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She’s gonna have her surgery tomorrow. huh. she has a
loose tooth that front tooth right there that’s Wiggly. so tomorrow that’s gonna
come out. Ha Win. whoa Whoa. you don’t want me messing with your mouth… ooooh. That’s gonna come out and
then they’re gonna float the rest of her teeth. Hi Hi so we’ll probably get a video on the on
the surgery tomorrow. It’s ok… can I see?? You see the teeth? yeah you can see it’s all a
mess in there and they’ll take that out. Yeah Hold up…whoa… whoa..whoa.. Good girl… whoooa. Whoa…Whoa…shhh shhh shhh shhh Good girl…. WHOOOOA(Laughing) Windy… good . They’ll take that out and they’re gonna float and basically stand down the points so she
can eat normal. so thank you to all of you who have donated. of course we always
appreciate it definitely I really appreciate the help and helps keep these
guys in good condition in good shape good health and well fed as you can see Windy has really gained some nice weight pretty sweet Not Bad for an old girl huh??
you look good for any age. Anyway we’ll keep you posted. feel good for any age anyway that’s it
we’ll keep you posted how it all goes that’s it for now hope y’all have a
great Sunday . Huh? you’ll be eating good tomorrow
well maybe not tomorrow. Well maybe the next day after she recovers a little bit
thanks again guys thanks for all the donations and love and support these
guys really appreciate it I appreciate it
and she’ll be feeling good afterwards okay Thanks … See you later… bye..


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  1. Porsche LK -Horses -Comedy -Vloging & More

    April 30, 2018 11:26 am

    Windy had a loose tooth that was keeping her from eating. So the next day after this video, the vet Numbed her up good and took it out. You can find that video of the extraction here on my channel. Thanks for watching!


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