A Spiritual ASMR Journey Part 1 | Bedtime stories and Wild Horses


listen just- everyone calm down okay
you’re supposed to be relaxed it’s ASMR this is relaxing you know
it’s like it’s like therapy also talking softly does not equal ASMR hold on dude
hold on I know I’ve been watching ASMR videos all week just so I can perfect
this okay and I’m doing a lot of the stuff that you guys recommended alright
so you can blame your fellow peers for all the uncomfortable things were about to
experience~ Oh God hold on I need a drink
my throat is getting kinda dry so I need a moisten it up okay that wasnt as bad
why am I about to gag this is yuck hey I’m trying okay I’m trying I’ve been
watching videos all week okay I know what I’m doing look my dick is so hard right now listen this is not sexual this is soothing this is for the Soul can you guys hear that look it’s
it’s like third grade when you’re like taking a test and you walk up to the front of
the classroom to sharpen your pencil it’s kind of like that except it’s more
soothing Look at that 😀 at all
Mikewenisha thanks for the sub this is awful did we literally just started okay you
guys are so ungrateful it’s like a fire burning Chat just close your eyes
there’s picture of fire and then picture me standing by next in your ear and I’m
like hey can you pass the marshmallows I really want some marshmallows as we watch this
fire crackle then the sunset all right this is getting kind of messy I got all
this pencil juice all over me damnit now it’s all over my crotch can
you slap yourself for the ASMR that was like the lightest slap but it has the biggest
impact yes slap your ass not sexual suck your
fingers listen this not fucking sexual okay head chill chill the fuck out
alright this is not sexual this is this is this is this is spiritual and
enlightenment alright the whole point of ASMR or one of the
main points is to help people sleep right so I thought I could read you guys
a bedtime story alright the world’s best ice cream Angela wanted ice cream but there were
too many flavors to choose from thank you daddy
no problem wait daddy what the fuck what are your favorite foods said the ice
cream man tell me and that will work out the best ice cream flavor for you well
said Angelina wait what the fuck wait wait it says Angelina but it’s Angela up
here what kind of fucking story is this just think someone is waking it to your
voice right now listen dude this is not sexual this is a spiritual journey okay
this is not fucking sexual alright anyone that touched their genitals
during this stream it’s fucking bad alright
this is cleansing it’s a spiritual cleansing
stop it Wow we don’t have in here ice creams that
taste like so she here said the ice cream man I also like croissants did I
swear to god it says croissants fuck I also like croissants
no nothing like Prasad flavored ice cream here
I’m afraid me too dude Angela’s into some weird ass shit
well how about no dolls no tomato sandwiches no grapes the ice-cream man
looked up grapes are close to blueberries I don’t think it’s the same
is that Angelina Angelina as smart as fuck dude this ice-cream man doesn’t
know shit ice cream is all right let’s go back
they have both fruits they are both purple set the ice cream man manchurian
Angelina to shook her head well what about Frankfurt sausages said Angelina
brightening or spaghetti Oh how about eggs on toast but the ice
cream man didn’t have any flavors like Frankfort sausages spaghetti or eggs on
toast Papa tums no red beans no potatoes no
why the fuck is she saying all these foods that will never live relate to ice
cream flavors goddamn it stories pissing me off
chocolate what not you asked for an actual flavor of ice cream this whole
story could have been over with if we just said fucking chocolate to begin
with chocolate ankhon said the ice cream man did you say we have going on here
actually Anna nodded chocolate no said the ice cream man looking disappointed
we sold our last chocolate ice cream yesterday what the fuck how do you run
out of chocolate ice cream yesterday don’t you restock every fucking day this
story is pissing me off it’s okay said Angelina
how about I pick one for you said the ice cream man at last it will not taste
like any of your favorite foods but I want to still but it was still taste nice okay is that
Angelina she saw she shut her eyes and counted the ten what the fuck what kind
of ice cream place is this why are you closing your eyes after he said
something like that what the fuck dude when she opened them the great big ice
cream was in front of her I don’t think that’s an ice cream Angelina it was a
broccoli ice cream as high as a mountain I call it ice cream special sent the ice
cream man Angelina every bit it was very good Wow there you are said mom and dad
coming in from the kitchen did you finish your dinner Angelina I ate every
last bit said Angelina then you can have dessert said her parents what is it she
said what do you think it was that’s it that’s the story this was the stupidest
fuck I’m sorry I hola don’t worry jet will find sorry watch your eyes we’ll
find a better story all the best stories are on TV and art
just kidding no we’re not going there I I did my
research I was gonna wanna up that story by reading a fanfiction I was gonna read
a sonic a fanfiction but I don’t want to get bad I know a few of you are gonna
love this cuz you’re just freaks alright but right here I have so what do
you think of what did you hear this you hear horses right alright well I decided
you remember I like okay have you guys seen like when they do behind the scenes
from movies how most of the sound effects are really light right there
what I do it in post right we’re gonna do that right now
okay so I want you to sit back and enjoy that’s no shit there’s so many of what the fuck wait
what kind of video is this what the fuck wait shit that was send that was sad
oh fuck it is oh shit alright it should be more like this that was my I was my production that was my
ASMR production I hope you guys enjoyed that
I took me quite a while to make thank you thank you
more it takes it takes a cut another like – here’s to make a movie like that
okay no more no more alright fine
one more one more here we go this is the sequel all right
the Squeakquel – my movie I hope you guys enjoy I wish I forgot to turn off
the music here we go I’m only doing the horse the guys right er he’s God there’s
so many of them see this this drew a some are names
I need more kids and wait they got more cats come on kids I hate this that has many horses now Oh
what about the wind ghost horse has we’ve done that was my seat wall thank
you Oscars here we go holy fuck I’ve never seen the more quality stream thank
you no thank you needs soap fuck off inside let me take
it it’s a beard brush all right so you’re in a barber shop and you have a
nice beard right and your poppers like a a bow hey buddy your beards looking a
little bit messy let me just some of you have been waiting years for
this shit I am fulfilling so many fantasies today dude not loud enough
shit alright watch this you can’t really hear my computer in the
background left here only – oh I’m sorry let me show some attention to your right
here wait what if I press you dude I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry oh you just
fucking brush my brain dude I’m sorry all right
what if I do this you dirty sluts thank you guys so much for watching if you
enjoyed this experience be sure to like comment and subscribe if you haven’t
already also hit that notification bell so you won’t miss out on an upload I
will see you all very very very very very soon stay ding leave my friends


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