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– Hi, I’m Alison Brie, and I
play Sarah in “Horse Girl.” (soft music) I did a lot of interviews with my mother about her experiences with my grandmother, the mythology of her
and her mental illness really colored my entire childhood. It was a major trauma that
influenced my mother’s whole life and the web of that kind of engulfed our whole family and I’d always wanted to make something artistic about her story and it turned out to be much more abstract than I think I initially
thought that it might be. But when I came back to kinda thinking about why I was so fascinated by it, my personal fear about having mental illness in my bloodline, I keep circling back to it imagining, is that gonna to happen to me? And that is a part of
Sarah’s journey as well. I just wished that I could start over. – We don’t we don’t need
to go back or start over. We can start from right here, and you know, we’ve had great success here and we have an incredible team and I and they are 100%
committed to helping you. – Sarah is a bit of a
socially isolated woman. She is a horse girl. She grew up riding horses
and she still has a deep love and a deep connection to her horse. Physically I wanted to make
Sarah a little reserved. She’s very shy. She has created a world for herself where she doesn’t have to
interact with other people all that often but she still
gets to do things she loves like arts and crafts, and
watching supernatural crime shows and spending time with her horse. Look what I made you. Is that so pretty? With other people she’s not a force. She’s a little bit meek. So her voice is a little
higher than my voice, and she speaks quite softly and timidly there’s like a sort of staccato to the way that she talks and even stands. I notice you were a
little distracted today, here I’ll get that. I just wanted to remind you how important it is to really
stay connected to Willow, you know, when you’re
distracted and looking down– – Yeah.
– And around, that’s when accidents happen. – I just got a text from
my mom so I’m gonna. – I’ll take her tack off. The costumes are always the best part of any character for me. We were so lucky to have Beth Morgan do the costumes for this movie. She’s our costume designer on “Glow” and we really wanted the
costumes to look and feel real. You know, it’s a contemporary movie, but also feel a little timeless and certainly the way that Sarah dresses. She’s a woman who used to have means, and doesn’t really anymore, so a lot of her clothes
are a little bit dated. It’s a very specific type of girl that we were trying to portray
and I think Beth nailed it. A lot of the character research was baked into the writing
of the film, you know, I was in her head the whole
time as we were creating her. So that became very helpful. By the time we were shooting the movie I knew the character so intimately. We had so many fun actors to play with and everybody who signed on
to the film was so brave, everyone was so excited
and just jumped right in. So it was really fun. All the dialogue in the
movie is improvised. Every scene is sort of heavily outlined in terms of what people’s objectives are, what they’re coming in
to say and talk about. But the specific dialogue is not written and it’s important to us, and Jeff feels very strongly about people just feeling real and talking the way that people speak, and a certain type of magic happens when you open that door to let the actors put it in their own words. – Folklore comes from somewhere, so at some point someone saw a big foot. – Someone saw it exactly, they saw it, and then they knew that the
aliens were using the humans as thermometers and bringing them back up and like downloading all
the information to learn about our planet, you know.
– Totally. – And they could even
be using human clones because that would give them more reliable information, right? – Yes, that makes sense. – I like to do things that scare me, that are a little intimidating, and just getting to be in the moment. “Horse Girl” is out on Netflix now. Check it out.


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