
– We do not want this loose in our city. – Of course.
– We do not want to bring it with us
until we need to anyway. – Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm. – And if it is okay with
you we will provide you a locked iron chest. We will of course provide you a key. – Yes please. (laughs) – Fantastic.
– To keep it secure. – Yes. Is there a temple in town
where we might worship? Maybe one of Shelyn. One of Sarenrae?
– A temple of Shelyn if you have one. – Yeah, there are, there’s a
rather large temple of Shelyn, yes, in town and I have
extended your passes of course. You have proven yourselves
more than trustworthy. Although I would request that
before your go running off to attack anymore warehouses
please come get us we will gladly come along. – Oh yes of course Backup would be nice. (players laugh) – Also–
– Hopefully we don’t have to do that. – She looks at all of you
with kind of a wry smile. And she kind of leans
forward and just goes, “Well done.” – Thank you.
– It was quite a mess. And there are many in my organization that are now questioning how
we process such information. We shall see if it leads to any changes. The wheels of bureaucracy turns. – The town guard that you
found in the warehouse, has his family been
informed of his passing? – Fortunately he was not
married and had no children but we have sent a letter to his parents, they live in Korholm. It’s a sad letter, but
yes, we have dispatched a note to them so that
they might be informed of their son’s fate. – I guess we’d better be on our way. – You may venture forth
whenever you are ready. I would expect that you would like to rest up and recuperate. You all look–
– Oh yes please. – She says unfortunately. Quite tired. – Do you mind if we do that outside of this godforsaken jail? – She says of course.
– Oh thanks. – And escorts you to the room
that has all of your gear and lets you out. So, couple of things. You’re let loose back into Canorate. You can travel about freely. Mr. Demply is waiting for you outside when you are let free.
– Oh, that’s nice! – He is waiting for you
there with the wagon. – It is not often that I get to spend time with someone who is
even smaller than I am. – Oh, my tunic! – Oh! – I’m climbin’ the stairs. (player laughs) – Mr. Demply is there and
he says, “The lady wished “for me to come and make sure that you are “well taken care of after
retrieving her son’s painting.” And you also learned, by the
way, I should just note this ’cause I’m sure you’ll ask. All of the paintings were confiscated and they’re going to be
attempting to find out who the next of kin are. They’re just not even gonna
deal with that anymore. Anyone who bid on it, all
their bids have been canceled. None of the nobles that attended the gala are going to be prosecuted necessarily. – Of course.
– But the guard said they’re gonna be keeping an eye on them. – Good.
– But– – They’re not good people. – No.
– None of them are keeping any paintings though. – Good.
– Or sculptures. All of those are going to be returned. So Mr. Demply says, “The
lady has graciously paid for your stay at the Platinum
Whisper for the next week. – Oh, she’s so sweet! – Whoa! – You are free to rest,
– I could use a massage. – and take your ease. And I believe she has included
a small token of her thanks. It is in the back. – Oh what is it? – Do we go in to, thank you very much, Mr. Demply.
– Very kind. – Thank you Mr. Demply. – It’s really our day!
– So. – Let’s get into the back of the carriage.
– You load yourself into the carriage and there
there is a small chest. And there’s a note attached to it and a scroll with the lady’s seal on it. And you open it up and it
says in her fanciful script, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart “that you retrieved my son’s final work. “I believe you bid this
much on the painting. “Consider it yours as a bonus.” So there is 1,250 gold pieces in there which I believe was your final
bid. (players gasp and laugh) – Yeah.
– Yeah! Which, the other 750 that
you had brings you up to about 2,000. – Mm. – So you have some time to
spend to rest and recuperate. I should also note at this point in time, you’ve all leveled up. – Yay!
– Level up, level up, level up! – We needed that. – I checked all of your XP
totals and it was clear to me that you had all clearly gotten enough to get to seventh level. Now to keep things simple, I asked you to make all those
changes between our games. So you’ve all already made those. For most of you it was
at least a general feat and a new skill increase. Some of you got new spells
like fourth level spells. Some of you got new
glass features as well. When those come up we’ll
kind of exemplify them and talk about them. In addition, with the
extra money that you got and the loot that you had from before, if you split that up
all the different ways everybody had about 400
gold pieces to spend. Now to prevent this from
turning into a shopping channel, (players laugh) I also asked you all to
pick out and item or two. So why don’t we go around the table and just talk about one interesting thing that you purchased in your time here. I’m assuming that the group
spends a couple days here. Shopping, resting up,
getting yourselves ready for the next journey. You’re not necessarily under
a time pressure right now so you got a few days to relax and kind of get yourselves back together. – Retail therapy. – Yeah.
– Retail therapy. – There’s some retail
therapy gonna happen. – (laughs) Yeah.
– Nice. – So let’s find out what
that retail therapy is and we’ll start down at the
end of the table with Aki. – All right, so one of the
things I decided to buy just based on some of the
things that have been going one in our lives right now, I am
the only person at the table who can’t see in the dark. So I got myself Goggles
of Night so that I can see in the dark for an hour,
but it also adds plus one item bonus to any of my perception checks. So yeah, I have a nice
beefy perception check now. – That is really handy, and
I think he even got some with leveling up too. – Yes.
– So, very keen eyes. And now more importantly,
eyes that can actually see when it gets dark. – Yup.
(character laughs) – I can actually do my
scouting job it night too. Or in dark places. – Very handy. Tariel, what did you pick up? – Well my big thing
was a Rune of Wounding. – Yes.
– Ooh. – So my rapier now does
Bleed Damage as well. – Oh delicious. – Yeah, your rapier has served you well but it was time to actually
look at making that thing a truly deadly weapon. – Yeah, ’cause it wasn’t
super effective up close, in up close combat. – Yeah.
– So. – And it seems like monsters
tend to get in your face a bit more than you thought. – Yeah, it’s surprising. – All right, Linneus. – Linneus, as soon as she’s out of here she’s going to go find
some sort of a shrine or a temple of ceremony
if they have one here and spend some time there, but she’s gong to get some
Prayer Beads while she’s out. – Ooh.
– Yes. – And those let you cast
what, Bless and Heal once per day each? – Yes, without out losing a spell slot. – And I think they even add a
little bit of healing on top. – They do.
– Of every heal spell you cast. – Yes.
– So those are pretty useful. – Magnificent. – And you do find a shrine
to Sarenrae here in town where you can worship and pray. – Yes. – It’s not a full temple. – That’s fine. – Sarenrae isn’t a huge
deity in Molthune, but– – She is in my heart.
– That’s fair. – Jeremy, what did Ikyulys pick up? – Ikyulys will also be
attending a temple today before a massage and
maybe a little spa time and maybe like, you know. – Yeah
– Some me time. – Yes, some me time. But in addition to that Ikyulys
picked up a Striking Rune, which is gonna add some more damage with that bastard sword. (Jason laughs)
Which is what this champion needs. – Yeah. – Which is, believe is a
plus one and I rolled– – Well it’s already a plus one weapon, but the striking rune is gonna add an entire extra die of damage.
– Yes, yeah. – That’s a big deal. – And in addition to
that a glove of storing which will be able to store
this giant bastard sword. So now I don’t have to use
an action to draw the sword if I want to store it and
just like at the art gala where we had to have
our piece-bonded weapons that no longer needs to happen either because I can store it in the glove and no one will even know that we have it. – That’s wild. – Now question, will I be
able to store anyone else’s weapons in this? – You can store only
one item in it at a time and when you summon the item
it appears in your hand. So if you wanted to hide
a different item in it just so that it’s hidden,
you could do that. But it can’t hold an item
that’s more than one bulk. So you can’t hide like a piano in there. (players laugh) – Brong, that’s not gonna work. – How can I play my creepy organ music if I can’t carry this? – Oh darn. – All right–
– One glove, or one in a pair? – It’s one glove and it holds one thing. The magic item is actually only one glove. – Gotcha.
– Wow. – Fancy.
– Fancy. – Yeah.
(player laughs) – All right, well I got
myself some magic armor because I got some fancy
armor from Lady Woodland but it doesn’t, it has someone
else’s house symbol on it and it just, it wasn’t for me. I wanted something for me. So I get a plus one to my AC. – Nice.
– Very nice. – Nice, get that AC.
– So tough. – Yeah.
– Always. – More AC is more better.
– Always. – Yes.
– All right. So a few days fly by. If there’s anything else
anyone in particular wants to do in Canorate before you head out to
Doommark now is your chance. – I really want to very quickly speak with Captain DeGrelle about the family of the young man you died in the warehouse and get a little bit more
information about that. – Okay. – Since it’s possible we might be back in Korholm at some point
in the nearish future? – Okay. You make your way to DeGrelle’s office and DeGrelle is in the
middle of checking people for passes and turning most of them away. But when she sees you she
stops and lets them all wait. And brings you into her
office and she’s like, “Oh, Lys, good to see
you, good to see you. “What can I help you with today?” – I just wanted to check really fast if you had any information
about that guard’s family. I just want to know
their names in the event that we’re in Korholm again I would love to check in with them. – She gets out some paperwork
and looks through it. And looks to you and says, “Yes, his name was Private Stemmen. “He lived in Korholm. “He was one of our, the
guards at the docks. “He disappeared from duty
roster less than a week ago, “we’ve been looking for him ever since.” – Well thank you. I am so sorry that his
life had to be lost. – The lieutenant in charge of him said that he was a good soldier
and vigilant at the docks. – I’m only sorry that I
could not do more for him. – Considering the condition that he was in I think we all understand. Still I feel that it is my personal duty to make sure that his parents know that, or at least see the face of the person who was the last one to see him alive. – She kind of leans forward
and says, “There were questions “about his body in particular. “And the thought was that according to the letter of the law, “there should be some
form of charge pressed. “However, considering the
situation the captain decided “that it was best to call this a mercy.” And she looks pained. “It is difficult but it
is the right thing to do. “There is no way that he ever would’ve been made whole again.” – I do not disagree which
is why I did what I did. But if it were someone that I loved, even if it were for the right reasons a moment to sit with the
person who saw him last, that would be everything. We have so little time with the people that we love in this life. – I’m sure his parents would appreciate it if you end up in Korholm again. – Thank you for understanding. – You are able to make your way back? Does anyone else have
anything else they wanna do before you depart? – I have a couple of things.
– Oh you do? (players laugh) – I should probably deal with.
– Oh, interesting, all right. (player laughs) – Do you need any backup? – No, I’ll be fine. – Do you want to take a beetle? – Yes. – Okay, here, I’ll give it to you again. He like you.
– Thank you. I liked him too. (player laughs) – And it crawls around and clicks. – Okay. – Good luck. – Thank you. – So first I’d like to
go to my parents house. – Okay.
(player laughs) – Said with such conviction.
(players laugh) – You return home and the, you know, you get up and end
up having to ring the bell. And a few moments later
the manservant comes out and lets you in. – Oh, hello Renlo. – M’lady. Good to see you. – Good to see you as well. I am coming by because
I have to leave again. – Your father will be in
a mood with such news. – Yes, but there’s not really anything he can do to stop me now, is there? – I suppose not. I believe you will find
him up in his office. – All right.
– Instead of the study. – You make your way into the
house that you grew up in and make your way up the old stairs, the fourth one of which creaks and still has never been fixed, and soon find yourself up at the door to your father’s office. The room that you are not
allowed into until you are grown. That was always kind of
your father’s sanctum. – I still knock before I come in. – You hear your father’s voice. – Come in. – I’ll walk through the door.
(suspenseful music) Hi Daddy. – Tariel. He’s sitting behind his desk, he has a stack of
paperwork in front of him, a number of scrolls, military business. That’s what he does here. He’s probably reading through
reports from the field and signing orders and things like that. He’s not a field soldier anymore. He’s retired from that. His job now is kind of a
higher level functionary within the military to help
manage logistics and stuff. It’s pretty boring work but it’s what he’s suited for these days. He was wounded in an
engagement many years ago and doesn’t walk too well anymore. So he looks at you from the paperwork that he hasn’t put down. – So I have some news that will probably not make you too happy. – He’s looking at them, “I don’t believe “you’ve made me happy in many years.” – Ah yes, well I’m leaving again. – “I’d pretend to be
surprised,” he looks up from the paperwork and
he’s got his spectacles on the end of his nose. Our business that we came
here to deal with is taking us to Nidal now and I don’t know if you heard but we were able to
apprehend that assassin that we were looking for. – “Yes, I saw that watch reports.” He looks at you and you
see him kind of weigh. “For that Canorate owed you its thanks.” – I’m just honestly relieved that I can come back here at some point. – He–
– And hopefully bring some honor to our family name. – He puts the paperwork down. He leans across the desk. Looks at you square for the first time. Your mother says that you
have bee in Nirmathas. In Kassen. – Yes. That’s where we fought most of the undead. – Is that your home now? Have you thrown in with the rebels? – I don’t really know if I
can say I have a home there. Not with everything that we’re fighting and we’re chasing right now. But I do have an alliance
with the Everflame. – He looks at you with a
pained look on his face. “If Kassen is your home,
if Nirmathas is your home, “then you are no longer
welcome in this house. “I will not have a rebel in my family.” – Then it seems I will make
my home elsewhere then. It was nice talking to you Emren. I will, I wish you a good rest of it. – You are dismissed. – I’m gonna make my way to the garden. – You make your way down to the garden and before you get there you
actually find your mother. She’s down in the kitchen
right at the moment, currently kneading some bread. Forming up loaves before
putting them in the oven. Your mother always would do this. You have cooks, but she refused
to let them make the bread. (players laugh) Just was not okay. They never made it the way she liked. – No, they never made
it as well as she does. – She sees you and just shakes her head. You can see the tears on her cheeks. She knows already. And without a word she
just drops the bread, absentmindedly half on the
cutting board, half off, and comes to embrace you. The moment you try to
say anything she just, “Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, it’s okay.” – I have to leave again. – I know. – I just wanna thank you for always supporting me and accepting me. – You will always have a home in my heart even if your home is not here. – I think we will be
at the Platinum Whisper for at least one more night if you are able to come say hello. If not I completely understand. – She looks at you and says,
“It’s best that I don’t. “But I wish you all the
best and I will write.” – And I will write you as well. And I’m gonna reach into
my pouch and take out the jewelry and the
sigil that she had sent. And I’m gonna give it back to her. – She pushes it back at you. – I don’t really think I’m gonna need this where I’m going. – No matter what your
fool of a father says you are always part of this house. – With that I’m gonna throw
my arms around her. (sniffles) – You and your mother embrace
and she goes to the oven where one of the fresh
loves has just come out and is cooling and she wraps it up and goes over to a vase and pulls out one of the winter roses
that she picked this morning and ties it up in the package with it and she’s like, “I can’t have
you leaving here hungry.” And she walks you back out
to the front door to see you away from your home,
possibly for the last time. – You are the best person in
Molthune, I know it. (sniffles) – She says, looks at you
dead in the eye, and says, “Second best.” – I’m gonna hug her one last time and then go back to the Platinum Whisper. (laughs) – And she sends you on your way. – I have tissue, does anybody need one? (players laugh)
– I wiped my nose on my arm. – All right, so. Anyone else like to do anything in Canorate before the leave.
– Aah. – Crying is a free action. (players laugh)
– Just gettin’ to know my ax. We spend a nice afternoon together, I take it to coffee. – Let’s hear that spa day. – You know–
– Spa with the ax. – Briefly though, you do
spend some time working with the ax and you
quickly come to realize that the blade of it is made
of an incredibly hard metal and in fact you’ve seen this metal before. In fact you had a chunk
of it that you found out at the lake. The blade of this is possibly adamantine. Or at least laced with it.
– Ooh. – Wait, say what? – The blade of the ax is
laced with adamantine. You’re not sure if it’s full adamantine, it might not be pure.
– That’s the– – The stone!
– The Sky Stone. – Yeah. I was gonna ask if there was a person I could ask about my Sky Stone. – Well you, so when you were out–
– Don’t need it! – Yeah, when you were out you managed to have someone look at the
ax and the metal of the ax and it’s a powerful powerful weapon. Every time you grab it you
feel like an electricity. It’s kind of like electric to the touch. And you’re not sure what’s
quite up with it yet but there’s somethin’ about it. – Maybe you can put that piece
that you had into the pommel. – Oh, here’s a question.
– Ooh! – Can I detect alignment
on the ax? (laughs) – Detect alignment on the ax?
– Yes. – I did wonder if was cursed.
– Yes. – What alignment are you trying to detect? – To see if it’s evil. Was in an evil place,
it looks pretty dark. – Mm-hmm.
– No offense. – That’s okay, it does. – Yeah, it looks kind of scary. I want to see if there’s
something evil about it. (players chatter over each other) – No?
(player laughs) Okay, okay.
– It’s not evil? – Maybe not, I’m not sure. – You’re not getting any from it. – I’m not getting anything
but that doesn’t mean much. But there are things that
look evil that aren’t. – So your respite over, you
quickly begin to investigate a means by which you
might travel to Doommark. Doommark is up the river from Canorate. So the best way to get there is to travel up the Nosam River. Which as I mentioned,
Canorate has two rivers that flow into it before those rivers flow out to Lake Encarthen. One of those rivers is the Nosam river and that river travels to the west and at the end, the very
headwaters of that river and the hills of the mountains
is the town of Doommark. They can easily kind of explain to you where you might find it. Now getting there, the easiest
way to do that is either overland or on a river barge. Do you have a preference? Would you like to ride horses or would you like to ride a barge? – Do we want to mount up again? I know this one doesn’t
like water very much and a long–
– Yes please. – No more lobsters. – No more rock lobster.
(players laugh) – No.
– Preferable. – Horses.
– Land. – Question, do you want to rent horses? You can do that or you
can just hire to ride with a merchant caravan
that makes its way that way. (players chatter over each other) – We could probably–
– What’s cheap? – Sign ourselves onto a merchant’s caravan to be protection.
– Mm-hmm. – You know some heavies for a merchant, they probably need them.
– Great idea. – And travel entertainment. – Oh yes.
– Mm-hmm. – You can easily find a merchant caravan that’s making it’s way that
way, there are merchant caravans that travel up and down
that way frequently. The journey is relatively swift. It takes a few days, but
considering the distance traveled that’s not too bad. As I said, the roads in Molthune are very well maintained and well guarded. So your service as guards,
when you offer to be guards for a caravan, the merchant’s
like, “I don’t need guards! “What are you talking about? “The roads are well patrolled.” So they do charge you. But it’s only a few coins, right? I mean it’s nothing that
the party can’t spare. – Mm-hmm.
– You never know. We didn’t think we were going
to need to defend ourselves on a boat either, but there we are. – Well the waters of Lake
Encarthen are far more dangerous. This place is well patrolled
and Well maintained. But as your journey heads
further and further west you do notice signs of the
slip of the civilized world. The path, a little less well-maintained. The guard patrols get far less frequent. But they’re still there. – The journey, as I said,
takes about two days. And at the end of those two days you stop at another town on the way. Spends about half a day
there loading off some goods, getting more goods and
then continuing onward. But after about two days you
arrive at the town of Doommark, which is announced by the caravan master as you crest over a hill and down. You are looking kind of off to the west. And you see the river
Nosam as it makes its way through the middle of Doommark. The town is kind of
clustered around the river and from there you can see
it kind of snake its way up into the Menador Mountains which is the mountain range to the south. So you’ve got this mountain range that you’ve been kind of traveling along and it’s to the south of you
and it kind of runs east west. And far off in the distance
kind of to the north you can see the bottom of
the Mindspin Mountains. You have been along this
mountain chain but much further to the north up in Nirmathas, but this is kind of where it ends. And where these two mountain ranges meet, the one traveling east and west and the one traveling north and south kind of forming a T,
there is a valley, okay? So you’re looking at Doommark,
and beyond it is this valley. Looking at the map when you
were trying to plan this journey you could see that the
path leads from Canorate to the west to Doommark. Beyond Doommark is Nidal. It’s not like the edge of town is Nidal. There’s still wilderness and countryside. But beyond that, that
valley between the end of the Mindspin Mountains
and the Menador Mountains. That is the start of Nidal. And just by it’s very
reputation you can see why. There is gray and black
storm clouds looming over that valley and off to the west. You can see nothing beyond it. – That is ominous. – The wagon makes its way down the hill to the town of Doommark. When you arrive on the
outskirts, the wagon master pulls off to a Carriage Inn which is where the wagon master is staying
and he kind of looks to all of you and says, “Well here we are, “hope you enjoyed your
journey, fair thee well.” – Thank you.
– And kind of goes about his business. – How do we find this Lord of Ravens? – I would imagine she’d be
in the central most place in a town like this if
she’s the person in charge. We could probably ask any
old person on the street they’d point us to her. – Mm-hmm. – Okay. Go and find a person. (player laughs) – Okay. You make your way into the town. And Doommark is kind of a
different kind of place. It’s an old town. Wood and stone buildings
but they look older than anything you saw in Canorate. They’re kind of grimy. It looks like this town uses a lotta coal in it’s furnaces and whatnot. So everything has kinda
black soot all over it. And you don’t go more
than 20 feet into town, you know these old
slate-roofed buildings dripping with black soot-stained water. It apparently rained here this morning. And you make your way into the street, you know, the big puddles
reflecting a kind of gray sky in the distance but bluer close to you as you look through the
town off into the distance. And sitting up on the eves
you can’t help but notice, there are a lot of ravens in this town. (birds squawking)
And they are perching on eves and on posts. And as you make your way in
they kind of stare at you and if you get to close
they’re like “Caw, caw, caw!” And they kind of flap
their wings and fly away and then they all kind
of get up on the eve and just stare at you. – I say hello to every single one. – All right. – Hello!
– Touchy aren’t they? – Hello! – Linneus, watch out for the beetles. – Oh, no, they’re hidden.
– I want to stick them in a pie is what I want to do. – The birds? Why? – Because they would be delicious. – A crow? – A raven I think is what these are. But yeah. – You’ve never had a raven pie before? – No thank you. – As you make your way a bit deeper in there’s someone with a
little tin cup sitting on the side of the road. And you can hear a copper
coin jingling in it and you hear a kind of whispery
voice, “Coin for the needy? “Coin for the needy!” – Oh, I’m going to run
over and take one of my, the remaining gold that I have,
put a whole gold piece in. – And you look down at the
woman and she’s kind of in rags. And she looks up at you and you notice that her skin is ashen and gray. – Are you all right?
– And she looks up at you and she has these beady
little eyes and sallow cheeks and she has an entirely gray complexion. And she’s like, “Coin for the needy?” – Are you okay? – She looks down at you and
says, “I be cold and hungry “but yes, coin for the needy?” – Oh yes, of course, here. – Oh! She looks down and sees a, did you put a gold piece in there?
– Yeah. – She’s like, “Oh!” And
her fingers look too long. Like they don’t have an extra
knuckle but they are too big. And she just reaches in
and grabs it and slips it into her rags and she’s like, “Ah, oh, you are most generous! “Most generous!” – Oh, Sarenrae obliges us to
give to those who are in need. – “Aah, too bright!” – Oh sorry!
– “No, no.” – Could you perhaps help us
find the Lord of the Ravens?” (Jason laughs) – She kind of looks at you. (squeals) “You want to speak to the Lord of Ravens?” – Oh yes! “I could take you to
the Lord of the Ravens.” – Could you really? – She kind of stands up. “Yes, yes, Quelaag could take you to the Lord of the Ravens.” – Okay!
– Are we sure we trust– – What’s your name?
– I would like very much– – Quelaag.
– Quelaag. – Could I real quickly just
detect some lies? (laughs) – Well you can give me,
what’s your perception bonus? – My perception bonus?
– Or I mean, you know– – I also am very curious. – I think we all are. (laughs)
– What am I rolling against to lie to you is what I’m asking. Is it perception, or–
– Well, it will now be deception. – Oh, did you pick you Lie to Me? – I picked up Lie to Me. (players laugh) Do I roll as well? – No, I do. – Okay. – What’s your deception? – 15. – All right. So Quelaag seems weird
but on the up and up. It’s hard to say, she
has such weird mannerisms and as she stands up you
notice she’s kind of, a bit taller than you expected her to be. She was really kind of
folded up on the floor there. She’s not towering over all of you, but is surprisingly not tiny. – I love it. I love her. (laughs) (player laughs) – What is your story? – I live in that crate over there. – We keep meeting people
who live in boxes. – It’s true. – So you can take us to
the Lord of the Ravens? – Aye, Quelaag can take you
to the Lord of the Ravens. – Thank you, Quelaag, we
would very much appreciate it. – Ah, do you have
another coin for Quelaag? – Yes of course!
– Just a second! Perhaps some of your mother’s bread. – Oh, that’s long gone. – Oh we ate that.
– It’s been a two-day journey. You weren’t gonna let that go stale. – You know how you like baked goods. – I guess I did eat all of it.
(players laugh) Yes, yes, I did eat all. – Going to go ahead and giver
another whole gold coin. – That’s true.
– Ah, Quelaag will take you! And she begins to lead
you off into the town. And her path is a little meandering.
– I think this is very cheap. (players laugh) – We know. – Her path is very
meandering and she takes you down and alley and it’s
just like, “This way! “This way! “This way to the Lord of the Ravens!” – She’s trustworthy. Sure!
– Okay. (player laughs)
– I’m going to take out my dagger. – Yeah.
– Just to hold. We’re going to have to talk about your definition of trustworthy. – Yeah. (laughs)
– I trust everyone. – Yes, we know. – “No, no, this way!” – Okay.
– And you go down an alley and at the end of this
alley, up on the eve there is a gigantic raven. And I don’t mean like,
it’s not like 10 feet tall, but it’s a big bird. It’s like this big. – Big boy. – And it, “Caw, caw, caw!” – And she’s (squeals),
“No, no, we’re taking, “I’m taking them to her,
I’m taking them too her,” and Qelaag seems to be talking to the Raven.
– Hello! – And the raven goes “Caw, caw?” And then kind of hops over. And looks at you, “Caw.”
– Hello! – And then hops over to the other side. This raven seems to, like you’re not sure if it understand that but it
kind of acted like it did. (player laughing)
– Quelaag, do you speak raven? – No, no, Quelaag does not speak raven, but ravens hear, ravens hear everything! No lying to a raven. That’s a saying in Doommark. Don’t lie to a raven. – Oh I like that. – Raven, are we being taken
to the Lord of Ravens? – Caw! And the raven takes to wing
and flies off to the west. – Bye! – Okay. – I like that one.
– What does that mean? – Quelaag is like, “This way, this way.” And kind of–
– We’re going to the west. – Yeah. Quelaag kind of follows the raven. – Perfect, I’ll follow her.
– You can’t lie to a raven. Remember? And Quelaag did say. – Oh yes, don’t lie to a raven. The lord hears, don’t lie to a raven. And kind of campers off
down the next street. And as she turns the next
corner to the next avenue, down at the end of this road
rising up from the town, you kind of saw from a distance but you weren’t sure what it was, is kind of a ramshackle tower. Like black soot-stained wood. It looks really old. And from all of the kind of windows in it you can clearly make out
that it’s like a rookery. – Oh.
– Mm. – Because there are
ravens all over the place. And especially coming in and out of it, and there are ravens all over it. And Quelaag is like, “This way, this way!” And kind of hops and
leads you down that way towards the rookery. – Mm!
– ‘Kay, this appears to be the place. – I like this. I like it here. It’s cool. – ‘Kay.
(birds squawking) – Well now that we
understand your aesthetic a little bit better that is helpful. – I just want a lot of companions. A lot of birds, a lot of
insects, a lot of things. – Can all of you give
me a perception check? (dice clacking) – Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. – 19.
– 19? – 17. – 21. – 20.
– 28. (players laugh) ‘Cause I’m looking at the birds. – Looking at everything. – I’m excited. I can see for miles. – You are indeed looking up at the birds. And many of you have, ever
since you got in this town and the ravens are all around
you have this sensation that you’re being watched. And, I mean, you are. The ravens are watching you, clearly. And you are kind of
looking up at the birds and making your way through the town. And they are all up on
eves staring at you. And you pass by a building
and you look up at the birds, and then you look over to the next one and as your eyes scan away you can see in one of the windows, pale noblemen. (player gasps)
(suspenseful music) – I immediately stop
and I go to the window. – It’s up on the second floor. – Oh.
– And you stop and look back and you can see the drape closing. And still moving as if it was just closed. – I go to the door. – Linneus? Where you goin? – I just go to the door. – You’re goin’ that way!
– It’s an inn. It’s called the Blackfeather Inn. It’s also like half a block
away from the rookery. (laughs) I’m just running. – All right. Well you’re up to the door
of the Blackfeather Inn. – Followin’, Linneus!
– Linneus! – Could I open the door? – Yeah.
– You don’t need ale! Just ravens! – Is there a person behind the counter?
– Yeah, I mean it’s an inn. So you go inside and it’s
like mid-afternoon right now and they’re currently serving some drinks and you notice that
there are, above the door and the windows there are
holes that are like dormers that can be opened and there
are ravens inside the bar. And they’re being fed by
patrons and by the bar. So there’s a few ravens in
here hangin’ out eatin’ food. And behind the bar is a woman. And she’s just serving
drinks and she’s like, “Can I help you?” – I run right on up to the bar. And I say, “Do you have a man living here, “a nobleman, very pale, silver hair “of sort of a dour disposition?” – The pale man again? – She’s like–
– You have seen him?” – We do have some guests here. I don’t know that any of them match, I didn’t check anyone in this morning. – No nobleman? Lots of black and purple
frills and finery. – She’s like, “I don’t believe so. “I could check the log.” – Yes please. – What have you been seeing?
– Not that it has a description, but she
goes through the names and she’s like, “I don’t
know, there’s a family “in the suite–” – It’s a single man. – “Well there is a traveling merchant “but he’s a dwarf.” And she kind of goes through the list and nobody really matches up. There’s a pair of, there’s a
human couple visiting the town. But they’re young. There’s a dwarven
merchant, there’s a family in one of the suites
and that’s kind of it. – Thank you for your time. I must’ve mistaken. – She’s like, “Very well,
come back any time.” – Thank you. – Linneus, what’s with this nobleman? – I mentioned the pale
man a little while ago and nobody said– – I don’t remember.
– Remembered had seen him. – Oh yeah.
– When we were all at the bar. – I’ve seen him twice now. – What? – Why didn’t you say nothin’? – I didn’t, I mean it was at the gala. There’s a lot of pale noble people there. – Most nobles are pretty pale. – Same one. – Did he have the
piercin’ eyes like Lucid? – Yes. And I just thought, I
thought that I saw him in a window upstairs. – Have you seen him any other times? Or has anything strange
happened to you lately? – No. – Are you sure? – Yes.
(birds squawking) – Tariel, your lie detector
goes off like no one’s business. You know Linneus was too well for that. Especially with your new skill. You’re like, no. (laughs) – Okay. We should go to
the Lord of the Ravens. – Yes we should.
– I must have been mistaken. – Quelaag is still
standing at the door like, “Now want to go see, I mean,
this is not Lord of Ravens.” (players laugh) “This is barkeep.” (players laugh) – We are coming now. We apologize for this. – Sorry!
– For being sidetracked. – I thought I saw someone I knew. – No, no, many like
ravens here in Doommark. It’s good to like a raven. That’s another saying in Doommark. – Mm.
– It’s good to feed a raven. Never lie to a raven. Many raven rules. – Raven poop everywhere. Let’s get out of here.
– Oh it’s true. There’s a lot of raven poop, but. – I will lead you now to the Lord. – Thank you. – Quelaag brings you down the street and upon arriving at the
square that holds the tower that has the rookery
there are a lot of ravens on the fence post and
there’s a wrought iron fence around the rookery and
it’s covered in ravens. And they caw madly at
Quelaag as she approaches. And she’s like, (unintelligible noises). – They certainly do not like you. – What happened? – Lord of Ravens does not wish
to speak to Quelaag today. That is, well, understandable. You should go on. The Lord of Ravens will be inside. – Thank you Quelaag. – Time’s road.
– Okay. – I will wait out here if
you need any more help. – I think we’re okay, but–
– Maybe use that gold coin to buy yourself something to eat. You look hungry. – Oh, yes, yes. I definitely have–
– Perhaps some new clothes or something. – She looks down and she’s like, “No, these still smell okay.” (players laugh)
– Okay. – Very much we appreciate
your help Quelaag. Thank you.
– Thank you, Quelaag. – Yeah, to be clear, you don’t know what Quelaag actually is. Quelaag is not human, not elf. Quelaag is something else. You’re not sure what. – I love it. – And Quelaag kinda capers off. – Why? – That was interesting.
– Ta-ta. – For a very present
direction in this place. I feel like it sets a certain tone. A lot of it set a certain tone.
– It certainly does. Starin’ up at 30 birds lookin’ at us. – Should we knock?
– It’s adventurous. – It’s way more than 30 right now. – Well I just mean at eye level. – Oh yeah.
(players laugh) Yeah, there are about 30.
– The scan on the fences. – They’re all looking at
you and kind of cawing. “Caw-caw, caw-caw.” – Ikyulys has his mask over his head so he’s not getting pooped on. (players laugh)
– Too precious. – None of you have been dive bombed by the birds.
– That’s good, that’s good. – I have been dive bombed
by a raven, it’s not fun. – They are terrifying. So the rookery stands before you. – I want to just go up to the row of birds very gingerly but so that Linneus can hear and just sort of in a very
loud sort of stage whisper, “Do you think you could keep an eye out “for a pale nobleman for a friend of mine? “Thanks so much.” – They kind of look at each
other, “Caw, caw-caw, caw-caw.” (player laughs) And that’s where I role
played a bunch of ravens. (players laugh) – That was good.
– Congratulations. – Doin’ what I can. Thank you, thank you. All right. So, caw, caw-caw caw. All right. – Don’t think I’m not gonna
talk more to the birds. ‘Cause I will.
– That’s gonna get GIFed. – We’re all gonna talk more–
– All right, so. – Bird friends, bird
friends, bird friends. – So you’re able to approach the tower and the birds kind of, it’s almost, it’s kind of
intimidating to be honest. The birds are kind of all
around you and as you move they fill the space that you are in and get out of the space
that you are about to enter. So you’re kind of being
herded forward by ravens. – Some of these ravens are as big as I am. I do not like it. – Okay. – I’m gonna take it as we’re welcome. – I think so. Ravens may we enter?
(birds squawking) – They just keep herding you. – Okay.
– Oh, okay, okay. – Caw caw caw.
– Thank you. (players laugh) – And you are ushered up into the rookery. At the bottom of the rookery there is an old wooden door, black with soot. And there is an old rusted handle and you’re able to kind of go and it’s just one of those thumb latches and you can pull open the door and it opens with a creek. And there you are looking
into the base of the rookery and it’s messy ’cause I mean,
it’s filled with ravens. So there’s a lot of feathers
and a lot of bird dung. Bird poop everywhere. But there is still kind of a clear path. And one of those paths goes to a staircase that spirals around the outside. The other leads to what
looks like a basement. Or goes down beneath the ground. And there is a flickering torches that look like they lead down. Looking up you just see birds. – Hello? – We probably, if up is all of that, we probably need to go down. – With the lights off, that’s smart. – Yeah, let’s get away
from all of the poop. – Okay, let’s go.
– This is a smell I, what a lovely smell we have discovered, I don’t want to discover
it again, let’s go. – Yeah, more birds down there! – You make your way down into
the vault below the rookery. And you soon find yourself
in a large vaulted chamber. This looks like, it looks
like it probably was at one point in time just
kind of like a store room. But now it looks like it’s been converted into a kind of an office of sorts. There’s a long table in the middle, kind of an oblong table. And there are chairs all
around it and beyond that there is an old blackened desk piled high with rolled scrolls and
notes and parchments. Behind it are maps of the
city, maps of the area. The whole area back there
is filled with books and notes and things like that. And standing up from
behind the desk is a woman. She is in black leather armor. She has scrolls at her waste. She has a raven that is
currently perched on her shoulder and as she stands up it
hops down into her arm. And she’s currently reading a scroll. And she looks like this, all right. – I love her!
– She’s gorgeous. – Tariel’s eyes just
turned to giant hearts. (players laugh) – We are all in love. – (clears throat) Hello. (speech drowned out by
laughing and chattering) – Never has an entire group fell in love with one character faster. She looks at all of you and
says, “Ah, I assume you’re the ones that DeGrelle sent.” – Yes, yes we are. – Pleasure to meet ya’. – The Knights of EverFlame I believe? – That’s correct. – And she steps around
the desk and says, “I am “the Lord of Ravens, you
may call me Francyne.” – Francyne, well I am Tariel. – And you curtsy.
– Ikyulys. – You go to kiss her hand and
she kinda does one of these and then just pulls it
away as you go to kiss. She looks at you and goes, “Fresh.” (player chortles) – I’m Linneus, I love your birds! – Okay, I’m just gonna go stand– (players laugh) – She looks at you and goes,
“Well don’t give up that easy.” – Ooh!
– Ooh! That’s saucy.
– And she walks around the table with a bit of a saunter. And just like, “So, what
brings you to my town?” – We have something we
would like to show you. We have been told that
you will possibly have a decent amount of information about it. – The dagger I’m assuming. – Oh yes, and I guess we
would have put the chest here instead of holding it? – Yeah, reach in the bag,
pull out a giant chest. – She says, “The message I
got from Degrelle told me “that this had been found
under unusual circumstances “and that I should be expecting you.” – Yes. – I of course did a
bit of research myself. She looks at all of you and
says, “Well, let’s see it.” – Unlock it. I don’t really want to touch it. – She looks at it and says, “Allow me.” And she reaches in and pulls out, it’s wrapped in a velvet
cloth and she sets it down on the table and unfolds it and looks at it and kind
of turns over the dagger and looks at it on both
sides and she says, “Huh, huh.” She looks honestly perplexed. And she likes a woman
of, she exudes confidence in all of her kind of mannerisms. She looks at the raven that’s on her arm that has been there and
she walks over to a stand and just kind of. And he kind of hops off. And she goes back to
the dagger and she goes, “I didn’t think I’d
ever see one of these.” – What is it? – I don’t know much about them, which is, should tell you how secretive
they are about them, but I believe, and she
looks at the chain link and she reaches out to touch it and then moves her hand away. “You said you found this in Canorate?” – Yes.
– Yes. – Why? – We don’t know much about
them, they are very rare. If this is what I think it is and, she kind of looks at it and she says, “I think this might, “This is an object sacred to Zon-Kuthon. “There are many, every
faith has relics and baubles “that they consider valuable to them “but some contain shards of true power.” Kinda dances around the table looking at it from different angles. “If this has been found here
that means they are using them. “That’s a terrifying thought.” – What do they–
– Who are they? – “The church of Zon-Kuthon.” – In Nidalese? Are they coming over to– – “Well if they are here, that
means that they are taking “these sacred relics out of Nidal “and bringing them here, yes.” – What do they do? – “If I’m not mistaken,” and she goes over to a giant pile of books
and moves a bunch aside, she kind of takes ’em and
just throws ’em on the floor and then she finds one further down and starts paging through it. She says, “I don’t know much about them “and I’ve never seen one in person, “so you’ll have to excuse me,
my knowledge on this is thin. “However, I believe this
might be what is known as a Soul Rend Dagger.” – (gasps) I was right and I hate it. – “If it is what I think it is “it is spoken of only in
the harshest of whispers “and we’re not entirely
sure what the purpose is, “the cult guards that
religiously,” she says with a bit of a smile. – Do we know how many of these exist? – “No we don’t even know, I’ve
never seen one in person.” – Well now you have.
– “But there are “more than one.” She looks at it and
she’s rubbing her hands. She goes and sits back behind the desk and puts her boots up. She says, “Well my lovelies,”
looking at all of you. “You can take the safe
road, but it’ll take us “probably a few months to figure out “what the true nature of this things is. “I can do a lot of research,
I can send out for some books. “Or,” she throws up a smile, “We can do it fast and dangerous.” – I’m quite a fan of the or. – You said we and us,
meaning you’d be joining us? – Not exactly, I would need you to help. – (gasps) Do we get a raven? – She looks at you and she goes,
“They’re not mine to give.” And the raven looks at
her, “Caw, caw,” and like, “Watch out for that one, he bites.” – Oh, okay. – What do you mean you need our help? – I never thought I’d have my hands on one and it’s a good thing I saved a pint. I have an object. Let me perform a little bit of ritual. It would allow us to explore this history of these daggers directly. – Ooh.
– Mm. – But it’s not safe. – Nothing we’ve been doing
lately has been safe. – No, what are the dangers? – I have an old relic. A thing I found quite some time ago and it’s nearly out of oil but
I could use it once for this. And it might be worth
it if these daggers are out of Nidal getting an answer sooner rather than later might be critical. It’s called the Lantern of Lost Light. – Ooh. – If I use it you would be able to explore the history of the dagger but you would do so by traveling
into the plane of shadow. There you would find it’s
darkened history still stored within the mist in the darkness but it’s not safe to be there. There are things that dwell
in those shadowy places. And they do not take kindly to strangers invading their domain. – You mean to tell me we
can find out every victim who may have fallen victim to this dagger? – If the daggers are connected
then that is possible. It seems that the only bit of lore, and she’s looking at the book, is that all of the daggers
are linked in some way. That is all that we know about them and that they are used to,
well their name implies it all, I think they steal souls. – Do those souls end up
in the plane of shadows? – She’s like, “I don’t know, “we don’t know anything about them. “We’ve never seen one, the
cult guards these things “with a fervor.” – We have to do it.
– We must do it. – Jinx
(nervous laughter) – I mean, we don’t
really have months do we? I mean every passing moment
our enemy becomes stronger. – There might be some very
relevant information for my– – I would like to see
your story to be resolved. – We may also get information
we need about our other enemy. It’s entirely possible if this realm of shadows has bad things in it that bad things know
about other bad things. I don’t know, it’s a stretch. Maybe. – If you’re willing. I will need to maintain the ritual. That is, someone needs
to keep the lantern lit and it requires all of their
focus and concentration. I will not be able to go with you. But I will be able to
send you into the past into the history of this. It won’t be the real history,
you can’t change anything. It’s not actually real. It’s just a shadow of what was. But from there you
should be able to travel along all of its branching paths and perhaps find out
more about these things, what they’re being used for
and what their purpose is. This is a once in a life time opportunity. The cult does not allow these
things out of their hands. And if they knew that you had it they would send assassins after you. – Okay, so here’s a concern. What if they know we have it and we go into this thing and
we just leave you vulnerable. – She looks at you and
kind of gives a smile. Oh I won’t be alone, and
I’ll know if anyone’s coming, and she looks at all the ravens. – Just in case is there
anyone else that you trust that you could bring here to be with you? I would feel better knowing
that you weren’t alone. Although the Raven’s do a great deal, they don’t carry swords. – “Ah,” she said, “They don’t. “But my guards know to obey them.” – Okay. – She reaches into one
of her drawers and pulls out a little bit of a
biscuit and she breaks off the top of it and holds
it up and a raven comes and swoops it and takes it by
and he lands up on the rafter above her and she says, “Go let the others know to keep watch.” And the raven, “Caw, caw!” And she’s like, “Yes,
yes, I know, I know, yes, “there’ll be more.” And he, “Caw,” and then flies off. – I must say that it’s rather unfortunate that you will not be joining us but perhaps we can talk after– She looks at you and she
says, “If you return.” – Oh, okay. – That’s a bad omen right at the start. – She says, “I want you to understand “what you’re agreeing to. “The last group I sent to
explore the history of a relic “only two made it back and I sent five.” – Oh!
– So this is very dangerous. – The Plane of Shadow is not a safe place. – What sort of creatures are there? You said it’s just memories,
but is it ghosts or something? – It’s a whole plane. – Ghosts, shadows, echos of the past. All of these things are
strange vile denizens that live in those darkened worlds. – But we can’t change the past. – It is only an echo of what was. But it would allow you to see it and learn from it and hear what happened. This lantern calls that forth. It disturbs that place to
make those things manifest. – But in disturbing that
place it calls forth the other evils that
protect those memories? – And the longer you stay, the
more danger you will be in. – Well then I feel as
though we have no choice but to make sure we
take care of each other as we have always done. – I have one question before we go in and it’s not quite
pertinent, but that woman that brought us here? – Oh, Quelaag, yes. – I’m trying to put this delicately. What was she? – Oh, she is, well she’s
quite the gentle soul. She’s a fetchling. – What is a fetchling? – There are some who are born of shadow. And it is a part of them. And for the fetchlings that is, it is a part of their very being. – Hm.
– Darkness. – Some view it that way. Others view it as that
which is cast by light. They live between. – Oh. – Perhaps that is why she
said you were too bright. – Only Sarenrae is bright. – I beg to differ. – Well. I can perform this ritual
now, in the morning, whenever you are ready. (players murmuring) – I’m a little bit hungry but I think we can, I can fight on an empty stomach it’s fine. – We could do it now. Which
is safer, night or day? Does it matter? – (chuckles) She looks at you. “In the place that you are going “there is no night and no day.” – I figured. – Well considering we
might be being followed, maybe the sooner the better. – Yes, might as well
do it now just in case. – She steps away from the desk
and goes to the back wall. There she starts pulling at
books, moving them aside. She takes one out and puts
it in a different spot and then pulls at the entire
cabinet and it moves aside. And there behind it is a safe. And she produces a key and places it in. She reaches around and
she’s playing around with the edge of it and then
she slowly swings it open. Inside there’s a lot of things that you don’t really get a good look at. But she pulls out and produces a lantern. A old black lantern. And she brings it over to the table and she says, “Please, gather
around the large table. “Take a seat. “You will not be in those seats for long.” – Might I suggest we all
have our weapons drawn? – Yes, and hold them out. I’m going to give you some fire. Hold out your weapons. – Are we physically goin’–
– Do we want to wait until we? – I don’t know. – Do we want to wait until we get there? – If we get there together. – She says, “You will
be both here and there. “But as you travel you will
go more and more there. “It’s hard for me to describe,
the Plane of Shadow is both “over our world, but apart from it. “So you will leave this
place to go to there “and for me you will
mostly fade from existence. “It is only through the lantern “that I shall be able to perceive you. “When you are ready to depart,
when you want to come back, “when you feel like you have
learned all that you can learn, “you need to only tell me so “and I shall end the
ritual and bring you back. “I will be able to monitor you.” – All right.
– I’ll just reach into my bag and grab my
stone, kiss it really fast and stick it back in. Okay. – Fire now or fire later?
– I have a question. – Fire now.
– Maybe later? – Now.
– Zon-Kuthon? Zon-Kuthon controls this Plane of Shadows? – His home dwells within it. – We do not want to
fight a god, not today. – Nope, not yet. – I will not be bringing any of you back if Zon-Kuthon makes his appearance known. And understand that when you
call for me to bring you back it is not immediate,
it takes a few moments. – Okay.
– Okay. – Okay.
– If you are in the middle of a struggle I will not be able to save you from it immediately. – Mm-hmm. – So don’t do it at the
last possible second. – Yes.
– Yeah. – She places the dagger upon the table as you all gather around
it and then she goes to retrieve the lantern. She takes it and brings
it over to the table. You can see it’s an old lantern. Battered wood, old blackened metal. And she takes it and lights
the single wick inside and it begins to flare with
kind of a silvery light. As she raises it up and
brings it into the table it’s light begins to cast over the dagger. And as she does she
speaks words in a language that none of you quite understand. But as she does, runes flare up along the surface of the lantern as she takes it and
places it on the table. As this occurs it’s
almost as if the chimneys in the fireplaces nearby
have become clogged because smoke begins to fill the room. At first thing wisps and
then billowing clouds. But you soon realize it’s not smoke. It’s just shadow and darkness billowing in like a cloud. You look at each other and as
this begins to fill the space around you like a black fog
you notice that in each other the color begins to fade. You rosy cheeks, the colorful outfits, anything that you have
on you that has color slowly fades until it is almost grays. You can still make out
the tones but just barely. As this occurs the dagger
begins to shine brightly. But from its edges it
seems to almost be leaking gray shadow and smoke. And that link of chain
fades to midnight black on the end of the dagger and it sits on the end of the table before you. You hear the Lord of Ravens’ voice echoing far in the distance. And she says, “One of
you must take the dagger, focus on it, you will
travel to it’s past.” – Are you ready? – We are with you. – I’ve been ready my whole life. (players sigh)
– Fire now? – Fire now.
– How long does it last? – One minute. – Just one minute. – Okay.
– Can’t hurt. – We’ll get a D6 of fire damage. Is the fire gray as well? – It has flame to it but it is pale. The light that it radiates
dies after like a foot. It doesn’t light anything in this place. It’s there but it’s barely visible. – So do I just? – Do you pick up the dagger? – Yeah, I mean.
– All right. – Gonna put my hand on his shoulder. – You grasp the dagger and it’s cold. It’s far too cold. There’s no way the dagger
could be this cold. And as you hold it the world
around you begins to distort. The clouds boil and broil around you. They form. At one moment they turn
into trees and mountains and some of those erode up and
some of them fader back down. It’s as if centuries are passing. The world is changing around you. The place that you are in is no longer the basement underneath the rookery. You are now standing out
in the middle of a field, a plain, and the mountains
build themselves up higher because the years have undone
their wind and rain on them. They grow to mightier peaks. And you find yourself standing on a field in the middle of a open plain. Far in the distance you
see riders, horsemen, riding across the open and empty plains. And they gallop back and
forth on the hunt apparently, using what look to be crude
bows to hunt from horseback. You’re not sure where this place is or what any of this means,
but as you are standing here, through the sky a bolt of light, an arc, fills the sky with brightness, even in this darkened shadow place you see this brightened streak as if a star is falling from the heavens. And it surges overhead, tiny pieces of it falling down on the ground around you and you see some of them slam into the mountains and explode. And as it travels overhead
you see the horse lords look up in fear and terror. It passes by and for a
moment there is nothing but silence and then
there is a tremendous boom as if the world itself had come undone. This entire place turns into a tumult. Everything goes into shadow and dark. When it fades the clouds
above, the sky above, even in this darkened place
have now turned even darker as if the stars themselves
which you could see glittering in the shadows, those are now gone. The sky above is black. There is ash falling from the sky and all of you are just
standing in this watching. You see the horse lords wandering about this place looking at the sky. You see the plants around
them withering and dying. They don’t have light. It is the end of the world. Three of them ride forward
to where you are standing. They don’t seem to pay attention to you. It’s as if you’re not there. And they ride up to you
and kind of ride past you. Their features are kind of indistinct. And you turn around as they
ride up toward a crevice. A tear in the earth, a rent. A hole. And from it is pouring blackness. And the riders make their way up to it. And they get off their horses
who now look malnourished. They have nothing to eat either. And they approach this dark crevice and they fall down to their
knees, all three of them. And you can’t make out
anything about them. But you can tell they are
proud, noble, horse masters. And they make their way up to this crevice and they pray to it. Springing forth from that
crevice is a length of chain (player gasps)
that binds them, twists about them and ties them up. Their flesh rent and torn from it and you hear only the
word, “Serve me and live.” And the voice is cold, distant. Hurts just to hear it speak words. And they say yes. The chain links fall from them into a pile around them. As they get up they begin
to pick up the pieces holding these chain links in their hand. They have now taken on a black aspect. It is now washed through them. You cannot make out any of their details as they hold these links
of chain in their hand. The deal has been struck. As they fade away, as
all of this kind of fades back into shadow, you see them holding these black links of chain. This fades into shadow
and everything fades away except for their three
forms standing there. And as they fade away
all that’s left are these creepy distorted pieces of
shadow that surge forward at you. At that I need you to roll Initiative. These blackened forms
are now coming for you. – (squeals) No thanks. – Can I get everyone to
roll Initiative please? – Do buh dee. (dice clattering)
Do buh do buh do buh do. – ‘Kay.
– Well. – Wow, oh we don’t have hero points. – Oh yeah.
(player laughs) – Thanks you Aki.
– Thank you for the writers. Everyone gets one hero point
for this particular adventure. – Thank you. – All right, I have rolled my Initiative. I will go around the group. Linneus, what do you have? – 20. – A 20. Tariel, what do you have? – 17.
– A 17. Lys, what do you have? – 19.
– A 19. Ikyulys what do you have? – 21. – A 21, look at you surging to the front of the pack for once.
– For once. – Omelette? – 24. – Ah there we go. – Yes.
– That’s what we need. – Okay.
(player laughs) Unfortunately the shadowy forms go first. – We was caught unawares. – They surge forward at you. And I’m gonna say that you
activated the Everflame. You did that, and like
almost all of it is gone. You’ve now only got a few rounds left because that whole scene played out and by the time it was done, now you have a few rounds of it here, but after that it’s going to be gone. – I’d like to yell a battle cry. – Okay. – So as you roll Initiative
you shout at one of them to, you shout in rage at one of them. – Can you make me an intimidate check? – Mm-hmm. Looks like there’s some evil out there! (players laugh)
(dice clatter) – Any evil in there? – Yeah! That’s going to be a 30. – A 30, okay.
– That’s good. – Oh wait, no, that’s a 35. – Wow.
– Yeah. – That is an incredibly good roll. The shadows, well the
one that you shouted at, looks, kind of stutters
as it sees you do that and then charges right at you. The other ones charge at, one goes for Omelette
and one goes for Tariel. – Uh. (Jeremy laughs)
– It looks like at just picked at random
and went running forward. So the first one, they
need to take a move action to get to you, so they
were about 30 feet away but now their right up on top of you. So the first one is going to move his way up to Ikyulys and he’s
going to attempt to hit you with his shadowy hand. This is going to be an Armor Class 26. – Does not hit. – Does not hit. All right. And then with it’s third and final action, and this one is also
kind of spooked by you, you spooked the darkness. He’s going to try to hit you again and doesn’t come anywhere close. The next one is going
to fly up to Omelette. Natural 20. – Oh no.
– Oh no. (dice clattering) – Take 26 points of damage. – Whoo! – As it’s shadowy hand–
– Liberating Step? – Yeah, sure. – Okay. – So take–
– So eight? – No I believe it’s nine less now. – Yeah.
– Oh! – You’ve got another level. – Look at you! – I should also note that I think upon reaching seventh
level your Lay On Hands now heals 24 instead of 18. Just so you now.
– Oh that’s fantastic. – Yeah. So the shadow reaches out to you. You call out to protect your friend. – Ching ching. – Yeah.
(players laugh) – You’re gonna take nine
less points of damage. So instead of, what was that? – 26 minus–
– 26, you take nine less, so 17.
– Mm-hmm. – And with its third and
final action it hit you and it’s hand kinda passed right into you. And when it pulls away it’s
tugging at your shadow. Like it’s trying to pull
your shadow away from you. – That don’t belong to you! – You are now enfeebled, let’s see, one. You are enfeebled one. – What does that mean? – Enfeebled one means
that you are going to take a penalty of one on all attack rolls that are strength attack rolls and other strength based rolls. So damage rolls and athletics checks. – What? – That’s what I love!
– All of that is now going to take a penalty of one. – Stop taking what I love! – Don’t take my favorite ability score! So yeah, that’s what it does. And finally, Tariel moves up to you, tries to hit you. This die today–
– Not again! – Is on fire. – No!
– No! – Another twenty? – No.
– Yeah. – Oh my God.
– What? – There are other numbers on the die. – We roll them all the time!
– You have 19 other numbers to choose from! – Take 22 points of damage. – I mean I guess if I have to. – And then with its final action it pulls at your shadow as well. You are now enfeebled one.
– Don’t touch that! – Oh my God. – And that’s strength stuff? – Yeah.
– Yup. (player squealing) – Oh wait, don’t they take
fire damage for hitting them? – No, not anymore. The Everflame no longer
gives that ability. – Oh.
– Yup. – Cool. – ‘Cause I’m only level seven.
– Oh man. (laughs) – I should also note, Linneus,
when you drew the Everflame– – Yes? – You felt something. The blade, when you drew
it from the scabbard, there was a momentary
surge of electricity. You felt a bond to this weapon. And you haven’t quite understand
why the Everflame lost some of it’s poser, but it seems like it’s getting some of it back. – Oh! – You don’t fully understand it. But it has regained and ability and the moment you draw
it you get this sense that whatever you picture it to be, that is what weapon it will be. – A simitar, it’s Sarenrae’s
weapon would be simitar. – You draw the blade and it
transforms into a simitar. – Cool.
– Oh. – Okay, so just so you know. I forgot to mention that when you drew it. so that is the shadows. Omelette, it is your turn. – All right. I don’t feel very well but I’m also very
uncomfortable about bein’… All right, I don’t know
how this is gonna go. Tap the rock with the hilt.
(celtic music) – So as you do that in this place everyone sees the shadows of dwarves suddenly draw up and surround Omelette. – They don’t swirl me this time. – No. – They’ve got my back. – They reach out and put
their hand on your shoulder. – We can see your family. – Well, I don’t look back and I don’t know how many there are but
I feel a lot of hands and I’m quite motivated. – All right. – Okay. – Oh, I got shivers.
– Chills. (player laughs) – And they’re only
there for a brief moment and then they just fade away, but as she does that
they all reach forward and put their hands on her
shoulder and back and… – I just feel them guiding
my muscles and tension in the correct way to aim. (dice clatter) – Wow.
– Oh. This one, I knew it. – Every time. They hit a sore spot on my back. (players laugh) (dice clatter) – Oh.
– What should I do? Six, seven, eight. That’s an 18, so that’s nothin’. – Yeah, no I’m afraid
that’s not gonna hit. You’ve gone into a rage
and you swing wildly at the first one that’s in front
of you but it does not hit. – This is true. – You still have one action left. – Yeah. Can ask you about somethin’? – Yes. – My spirit rage? – Yup. – I can choose the negative
or positive damage? – Yup. – But this has never come in handy before. So my weapon gains the
effect of Ghost Touch. – Oh, well that’s useful to know. – Yes. – Cause these things
don’t look fully here. – Yeah.
– Oh! – It’s more effective against
incorporeal creatures. And it aims–
– And do you want to deal positive damage or negative damage? You’re not sure if these
things are undead or not, but they don’t seem alive.
– I mean. They don’t look good. – Mm-hmm. – Meh, mm. – Well you haven’t hit yet. – I haven’t hit yet.
– But pick one. – Go with positive. – All right. – Because they’re evil. – Sure, you can try that.
– And maybe I can cleanse their souls. – All right. – Also, I gain Divine Necromancy Traits, just so you now. – I’ll keep a note on that. – And I’m gonna swing again. – All right, go right ahead.
– My last go of it. (dice clatter)
Still shite. No, no, not going to hit. – All right, you swing wildly
at this shadowy creature that is come upon you. It’s clear that your ancestors appearing in a way that you’re not
used to has unsettled you. It just wasn’t what was expected. – They guide me differently.
– Ikyulys. It is your turn.
– I’m gonna smite evil against the one that’s– – Oh he might be evil, yeah, sure. (players laugh) – I’d say so.
– Horrible shadow monster? – Yeah.
– I guess. – Possibly. – I’m just gonna let you
know you can go ahead and add that extra damage, you don’t have to give it to me separate. Go ahead.
– Okay. (Jason laughs)
(dice clatter) – So this is your second action. – Uh-huh. That’s going to be a 27. – A 27 is definitely a hit. – All right, so I’m gonna roll two D12. – All right, yeah, it is
a striking weapon now, so. – Yeah. So it’s gonna be a 12 on the dice. – Okay.
– And we’ve got plus six. So 18. – Yeah, and smite evil.
– And smite evil. – So another four. – No it’s going to be a 22. – 22 points of damage. All right, so some of that
passes right through it because it’s not fully there. But that does look like it hurt it. Some of the shadow kind of
rips away from it as you hit. All right, and you still have– – Is this where we can add
the plus D6 fire damage? – Oh yeah! – Oh yeah! You did hit, go ahead and give
me D6 fire damage as well. – I set your sword on fire. Don’t forget your D6s! – Yeah, yeah. – It’s gonna add five to that. – Another five, all right.
– You could just put fire D6 right here so we remember, fire. – I am not immune to the fire damage. – Okay.
– All right and you still have your third action. – Oh yeah!
– So swing again. – Swing it again. – All right.
– Oh yeah, where we at? – Go ahead.
(dice clatter) – Nine plus 16 minus
five, what’s that 25, 20. – Hit. – Oh!
– Dead on. – Love it. I love all this new stuff! – I don’t. (players laugh) – All right so two D12
and a D6 plus what, 10? – That’s 19. – 19 damage? All right, so it’s gonna
take a little less of that. But it is still up. It looks greatly diminished after you hit it those two times. The flame and the light passing through it really looks like it took a lot out of it. But it is still there. That was Ikyulys. Linneus. – Perfect. I learned a new thing. Tell me the layout, where are they? – The five of you are kind of in a group. There’s not really, you’re not
really in a line or anything. – Mm-hmm.
– It’s just the, you were kind of arranged
around the table. And you didn’t really move after that. You just kind of sat
there watching the show. So you were all kind of around, just kind of in a rough group. I’m going to assume
since one attacked Tariel that Tariel was on the
leading edge toward them as was Ikyulys and Omelette. So they’re there and then
all three of them are up right next to your friends. – So there? – Yeah.
– Is there a way that I can hit these three
without hitting my friends? – You could hit two of
them but there’s no way you could hit all three
of them without including at least a few of the
fellow party members. – Okay, then I’ll hit two of them. And I need them both to
make a Fortitude Save. – What are you hitting me with? – Divine wrath. – Divine wrath, okay. So this is going to do, I’m assuming you’re picking good?
– Good, yes. – Oh yes. – Yeah, so the entire party is good. So yeah.
– I thought good. – I guess you can just
throw at ground zero and it doesn’t affect any of you. – Oh yeas, we will.
– Well that’s nice. – We’ll do that.
(players laugh) – Okay, so I need to make
three, what is it Will Saves? – Fortitude.
– Fortitude Saves, all right. – Look at the happy little group. – Yeah, all so good.
(dice clattering) – Good try.
– Yeah. – Okay. – All right, so what’s your DC? – 23.
– 23. All right, two of them
are going to succeed and one’s going to fail. – Okay, well that’s 29 Good Damage. If they succeed they take half. If they fail the creature
takes full damage and is sickened one. – Oh wow. – Don’t touch my friends. (Jeremy laughs) – All right.
– That was amazing. – The shadow in front of
Ikyulys when this blast of kind of ghostly holy flame radiates out throughout the area and
it washes over all of you but does not burn you. But the shadows recoil from it. The one in front of Ikyulys
is utterly blasted away. It vanishes into nothingness. The other two look like
they were hurt by it but they are still up and fighting. – I got one!
– You still have one action left. – I’m not going to do anything. I’m going to stay where I am. – Draw your–
– can I just be alert? – You have a weapon out right? – Yes, I have my Everflame, my sword. – All right.
– A shield. – Shield, there you go. – Okay. That was Linneus. Lys. – Yes, I am going to mark the one attacking Tariel as my prey. – Okay. – And then I am going to
take a handed shot at it. – Okay. – That is going to be 29. – 29. – 29 is a clean hit, yeah. Not quite a crit.
– Nope. (dice clatter) Ooh. That’s crap, but ooh. Nine plus six.
– Don’t forget the fire. – I brought it forward.
– Okay. – I got it.
– You have it under control. – Nine, six, that’s 15, 16, 17, 18 damage. – 18?
– Mm-hmm. – All right, your arrow kind
of passes right through it but it looks diminished by that. Which one were you firing at? – The one attacking Tariel. – Okay. Yeah, the arrow passes right through it but it does look like some
of the shadow went with it. – Cool.
– I’m gonna do it again. – All right.
(dice clatter) – Same roll wow.
– Ooh. – That is going to be a 24. – 24? – Mm-hmm.
– Okay. That is also going to hit. (dice clatter) – Holy crap. That is going to be 11, 12, 13, 14. 14. (Jeremy laughs) – And then one last shot. – ‘Kay.
(dice clatter) – That’s not as good. That is going to only be a 17. – That’s not going to be enough. The third arrow fails to find it’s mark. It’s kind of hard to
make out what’s shadow and what’s just terrain here. But there arrows go soaring through it and it looks pretty badly hurt by that. Tariel. – I’m going to play my little violin to inspire some courage. That should kind of
negate the negative one to your strength stuff. – Yeah, basically, yeah. – Okay. And then I’m going to attack
the one in front of me with my rapier. – All right.
(dice clatter) – For a 30 to hit. – Correct. (players laugh)
– Yes! – Oh, oh, oh! – I have a question. Does the Fire and the Bleed Damage stack? – They do both stack. It will take both of them. The Bleed doesn’t happen right now. The Bleed happens on my turn. – Oh yes. – So you don’t have to worry about that. The fire damage will be doubled on a crit. So you can roll that and add it up with the regular damage
dice from the, yeah. Remember, you do get a deadly
die because this is a rapier but that does not get doubled,
that’s after the doubling. That’s the only thing that is. (player laughs) Don’t double the D8. Add all the rest together, go ahead. (dice clatter)
– So many cool toys! – Okay, so Fire and, coulda been better. Fire and rapier damage is, oh maths. Eight, doubled, 16.
– Okay. – Plus seven.
– All right. – 23?
– 23, yes. – All right. 23 points of damage. Your rapier flashes out at this thing. Slices right through it. Like right through the middle of it. And as you do so it’s
like wiping away a cloud. It just vanishes, it’s gone. – Nicely done.
– That one’s destroyed. – Am I close enough to
attack the one on Omelette? – No, the most you could
do is move up to it. – Uh. – I mean you could move
up and provide a flank. – Yeah, I’ll move up and provide a flank. – Okay. – You do so. Top of the order. The shadow goes and
there’s only one left now so it is going to go. And it’s going to reach out
and attempt to attack Omelette. That is not going to be nearly enough so that’s not going to hit. With it’s second action. (chuckles) This die. – No!
– Another one? – Today is the day.
(player groans) Today is the day!
(player groans) – Not the day!
– No. – Shadow crits left and
right. Yeah, I it was a 20. – Yuk that.
– No, no, no, no thanks. Thanks but no. – That is going to be 16 points of damage and with it’s third action it pulls at your shadow even harder. You are now Enfeebled two. – Liberating Step? – Yeah, so that’ll reduce
the damage by nine. – Ah. – But you are still Enfeebled two. – That’s what I’m worried about. – I could help. I can fix it! – Can you? – Yes, well sort of. Kind of, a little bit. – All right. So that was the shadow’s turn. Omelette. – Swingin’! Swingin’ right at it. – All right.
– Let go of the shadow! That belongs to me! – It is tugging it away from you. – Are you friggin’ kidding me? – No. – That’s another one. And I don’t have any rerolls. – Keep trying. – This Plane of Shadow, it’s not the home for the Knights of
Everflame, that much is sure. – No, I’m used to my family
movin’ my arms for me. (players laugh)
Not just pattin’ me on the back.
(players laugh) – Do you wanna try a new one? – I’m gonna try these. – Try your–
– Tiny one. (dice clatter) – 10 and then minus five so that, no! Wait! 21, it’s a hit. – Hit. – Thank goodness. – You can do this Omelette! – It’s a bit embarrassin’
for my family now. (players laugh) Totally chokin’ (dice clatter) 10, 11, 12. 22 points of damage. – 22 points of damage and
all of that goes through your ax strikes it almost
as if it was solid. – Oh!
– Whoa. – But it’s still there. Just barely. – Third strike. (dice clatter) You’re all dead to me. (players laugh) Literally! You’re all dead to me, family! (players guffaw) – I think they are
literally all dead to you. – They are literally all dead!
– They’re all like (hums). – Ikyulys. – Don’t worry Omelette, Shelyn
will handle this for us. – You spend one action to move over. – Yes.
– And then attack? – Smite Evil still on? – No you would have to
turn it on for this one. It’s only against and individual target. – Okay. So yeah, that’s going to be an 11, so 27. – Hit. – Okay. I still have the D6? Flaming sword?
– Yeah, the flames are starting to flicker and dim. – That’s gonna be a 11 plus six, 17. – 17. – Did you add?
– Oh, 18. – It’s fine, it had three hit points left. – He’s done. – You’re blade flashes out,
slices through the shadow, and just like the others it fades away leaving you alone in this dark place. – Restoration. – What the heck was that? – Restoration!
– Lay On Hands. Or you have her. – I have Restoration.
– What does that do? – You’re Enfeebled is gone. Completely or both. – I can take two points
away from one condition. And another new fun thing that
I took is Assurance Medicine so I automatically succeed at healing you so you’re just going to
take immediately 17 points of healing back.
– Oh, that’s nice! – Nice! – So that allows you
to pick the higher DC– – Yes.
– To go for the DC 20 and automatically have a 23,
so you don’t even have to roll. You just give back two DA plus 10. But once used on you it can’t be used on you again for an hour. – Great.
– Okay. – So at least right at
the moment that’s all you’re gonna be able to get out of that. – Yes. So, you are all standing there and you are still holding the dagger. And if you grip it and
focus on it you hear the Lord of Ravens voice again. She says, “that was Earthfall. “That was thousands of years ago.” – Thousands. – That is when the world
turned to darkness. And her voice almost sounds like an echo from down a long hallway. – How do we see the next vision? – She says “Those three
were the horse lords who bound themselves to
Zon-Kuthon to save their people. “I don’t know what this means.” – Is this in Nidal? – She says, “I cannot see what you see, “I can only sense it. “But perhaps, if it was them then yes. “Focus on the dagger, it
will take you further.” – Ikyulys looks in. Sees the chains hanging. Looks at the dagger. (mysterious music) Where shall we go now? – You focus on the blade and
the world around you begins to shift and broil again. The shadows move and writhe
and are kind of sliding about. – That is making me nauseous. – And suddenly you find
yourself in a citadel. The shadows kind of immediately rise up and form columns and an arched vault and you see shadowy windows
with odd chain images in the light that are
in the stained glass. And in the center of this room there is an anvil and a forge. But it’s odd. It looks like you’re in some
sort of church or temple. And there in the center there is a man. You can’t make out much
about the features. Everything here is kind
of hazy and indistinct. But as he is there he
goes over to the forge and reaching in with his
bare hand he cries out as he pulls a blade from
it and brings it over to the anvil, setting it down. His hand smoking with shadow,
he reaches down into a case, a velvet lined case,
and he brings our a link of black chain and he
attaches it, he forges it to the end of this dagger. And he’s touching it, the hot
dagger with his bare hand, as he finishes linking this chain to it. And when he is done he picks it up now with both hands, and you can see his hands and arms distinct but
they are clear scarred and raw and ruined. And he takes this blade
over to a table nearby where there are dozens of them laid out, each with this link of
chain at the end of it. – What kind of temple? – Looking around you, you try
to get a sense of the room that you’re in and it becomes apparent. You see on the far side there
is a stained glass window and in it is the top of a skull and it has chains coming out of its eyes. This is a temple to Zon-Kuthon. – Oh.
– Oh. – There are dozens of them. – So many. – All those daggers.
– They would be all over the world if there
are this many of them. – And as you are standing
there, you realize that the one he put down is the one you
are holding in your hand. – This is the same dagger! – This is where it was– – Forged. – Forged, not born but realized. – So you are standing there
and there’s just a table covered in these daggers. They’re shadowy and
indistinct but they’re there. – Do we recognize any of the
ones from the paintings we saw? – It’s hard to say. First of all you don’t have
them in very good detail. Undoubtedly, I mean, if these
are these sacred relics, some of these are those. But you know which one’s
which you’re not sure. But, Ikyulys. Give me a perception check. (dice clatter) – 24. – Looking at the table,
yeah, I mean there’s dozens of these daggers here and
they all look wicked and evil but there is one of them that
immediately draws your eye because it’s a dagger that
you see in your nightmares. And it’s the dagger that plunged through your father’s heart. And it is sitting on that table. In its shadowy indistinct form. – Knights. I see that dagger that killed my father. – On the table? – It’s the fifth one in. That’s it. – I’m going to take a very
long good look at that dagger and imprint it on my memory as best I can. – All right. – It’s been imprinted in my
memory for almost two decades. – It is good to have another set of eyes who will not forget it. – I must retrieve that dagger. – You hear the Lord of Ravens calling out from the
echos, from the shadows. You can hear her and she
says, “They are connected. “They are all forged of one chain.” – The chain that fell,
the chain the first bound the horse lords, I would
bet my life on the fact that that chain was unlinked
and then put on these daggers. – They do look like the same links. – And it’s liked to the one I’m holding. – It’s linked to all of them. – It’s linked to him. – The Lord of Ravens, her voice echos, “If you reach out to those
daggers you can follow them.” – Do you want to? There is something that you will probably not want to see again. – But we–
– You hear her say, “If you follow them you may be able “to learn where they are.” – And we have a duty now that we know what these daggers are capable of doing, to figure out how to break their power. – I cannot let this opportunity go by. – Just close your eyes. We’ll tell you when it’s safe to look. – We should look for the next memory. We have the information
we need for your mission. But we need to know what else is pertinent about this dagger if there are, we might be able to see the
person who now holds it. – Ikyulys reaches out. (sighs) Shelyn show me the way. Guide us. Protect us. Don’t let us get sucked into
whatever it is down here that’s corrupting all these. (sighs) Help me find my father again. – You reach out and touch the dagger. The wall around you surges, fades away, the pillars, the room that you’re in, all of it just falls to smoke
as if it was held for a moment and then that hold releases and the smoke just falls into plumes. Clouds broil around you and suddenly you are in a different chamber. You don’t know where this is
but it feels similar in make but it’s not the same place. It has similar walls and there are chains hanging from places. And there is a darkened
figure producing a, it holds forth a pillow. And on this pillow are
six of these daggers. Kneeling before it is Lucky. You hear a shadowed voice that cries out or that speaks out from this humanoid form but you can see chains draped from it. “You are our trusted spy. “Go harvest some souls for us. “Bring the souls of the artists. “Bring them to us, take these.” And he goes, “I live to serve.” And he bows his head, “All
praise the Lord of Midnight,” and Lucky stands up
collecting the daggers. Dropping them into sheathes
he bows and leaves the room. The world fades away to shadow again. – It was him. – He had six of them. There are other victims
attached to other daggers. – Well we saw the paintings. – There are, and for a
moment you see brief flashes of Lucky killing, stabbing
writers, poets, bards. Murdering. – I have a question. Does he use a different dagger every time? – Yes. – Only one soul for each dagger. – And suddenly you find
yourself in Absalom. In a crowded plaza. There, up on the stage, Ikyulys, is your father. And he is giving a sermon praising the glory of Shelyn. And you find that you
yourself are standing not five feet away from
your mother and a young you. Watching up. Your mother, holding you by her side, your sister in her arm, looking up, smiles in their shadowy faces. – Ikyulys. Look at us, okay? (Jeremy cries) – Your father, “Praise
be to the god of art. “Let us all raise our voices in song.” – Ikyulys, look at us.
– As he leads the assembled crowd in a hymn. – I’m going to grab
Ikyulys’s hand, please. (Ikyulys crying) Look at us. – You don’t have to watch this again. – We are here.
– I can’t look away. – His voice rising up, praising the god of beauty. You can see him as he’s singing and as he allows the crowd
to sing the hymn back to him, giving him a pause he looks down at his wife and his young
son and he smiles warmly. Nods. He looks shockingly like Ikyulys. The resemblance is uncanny. (Ikyulys moans) And he looks back out at the crowd and it is then that the shadowy
form appears behind him. – No! – Rising up out of the
darkness the form comes up, slides up to him like an
eel, like a snake rising up out of the background,
the dagger in his hand. He reaches forward, grabs his shoulder and plunges the dagger right through, (Ikyulys wails)
and you can see the shadow of Ikyulys’s father
pushed out of his body. His body goes rigid. His hand rises. And as this happens a second version of him pulls out writhing. Almost like it was displaced. And it swirls about,
pulled, caught in an eddy that it can’t escape. It cries and is reaching,
grabbing at itself but finds no purchase as it is pulled into the link of chain. Siphoned, pulled in to the dagger. Crying out. Screaming. Reaching up towards a
heaven that is being denied. – No. – We have to find that dagger. (Jeremy sniffles) – That’s the only way he’s
going to go back to her. – We have to break the chain. – The assembled crowd collapses
into shadow and darkness. The body of your father
slumps down to the ground as it did all those years ago and slowly fades away
into darkness and shadow. But not everything does. The shadow of Lucky pulls
forth as he fades away. Ripping out of it is this long
ribbon of darkness and shadow that forms up into a
thing like the others. But this one grows in height
and stature unfolding like a nightmare come to life. It’s like the others, but
it’s titanic, it’s gigantic. I need you to roll Initiative. (Jeremy sighs)
(dice clatter) – Battle cry.
(intense music) – Howling in rage. – 16. – Not enough. – Omelette, what do you have? – 36. – Ikyulys, what do you have? – 16. – 16?
– Yeah. – There we go back to
the Ikyulys Initiative we know and love.
(Jeremy laughs) Linneus. – 24. – Tariel. – Also 24. – Which one of you wants to go first? – Do you want to go? – Sure, I can go first. – Lys. – 29. – Omelette, you are first to act. This thing has drawn itself
up, it’s about 30 feet away. Up on this, where there was a
stage, there isn’t any more. – Thank you. – And it is like the others. It’s a little bigger, more imposing, it’s more kind of spindly and clawed. – I rage again. – Okay.
(celtic music) – And knowing my friend
might need a moment the hands push me
forward and move towards, close the distance between me
and this fowl beast and swing. – All right, go right ahead. (dice clatter) – (whispering indistinctly) 25… 35. – Crit. – Oh. (players sigh) – Redemption. – So your ax slams into it. The new ax.
– Yeah. – Something happens. Your really unsure what just happened. But it thrums. The moment you strike
vitally at this thing the whole thing shakes and you hear almost in the back of your head
almost kind of a silky murmur that goes, “Aah.” What happens here is that
instead of dealing double damage the ax has a special effect. And what happens is that
instead of getting double damage you’re gonna draw a card from this deck. This is the critical hit effect deck. – Ooh.
– And you’re gonna get whatever the effect is
instead of double damage. So I’m just gonna leave this, I’m just gonna leave
this deck over near you. (players laugh) And there are four entries on here, one is for bludgeoning,
one’s for piercing, ones for slashing, and one’s for magic. You only have to worry about
the one that’s for slashing which is the little ax head. – Perfect!
– It should be pretty easy to find, yeah. It’s the third one down on every card. – Okay!
– So I’m gonna hand these to you. Cut the deck and draw
the first one off the top and then if you could read it. Now there’s gonna be situations
where these don’t rely apply where it’s like, oh that doesn’t
seem to make sense at all for what just happened. In which case the default is
back down to double damage. – Oh, that’s nice! – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay. – But oftentimes it’ll make sense. So go ahead and draw the
first card and read off whatever the slashing effect is. – This is so cool.
– This is so cool. (dramatic music) – Oh! Oh. – What’s it say? – It says normal damage. The target is so humiliated it can do nothing but attack you. – What? – It can’t run, it can’t
attack anyone else. You run up and slam the ax into this thing before it can barely even move. And yeah, just ram right into it. It looks like it was
going straight for Ikyulys who looks kind of stunned
and out of it right now. But after hitting it that hard, it suddenly turns all of
it’s attention on you. So go ahead and deal damage. – Okay. (chuckles) – It wants to make a will save
– What’s the title of that one?
– at the end of it’s turns. – Oh it has to keep doing that. – Keep doing it. It is permanently fixated
because I’ve humiliated it. – What’s the name on that critical effect? – Carve Your Initials. (everyone laughs) – You run up and slam your ax into it. – I draw an egg into its face. (everyone laughs) – Nice. – Ooh.
– Ooh, yeah. – 34.
– Oh god, had that been double that would’ve been brutal. All right–
– Excellent! – Okay, so you go up
and humiliate the thing and it suddenly takes all
of its attention to you. So you raged, you moved
and you attacked, right? – Yeah.
– Right, so you’re good. – Just want to give affect to that. Stay away from my friend. – Lys, it is your turn. – I am going to superimpose myself between the monster and Ikyulys. – Okay. – Gonna let our friend have a moment here. – Thank you.
– And I’m going to mark that shadow as my pray.
– Absolutely. – So move, mark, hunted shot. (dice clatter) – Ooh. That is going to be a 30. – 30. 30 is definitely a hit. (dice clatter) – Seven, eight, nine. 17 damage for that first one. And then I’m goin to do it again. (dice clatter) Not as good, that is only a 19. – 19 is not going to be enough to hit. You’re first arrow went
through it, it did some damage, but this thing looks
like it’s really kind of partially phased out of
existence so it’s hard to hit. – No problem. – Is that it?
– Yeah. – Move, hunt, yeah. Yup, all right, it goes. Turning its attention to
Omelette it reaches forward and tries to pull or tries to hit you. Oh no. – No!
– Not again! – It’s not a 20 but it
might be a crit anyway, 36. – Ooh.
– Oh no. – No!
– ‘Cause I’m raging. – And she is now too far
away for a Liberating Step. – Oh no!
– Curses! Why you gotta be so brave? – Take 30, as it’s hand
reaches through you and you feel your flesh just wither And with its second action
it tugs at your shadow like the others but this one
has a much stronger grip. You are Enfeebled. Oh, you are Enfeebled three. (player babbles incoherently) (Jeremy laughs) – Oh wow. – Is there a limit? – There is now. Because it just pulled
your shadow from your body. – What? – It pulls your shadow away from you. There is now a shadow of Omelette. And it just kind of tosses it aside and that shadow falls to the
ground and starts moving. – No.
– Why is it always me that gets cloned? – Oh my god. (Jeremy laughs) – It is! – It does keep happening. – Evil clones of Omelette
are a no. No thank you. – And with it’s third and
final action it’s going to attack you again but
that’s going to miss. All right so and then
at the end of its round it gets to make a Will
Save to end the effect where it is taunted from you. Now that it has pulled your shadow away that’s a 29, yeah that’s gonna be enough. – I’m okay. – Now having pulled your shadow away it is free to move on to others. Tariel it is your turn. – Well first things first, we’re
gonna inspire some courage. (violin hums)
– All right. – And then, um– – I like how it gets frantic. (Tariel hums)
(players laugh) – And then I am going to Haste. – Do you have anything that can help? – I mean, yeah. Haste, Linneus. – So remember, when you
haste a spell caster that’s only gonna give them a move. – Or an attack.
– Or an attack. – An attack. – That’s fine. You Haste Linneus. Okay, that
is the end of Tariel’s turn. – You can move.
– It’s good, it’s good. – Linneus, it is now your turn. – Two questions.
– Yes. – How far away am I from Omelette? – About 30 feet.
– 30 feet, okay perfect. – Second question, would I know– – But it’s like 35 feet away. – Oh that’s fine. Would I know if healing
magic would hurt this thing? – You’re not quite sure if it’s undead. You could attempt a knowledge religion– – Yes!
– To learn about whether or not it is undead. – Well yes, I’m going to, yes. Mah, I mean, it’s a 20. – A 20s enough to at least
understand that shadows are a form of undead.
– Oh excellent! – They are ripped and
pulled from people, so yes. – Good! – You still have three actions
left, one of which must be a move or a strike. – Oh, okay. Then I’m going to… move forward with one. – Okay. – And with my last two I’m going to cast Forbidding Word on Ikyulys. – On Ikyulys, okay. – Yes.
– All right. – And a plus one to AC and
Saving Throws against the enemy. – Ooh, yeah.
– The big one. – All right, Ikyulys, it
is the start of your turn. After the traumatic seeing
you have just witnessed. – Ikyulys stands up, shakes it off, looks at this creature and Smites Evil. – Okay. – And how far am I from? – You could get up to it with one action. – Okay.
– Yeah. – So I Smite Evil and then move. And then I’m going hard on the swaying. (dice clatter) It’s going to be a 21. Oh, 22. – Not enough. As you run up and swing at it you can’t help but remember the voice in the back of your head echoing with Lucky’s voice, “Really,
is that all you got?” (Jeremy moans) – Omelette, it’s your turn. (player sobs)
– You can do this. – The shadowy version of you
has stood up right next to you. Either you can attack that or you can attack the larger shadow. – No, I want to attack
the big fellow still. – All right, go ahead. – And as I’m doin’ it I’m
goin’ “Do you mind gettin’ back inside my body?” (players laugh) – It’s just kind of
doin’ this weird like… – That’s not how I dance. (players laugh) Definitely not with feebled. Definitely not. – That was the first action? – Yup, strikin’ again. (dice clatter) Nat 20. – Oh!
– Yay! – Critical hit.
– Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. – Draw from the deck. – Draw from the deck! (players laugh and chatter) – Oh!
– Oh boy. – Looks like someone’s
gettin’ Enfeebled too! – Oh, how does it feel?
(players laugh) – It says crit effect, the
target is enfeebled too until it is healed. – All right, fair enough. What’s the name of it? – Muscle Wound. – (laughs) So your ax slams
into it like caving off entire bits of it’s shadow and it just kind of crumples a bit. So go ahead and deal damage as normal. (suspenseful music) – 31. – 31, all right your ax slams into it. It looks greatly diminished by that attack and you still have one action left. – Oh I do. Oh I do. – That voiced returned when you crit again and it just went, “Yes.” – We don’t like that. We’ll address that later. Why is everything I hit
lately sighing in pleasure? I don’t like it! – This was the ax. This wasn’t the shadow. – Well I know that shadows not doing it. The dockworkers were and
now my ax is doin’ it. – What would you like to do next. (player babbles incoherently) – Hit it again! – ‘Kay.
– What else am I gonna do? – I’m surrounded.
(dice clatter) 20 again! (players whoop)
(players laugh) – Well let’s do the math
and make sure it’s a hit. So what’s your attack bonus? – Plus 16.
– So minus 10 is only a plus six so 20 plus six is a 26. That is a hit so that is a crit. Go ahead and draw from the deck again. – Wreck him. – Wreck him! – This one’s called Bad Parry. Crit effect, the target must
succeed on a reflex save or drop one weapon it is holding. That has no applicable effect ’cause it doesn’t have weapons, so go ahead and deal double damage. – Double damage. Ho. (dice clatter) 20, 30? – Mm-hmm. – 26 damage. – Times two.
– 27 damage. – Times two is 54.
– Times two. (nervous laughter) – As the shadow of Lucky, whatever it is, you hear that kind of,
“Is that all you got?” And then the ax just slices through it and it just collapses. – Ikyulys told you to shut up. – Ikyulys just falls to his knees. – There is still a shadow in this. – Yup!
– Oh that’s right. – It doesn’t suck back into me? – No. – No! – Lys. – Oh, someone get me a straw. (players laugh) – I guess I will move my
Hunt Prey over to the shadow. – Uh-huh. And to be clear, unlike when there was the mirror Omelette, this one doesn’t look like Omelette any more. This one is some weird
distorted shadow thing. – It’s okay. I don’t think this thing
is a part of you anymore but I am afraid to hurt you. I’m going to take just one shot. Not a hunter’s shot, just a shot. – Okay, go ahead. And then whatever happens
I will decide after that. (dice clatter) – (laughs) Wow, my dice know. I rolled natural one. – Okay, well that’s not going to hit. You still have one action left. (Jeremy laughs) Shoot again. (player laughs)
– A natural two. (laughs) – Oh wow.
– All right. Your arrows refuse to hit Omelette. Neither one of those are going to hit. It goes and reaches
out to attack Omelette. – Oh dear, I tried. – It’s going to miss with that. You notice that it looks kind of clumsy. Like it kind of stumbles about as if it’s not fully formed yet. Second attack is not gonna be enough and the third one is just as bad. So it’s swiping at you but
it isn’t managing to hit. Tariel, it is your turn. – Uh. Well okay. (hums)
(violin hums) Inspire courage.
– Continue performing. And I guess I’ll, how far away is Omelette from me right now? – About 30 feet. – Then I’m gonna cast Forbidding Word. – Okay, gotcha. – On Omelette. So that’ll give you plus one to your AC and Saving Throws against an enemy. – Linneus. – I want to use a spell but it
would hit the dark creature. I lock eyes with Omelette and I go– – Do it! – Okay, we’re going to
burst our Healing Font. Oh that’s not my pencil – All right. – Well it’s my pencil now. – I believe I get a saving throw for that. – Oh yes. Why are you stupid? – So that, by the way,
goes up to four D10. Right, because you now
have seventh level spells. – I need a 10. – This one treated you well last time. – He ho.
(dice clatter) that’s a one isn’t it. Okay.
– Two ones. 13, 13, 13. Thank you 13.
– Thank you! – Well unfortunately I rolled
a one on my saving throw so I’m gonna take double damage. (player laughs) – Take that damage. – But it is still there. You blasted away a lot of it and now it’s, it’s just kind of stumbling
about kind of pitifully. – But it didn’t hurt Omelette. – No, not at all. – Okay good, then I’m gonna
take another step closer to her. – All right. Yeah, you are Hasted, so.
– Yes. – Ikyulys, bottom of the order. – I’m right on him. – Yeah. – Or her or whatever this things is. – It.
– It. – Yeah. – Smite Evil. – ‘Kay, that’s first action. (dice clatter) – And that’s going to be a 27. – Hit. – All right. Do I have anything? It’s really a 28, so. – Yeah, no fire anymore. (dice clatter) – 21. – 21, your blade slams into
the shadow version of Omelet and as you do so it kind of falls flat. Almost as if it just became
a two-dimensional thing and slithers across the
ground to kind of stick itself back to your feet and
you have a shadow again. – Oh, okay. Well that seemed to fix that. – I’m so sorry I wasn’t sure
if it was goin to hurt you and I got really flustered
when I tried to shoot it. – Understandable. – I didn’t want to hurt you. – Is your health good? – Oh, you know, this is, I’m fine. – Yeah?
– I’m fine. – You sure though? – I mean, I’ll take it if you’re willin’. – Okay, I’m going to just use
one of my first level spell slots and give you a heal. – You also have your effect
up if you want to use that. Then yes, we’re just going
to do two D8 plus 10 for you. – That’s probably plenty. – Your ax is amazing. – 11, 31. – 31, all right I’m at full health. – Yeah, no. – 21.
– That is 21, sorry. – 21.
– Sorry, I kept adding the 10 too many times. – Well I can give her the rest. – 24?
– Hang on I may not need it. – Okay.
I don’t need it. – Okay.
– I’m at full. – The world around you
slowly begins to fade. The shadows pull back down into the ground broiling around you for a moment. You’re still focusing on the dagger. The dagger that killed your father. You have the other dagger in your hand but it is your link to that blade. And thinking on it, the world begins to take shape again. You are back in this darkened cathedral. Out beyond you there are doors flung wide looking out into a desolate plain. It’s on odd scene though. It looks like it’s ringed. This area, it almost
looks like a courtyard, but it’s very big. And in the middle of that courtyard there is this crack in the ground. It looks like the crack you
saw in the very beginning. When those horse lords approached it and prayed for deliverance. Lucky walks through the assembled shadows and makes his way deeper
into this wicked cathedral. He approaches an anvil where that same smith still stands. He walks up to them
and produces the dagger that took your father’s life. He offers it forward, a
wicked grin on this face. The smith reaches out gently,
gingerly, and takes the blade. He places it down on the anvil. He turns back to the furnace
and draws forth a chain with his bare hands. This chain is made of links and from each link hangs a dagger. Red hot he draws it forth
and pulls the dagger to it and opens up the end link. He takes that chain, that dagger, and attaches it to the end of the chain. Which with each hammer
strike, as he closes the link, there’s a wail that you can hear. There’s a chorus of all the
souls trapped in those daggers. Here in this place of deepest darkness all of those souls are
forged into a chain. The smith speaks in a dry raspy voice, “Praise be to the midnight lord, “forged in darkness and shadow, “never to touch the light of they day.” Lucky bows. “Praise to the midnight lord.” And he withdraws. The smith takes the chain
of daggers over to a well. A moonlit well of utter darkness. And he drops the chain into it. It hisses and sputters. The water boils as the
heated chain falls into it. Moments pass and he plunges his arms into the black stillness
and draws forth the chain. He wears it around his neck,
it cuts him in many places. The daggers are still razor sharp. And he takes it from that place up a set of stairs. Deeper and deeper into the monastery. You follow him even though
your feet are not moving. The world changes around you. The scene shifting and changing. And soon you find yourself
in what is best described as some sort of museum. There on pedestals are weapons. Knives, hooks. Chains on pedestals as if on display. And in the center of this place he walks. There there is pedestal made
of the blackest obsidian and he unwinds the chain from his neck and places it there. “To the glory of Zon-Kuthon.” And it all fades into darkness. The walls of this place. The wretched priest. Leaving only that pedestal with the chain of daggers upon it. You can hear the Lord of
Ravens suddenly call out to you from the distant darkness, far
away from you in the shadow, she says, “I know this place. “This is Ridwan, holy city of Zon-Kuthon. “That is the Shadowflame cathedral. “That is where your father’s
soul is being kept.” (gentle music) And that is where we will
end today’s adventure. I wanna thank you all for watching and encourage you to tune in next week for another exciting session. If you want to learn
more about this story, the characters or the Pathfinder game, please visit knightsofeverflame.com. There you can find a synopsis
of our previous episodes, stats for all of the characters and some Knights of Everflame
gear to deck you out for our next adventure. Thanks again for watching everybody. We’ll see you next time. Bye-bye. Coming up on nights of Everflame. – Cannot allow my father’s
soul to rot in some dark hell. – We go to Ridwan? – You’ve got moxie. Ridwan is a fortress city A baptism in pain is the only way. – A baptism in pain. Sounds appropriate for where we’re going. – I actually have an ability without putting any of you at risk, but it would require me to go ahead alone. – There is a dark form
perched atop the boulder. And just as you spot it,
it leaps down at you. Give me a survival skill check. – A survival! (dice clatter) – Mm. – Yeah, your rage immediately
ends, you are exhausted. (player groans) I’m just an impartial arbiter of– – Sure, right.
– Rules. It is my job to make sure
– Uh-huh. that they are followed evenly and fairly. – Yes.
– So much benevolence. – I mean, you’re gonna die. (heroic music) (electronic music)


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