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Hey guys, welcome back to the channel.
Welcome back to Si7ruz Ggames and more Plague Tale. We’ll get straight back into
it this time it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get back onto this I
apologize for that. Where did we leave off last time, so
Amicia, Hugo Lucas and Melie had reached the Chateau that Laurentius had told us
about. There was a huge rat burglar system which we had to outwit and I
think the last thing that I remember seeing they were sitting down by the
fire just probably contemplating their success, but I’m sure it’s not it’s not
over yet so it’s gonna be short-lived and this is gonna pick up, I would guess,
after their first night. Well let’s see but let’s get back to it. Hugo, Amicia and melee tracked down Lucas, threw the Inquisition off their trail and reached chateau de homage, an isolated ancestral fortress overrun with rats after a tough battle to eliminate the
swarm, the orphans got their first night of peaceful rest. Well done guys, there’s
score one for the team. This is the phase of the game I think which is quite close
to house flipper. Let’s just have a quick collection of
everything as usual, I’ve forgotten all of the
controls. I like to keep things interesting for myself. So we’ve got a
workbench over here I am desperate to get that one so that we can do this on
the fly. This was the thing, Amicia no longer needs a workshop to upgrade our
equipment we definitely need that what’s the next one after that then a meteor no
longer needs tools to upgrade our equipment that would be a good one
that’s one of the only things that is not as frequently found in the
environment yeah we’re coming in a minute Hugo
witness the things we found this will stop us losing them in northern miss ah
right okay so all those collectibles that we’re picking up with now got a
racking system from Ikea we’ve got a lot of work to do I think I was right I
think this is the house flip a stage let’s just have a peek round it’s great
to stay with Hugo yeah yeah we will first you know you’re not gonna let me
go through the door Oh invisible wall there guys hate it when a
game does that to me you don’t want me to go through it put a door there through that you know here we’re literally picking
everything up from now on now that doesn’t seem so terrifying when
you look at it during the day actually it was quite nice but when we saw that
last night and it was full around for me yeah I think we’ve we’ve proved it up
everything now put the backs down off we go
right where are Hugo let’s go let’s have a look around this new gaff then I wonder if this is going to be our base
of operations since it’s telling us we can do all this stuff in devouring the
Sun I hope it’s not a prophecy iconography
alchemy fascinates scientists as much as it inspires artists the recurring symbol
of the line devouring the Sun is an allusion to alchemy alchemical welcome
el delusion the purpose of this process in which VTOL attacks sulfur is to
separate the crude substances from the subtle ones every day is a school day let’s see what he’s doing
Lucas in his in his workshop sleep well not a wink this laboratory is in bad
shape but it inspired me I’m on the brink of completing the great work and
you you can help me what do we have to do saltpeter
I need the fire from the left hand table all right Amy what can I do we need
light for the last dip oh shit I knew that I thought he said file from the
table I was gonna be looking for a file this guy knocking up a a sweet moonshine
batch here anything else yes the concentrated Laurel SAP it’s just behind
me I’ll get it concentrated illuminate your path a
beacon for the bearer of the macula this guy’s full of trained Knight yeah good
so the Angels tear a pinnacle of alchemy the elixir no so it did you look like
that VARs just farted it doesn’t matter Lucas perhaps we know it does matter
you’re a failure come on I’m coming
Paulo Hugo to the ramparts never mind Lucas stick with it
I’m sure you’ll master it I think he’s going back upstairs again I
want to have a look downstairs here he comes
I’m gonna be any other zone does he I was looking for resources Oh a grave
I’ve made a grave mistake I don’t know we can say something if you’d like sorry
to disturb you we don’t have any candles but we will
leave you in peace and thanks for looking after us come on let’s go
bless him bless these cotton socks trophy earned tributes at least give me
something for it then I came all the way down here not even a little bit of
saltpeter well it was worth having a lot because I do hate not going down a path
and then potentially missing out on loads of gear he’s so bad okay have you seen many no
uh she’s maybe she’s already gone oh no goodbye to her Wow this castle must have been empty for
centuries I come out here I know it wouldn’t let me that was the invisible
door an alchemists crucible alchemists crucible an alchemists most fundamental
tool stone container is able to withstand extreme conditions high
furnace temperatures and acids without eroding or breaking throughout the
alchemical process it carries the potential of the final great work now do
these automatically go on our new shelving unit or do we have to put them
on there let’s see let’s see if they appear it doesn’t give us the option to
put them down anyway so we’ll just have to assume that it does well I wanna Mesa let’s both do it
ooh spies have a drink Hugo having fun are you
I’m sure the Inquisition are too we thought you’d gone come on we need to
talk sounds ominous what’s the matter why do we have to go
oh that’s exactly what you need whoever built this place really didn’t
want to be fucked to it be good and you’ll be fine so you’re going to find
Arthur if I can help he’s my problem you heard what I heard
those inquisition dogs took him to the Bastian I know where to look I’ll find
him I miss ya look listen with Hugo it doesn’t look easy but believe me it’s
worth it he will save you they always end up saving us even if you know
brothers sometimes you just want to kill them I believe you anyway don’t leave
without saying goodbye as if that was my style please come
well Infernus look I don’t know what your style is do I then you just met you what drawing the dining room I’ll show
you I’m following you inspect the symbol in the great hawk
Hugo’s got his wits about him hasn’t he I clearly haven’t I’m not looking at any
pictures on the walls you’re right Alchemist coat-of-arms may be the tree
the tree yes Hugo is on a roll although to be fair I wasn’t allowed here you
found new friends Amisha I’m sure there’s some kind of
relevance to that I’m sorry I’m sick okay look at that going up his neck we
are going to find a way to cure you and there’s new curse and melly now you know
Lucas come see the butterflies looks like someone’s having a good time it’s
getting bigger yes the macula is spreading through his
blood the book say there are several thresholds in the process and at his
threshold the carrier may be lost how much time do we have
very little Hugo is nearing the first threshold my master on your mother was
trying to slow the process down but how what were they doing they were working
on a very complex elixir that was allowing time to prepare and do you know
how to do it I don’t have their knowledge but their work was inspired by
a forbidden book the sanguinis eater nails so perhaps with the book I’m
afraid not the sanguinis it’s an era is dangerous it is sealed together with
other works in the university basement just getting there would be near
impossible suicidal even normals like a challenge but if we take advantage of
the current chaos we might have a chance I know the place it’s in town not far
from where they keep my brother if you’re ready to take that risk I can
help you get in thank you right I’ll get my belongings together meet me
inside when you want to leave in that case you’ll need some equipment I’ll get
it ready Hugo cool oh great I’m really sorry I need to leave don’t worry I’ll
stay with you guys good I’ll be back soon anything in here that I missed what have
you found yeah it’s st. John’s wort all right
another one of the protections the tongue must be powerful stuff yes it’s a
very good flower it looks good on you I think thank you go some John’s wort
also called st. John’s herb is a symbol of animosity but also one of protection
and lights and John’s wort is considered a remedy to melancholy and other mental
afflictions despite its nickname devil hunter ingesting it can still
significantly disrupt the heart rate causing arrhythmia and tachycardia make
sure we’ll just leave it in the ear though in the hair even I can I can I do
something here father mother you’ll always be here with us right so where is Lucas was down here
wasn’t he be careful in town it’s probably more
chaotic than here don’t worry we girls know how to handle ourselves I’m sure
you do good luck nonetheless what about I
thought you said we had some tools or something iced giving me the cold shoulder now fine me like that is it oh it’s probably
gonna be on the main floor isn’t it will do with some signs up in this place down
here it’s not down here oh she’s there at last all right come on I was trying
to find my way around the runt he has told me once that there are roses
scattered along the path to the book Scott yet eyes open roses all right we
will well you know you gonna tell me what to do with them the shadow of ramparts the first rule of survival is hidden
between the legs wouldn’t the head be quicker you’re way too soft Shh there
are the town ramparts right eyes open for materials what’s
that crowd on the bridge it’s the tongues book they’re being
evacuated let me guess the bytes here exactly
and where there’s the bite you’ll also find the Inquisition aren’t you the
smart one I was gonna say the rats did you know him a thief I used to work
with him he was gifted so that’s the punishment for stealing death I don’t
want to find Arthur with that kind of collar come on let’s go get in here there’s another one who’s
locks that she can out ya gone I’ll open this
they don’t go take care of Arthur alright so where will I find the
University it’s the big building at the other end you can’t miss it do you think
we’ll see each other again I hope so you owe me shit that means you’re not
allowed to die I’ll do my best there you go go on get going so we’re on
our own again good luck you two who was that something flashing in the
wall there nope the light playing tricks on me those bastards
what are they doing back a few materials so it said that we
can we don’t have to have the workbench now so can we do it there it is
now that’s for mixtures here we go upgrades so we’ve got the a ammunition
bag still don’t really want to do that one doesn’t tell you what it what it
needs you’re on the lookout for I suppose anything that looks like that well over there
that must be the University all that light don’t like this the university’s found the university
reach the university clearly the next but you can do this here we go you in there this is your last warning
before we drag you out on your ass bloody bourgeois there’s gonna be another stealthy bet I
think isn’t it ah Jes that we don’t have to ask melee
to open for us pal that’s what we need fabric so that’s that’s what it is that
we need for the materials pouch we can either go this way or back this
way but these two guards don’t stand a chance getting those two
there’s no rats around to kill them either so yourselves a stick let’s go to move again we have to follow it well he says if I’m hiding me on here want a piece of me they do okay it’s all going to plan so far metal things so we definitely are going
to have to hit those he keeps offering these isn’t it so if we walk out there those rights gonna
kill us I think we need to fire something over there to get that guy to
go over investigate and then we’ll follow him back sounds like a plan we
upgrade yet camp pouch reduces loading time no holds up to 16 materials of each
type I think that’s always going to be a good thing because we can we can just
keep storing not bad not bad at all right so let’s get I think it came from over there
like this guy come on trailing back again nothing to report right do we send him back again because
he’s still looking in that direction Oh stay away from me you bastards bullshit caught my heels probably wish
I’d stayed at home in the castle we keep me eye out for things set on
fire because otherwise these rats are gonna double back on the army as soon as
they see me greedy bastards you can have the Inquisition I don’t want them nowhere to go but down I don’t know where I am
but at least I’m still alive yep you got to enjoy the little things
Misha like life he wants your husband it’s all over for him now so get lost shut up
you reckon we’re gonna have to save the husband water I stand up can you the situation I need
to keep those cracks busy yep so oh it’s the husband I thought he was gonna be
alive and we’d have to save him he’s nasty still weights not wanting out that was the noise there we go another
one bites the dust when is he gonna are they gonna keep eating them I’ve got
time to go around I only moved because he had a torch it’s
fine go around please don’t eat me please don’t eat me I thought we would have to go upstairs
but like a case full of goodies that spell sheepskin widows sheepskin before
the plague took on uncontrollable proportions coachman Shepherds were
often spared unwittingly protected by the strong smell of goats sheep and
horses it was only temporary or some however as the lucky survivors could be
suspected of serving the great evil and was sometimes punished severely we have to go upstairs I want to get it
but I don’t want to die as well and I don’t want to waste my spells to
eliminate them it’s probably only gonna be like just some piece of material I
can get elsewhere because it could have been a collectible
card what’s this that’s not the kids is it this game just
keeps giving and giving do the ammo bag improves elasticity
creasing capacity I think we’ll save that the moment that hasn’t really been
a lot of call to have a problem oh God we are no better than them right get you out of it too it’s game is just full of death I’ll go
anywhere without seeing a horrific sight too many rats under there I can’t get
through without distracting them hold on if we gotta yeah we’re gonna have to
shoot down these bodies aren’t we yeah that’s one that one’s flashing trying to knock down as many as it will
let me I don’t want those rats taking me by surprise thank you very much let’s
have a nose in here oh my god stay calm think of you go just worse look at it nothing at all right so can we get him to go over there
again just gonna want these like to move
materials and this to turn back around so it was a false alarm I’m gonna hear worth taking do then it
was clean now it’s gonna to go over there then first time was already too
much let’s go and off we go you made it I thought she said she
didn’t know where she was forget this man he’s like a walking sat-nav at the
Middle Ages I feel like this game sort of it wants me to Creed the whole lap
the atmosphere makes me feel like I need to be stealth so that’s why I’m like
walking like this everywhere you always a horse I don’t need to I don’t think
because there’s no one around but it just sort of fits with the game
diversity keep going it was like I should I’d say well the symmetry it’s
all the way I really don’t want to go through is this where you tell me that there’s
an another way locked
if only Mellie was here and we’re not there has to be another way to get in we
can the Inquisition must have put it here clever the Grand Inquisitor doesn’t do
things by house all these guys away then there’s something over there
I think that’s alcohol stay in the light we didn’t even need that no don’t oh
Jesus nice you see it be careful keep them there to that side and walk
straight down the middle light beams can also clear paths for
rats or block them like that workbench but we don’t need it anymore
take the toolkit though you’ll need those okay what can we build can we
MacGyver ourselves anything together I really want that still need the fabric reduces a little reloading time of the
sling by by using a thicker fabric dog out of container projectile is more
firmly held in the center of the pocket reducing time between shots that’s quite good though look at that a
meteor creates durable tools for herself that she now carries around all the time
she no longer needs to collect tools we do have three tools though wish I hadn’t
done that but I’ll give myself the benefit of something something wire
everyone’s gonna be a treasure can we set the rats on hmm well done
love I’m a can we go over there and try and fleece them feels a little
hypocritical really killing him for looting them and then we went and did it
let’s get the light through there a window perfect tell them look around with the lights if
there’s anything to pick up you guys stay back let’s get out of here who’s this guy Magister the Epis anguish let’s see
Richard O’Brien from the Crystal Maze so I’m gonna do the time I’ll be honest is
it perfect if I may be so bold we know it comes from those rats but what’s it
for with all this odors that is just one of
the effects of the Epis anguish when we mix it with sulfur but that’s not what
we are interested in so why don’t we let our unit fuses right it could it is too
precious each episodes crystal must be kept for our project particularly as in
this form it has been the source of some how should I say regrettable accidents
deliver it to the bastion that is enough for today
regrettable accidents imagine you spilled some on your feet you’d have to
do your patrol on your ass I think the key there guys is don’t spill any Epis
anguish what’s that I need to see this she’s interested now take on come on
it’s just a cemetery more bodies and Moe holes
is there a reason to go in you’re so excited about something in I want to know what it is now the odorous crush them up together
I love some of that No you just have to try it out Lucas
this one’s for you back up here okay so that’s how they’re
forcing you to do Hey so if I send them over there it’s
working this will save my life I need to find more remember the effect
doesn’t last long yeah you don’t wanna be standing in
there expands on the improvements to a Miss use equipment do you know alchemy containers increases the duration of
effect pigna for ammunition distracts nearby enemies crackles as wells burns
small wooden blades inside the container separate the various types of
ingredients remaining pure for longer well I didn’t know that the menu was
going to expand otherwise I might not have wasted the materials and him in there are from bodies where
we going this is gonna be one of those things
where we extract so we’re gonna leg it it’s about light
over there go run quick look up here looks like I’ve got something up here over there it looks like the exit come
on it’s not that bad in that case why did this light of Zartha go through here
it’s locked playing with me again teasing me right
so we just need to be able to get to that we craft any more of those year we
can okay ground has collapsed I need to find
something to waste my cellphone so it’s said that we can use these torch to
control the light to push them in a different direction
rather than a so if you push these all the way back no you lot strike listen you all down there okay so
we can’t get up there yeah the mountain quickly but Trump’s them now we can take the cart down the other
side down all right please tell me this can still wrong let me see you put you back into it that’s all right that was very discreet
right now just a bit more little problem-solving they’re doing it you’re
getting there for gear they call that sulfur a bit of cord we
craft anything yet no my god what happened to you yeah how exactly did he
get on that spike I see just ran onto it look at that face the sick they’ve slaughtered them oh it sounds like someone’s still alive I’m sorry
well we could fire a rock your head I think it would solve your problem really
I can’t believe it they use the rats against the sick oh god they grow up the
rats in aged animals whatever you get to say they’ll give you
a reason to the end once you’re in the bastion you see they don’t cut you up
real good odorous I could try you can shoot
odorous at enemy’s track the rusty same with this guy you’re lucky you can still
smell something got some metal over there so ah so we get him over there
because using the light they got he’s not got a torch on him as
it now let’s get him to go over there first right where you need him get him
to go over there first then go go go go go
why is he still here Epis anguish cages this is not just an
evacuation ill hanging around here passing it on from one Singh block to
the next right up to the grand inquisitor there’ll be no one left shut
the fuck up stop crying see him I don’t want to hear
another peep out of you nothing maybe I need to shine the torch
get him down there again let’s go and see Oh I don’t know believes that don’t drink
that oh this is a nightmare come on be brief the university must be
closed there was thirsty so he drank from the
lake of rotten bodies how is that a good idea I’ll come on yes finally we’ll have to skip those
nothing materials to thumb one of those alchemists simmer down there are a bit
hoity-toity but at least they know how to read that doesn’t give them the right
to act like assholes anyway one of them said fatalis isn’t doing so well we knew
it was coming so there you go guys we’ve reached the
University and I think that is a great place to leave the video for today we’ll
pick up with some light reading in the next video as long as we can find the
book I hope you enjoyed the video if you did please leave a thumbs up like and a
comment it really helps and it’s really
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I’ll see you in next video you


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  1. Si7ruz

    November 6, 2019 6:02 pm

    Sorry for this being another long one. The chapter points in this game are so erratic. Some seem to be regular mission type chapters where you have a goal, others just seem to be there to string one main story element to the next (e.g. the stuff where you wander around the chateau).

  2. Sky Rose

    November 13, 2019 8:18 pm

    Again, I'm super late to the party of this one!
    I'm glad you've stuck with it I get super nervous doing any kind go stealth game so I tend to prefer to watch people do it rather than play it.
    The state of that town was horrible though.
    I don't know about you but Amicia seems be becoming more and more accepting of the horrible things she's doing, like getting people eaten by swarms of rats.
    Drinking from the lake of dead bodies was definitely my highlight. I mean why not? He's probably on one of those wacky detox's!


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