Aaron Watson | Dark Horse | Ram 1500


Winners don’t always win because they just always win. They are finally winning because they could endure all those losses. ♫ Yeah, this one goes out to the dreamer. There’s something about the Dark Horse. It has such ties to the Western world that it fits well for a cowboy like me, to be called a Dark Horse. It’s that guy that’s most unlikely of guys to win. They never saw it coming. That was the Dark Horse. We never want to count that guy out. ♫ You can let ’em place their bets, let ’em laugh and drink their wine
Let ’em eat their words when you’re first to the finish line I’m always thinking about my fans. Their worth, their weight in gold. And I know this better than most artists. Because I played for years and years with no fans. My fans are everything My fans and my family – those things push me to be the best that I can be. I want my show to be that much better. I’m waking up early every morning, and stand up late every night working on better songs. I use those things to fuel my fire. ♫ This one goes out to those underdogs who aren’t afraid. We live in a country where a guy like me who came from nothing bought yards, bought a pawnshop guitar and wrote the album that became the first independent album to chart number 1 in the history of country music. But that’s the American Dream. It’s that we live in a country where if you’re willing to work hard. And get after it, You can just almost defy gravity. ♫ But it doesn’t weigh me down ♫ I got a chip on my shoulder ♫ But it doesn’t weigh me down ♫ It whispers “Get back up” when I get knocked on the ground A lot of people, they talk about being an outlaw, and being an outlaw is being independent and staying true to yourself. That’s a true outlaw. ♫ Let your dark horse run


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