All the MegaMen – 35 – donkey doctor


Hey there everyone, this is raocow playing Mega Man 3 and I, look, we’re already almost done with beating the game. Only two bosses left. I went through Needle Man’s stage before I went to Gemini stage. That’s just how it goes. Gonna fight the great question mark in the sky. It’s night time in Needle Man City, and the hedgehogs throw their quills around, like in the good ol’ days. Now there’s some good ol’ death needle. Where you where at? These are to center to camera I have been explained, and it makes a lot of sense. Check out needle game. It’s like whoosh. It’s kind of hard to dodge but things keep going into slow-motion. Making it go okay. ♪ My dog has a retractable spine. ♪ ♪ I like to jump on it all the time. ♪ See, the theory about these is that you can just reuse the same music. I think this is too high to get with the RC Cola. Yeah, you gotta use.. Radio F.M. [Mumbling about how it doesn’t work] Why? Oh, I’m Rush Mar– So I don’t want radio F.M I want orange juice. Almost the same. I’ll talk more about Rush Jet later in the same video! Right now. Check it out, you get all these sweet things. It’s… You got an E-tank. Got a C-tank. Got a B-tank. We’re ready for war, porcupanos. No, we still got girders so I wonder who’s boss we’re gonna be at. Right! In this closed off room is where we fight the powerful Air Man. He has a gun for a hand. I don’t understand why. Like, he blows wind out of his like, front saucer thing. So this is Air Man. He’s… That one’s kind of hard, but like for the most part, he’s a lot easier than his Mega Man 2 counterpart, because his tornadoes don’t do that much damage but like, the ability to slide. You know what? I just got this E-tank. I’m just really curious to know if it was my flavor. ‘Cause you can slide. You can slide underneath tornadoes. You can’t slide against the original AC-adapter. And that’s how you conquered all tricks. You jump early, and so that you’re not as pushed back by the wind. Now I’m gonna select right ahead of time. Rush Jr. We’re gonna go take over the world. So, so this is an infamous segment because you gotta use Rush Jet and if you run out, like all the Rush weapon things don’t come back. Now what you have to remember is that Rush Jet’s like weapon meter isn’t like his fuel or his energy or whatever. It is actually Rush’s pain threshold of how much he can endure Mega Man’s weight on his back all the time. So as long as you stay away from him. Like he’s always gonna follow you. Like it’s really weird. Rush Jet is super busted in this game. But yeah just.. keep your legs off of on top of your dog and it’s gonna be doing alright. He can even like… Like, ‘cuz if you do this the normal way, you pretty much like need all the energy of weapons. It’s very well designed. [Laughs] That.. That it is. That’s a word. [mumbling] and then you use it here, and then you can do this jump, and you go like ‘Hey Rush, you’re a dog. You got a little waggly tail.’ Oh, it’s spring Olympic guy again. Wow that’s a pretty impressive jump. And see, he just started jumping on the ba– Oh noo! It’s the king of the Mettool. Like, Mega Man 2 had a resurgence of the Mettools but, this. This here, when they just decide to have the king of the Mettools just kind of show up, this is when they kind of achieved this weird little meme status. Y’know, Mettools are here to say ‘We’re still in’– See, now we got variants, the helicopter friendly happy Mettool. [Laughs] Why? Who knows. I don’t know. They’re great. They’re hilarious. They’ve got a little helicopter beanie. They’re just having fun. You can get shot in the face. The return of the gumball cannon. More often than not, it doesn’t have time to shoot, but when it does it has time to shoot. its Cargo Arenado Hard It’s kind of weird that the Hard Hat king, like you gotta shoot it in its Helmet when the main ability of Mettools is they give me two lives together like that. Is that you know they’re impervious to everything to the point where you get a lot, of like jokey jokes about ‘Why doesn’t Dr. Light make all his robots out of Mettool ma–‘ See, I said Dr. Light there ‘cuz Dr. Wily, like he’s a good guy, so I’m just talking you know, just talking possibilities. Oh I just. Oh wow, I got. That was sad. That I’m not proud of that one. See, you start here and none of Rush weapons are back. Good thing I left a bunch of them everywhere. [Chipmunking] [Chipmunked singing to the music] [Chipmunked] Dang it. [Continued chipmunked singing] [Chipmunked] Dang it dog. Really dog. [Chipmunked] Wow this is annoying. I know, it’s pretty great. [Chipmunked] Dog is cool. Sometimes food. [Chipmunked] The dog’s name is Rush. It’s the name of a band so it makes sense. [Chipmunked] Look at that little dude, who thinks that going down the ladder is an Olympic sport. [Chipmunked] It is not a sport you can play using electricity, did you know that? [Chipmunked] I though, and I thought this batteries for my ladderies. [Chipmunked] I should have just recharged my Rush Jet in case I die again. [Chipmunked] I’m just too busy shooting cute little robots in the face. [Chipmunked] So much fun. [Chipmunked] And then you go on up, and then you go on a walk and you walk. [Chipmunked] And he’s like ‘Hey, check it. I got the electron in my back pocket. [Chipmunked] And I got so much more health than I had last time, I think. [Chipmunked] I kinda forgot. Look, health is there to get lost. [Chipmunked] Well, in a sense. [Chipmunked] Otherwise, it could be one of them instant death games where you die instead of getting hurt. [Chipmunked] Wonder if that’s part of why this game is so popular is that, as the series, like even if you’re bad, [Chipmunked] and like, you get hit all the time. If you’re lucky. If you kill enough robots, they’re gonna give you your health back. [Chipmunked] It’s completely randomized too but, you still think you did good. [Chipmunked] I got hit by something [Normal speed] I couldn’t see, yeah. Why do I have so much more health at last time? What did I do last time? I don’t know. I have no answers for you. Check it out. We’re inside the secret base. Whoever it is, we gotta use your Mr. Fist to fight. You see, The reason’s ‘cuz Crash Man doesn’t have any hands. So although you only do the normal amount of damage on him, psychologically he just gets completely devastated and. So he has the same pattern, so you know what? Like this, just, the hard fist gun, like it’s just. It’s so slow. Like you can just use the normal pattern and miss all the time. I dunno, he’s. It’s a little different. He feels a little different maybe. ‘Cause with normal Crash Man you certainly can hit him all the time doing that, but here it just doesn’t seem to be working. So I just need to do a very slight adjustment and here’s the proof that Crash Man. Like, he tries his best like, I don’t want to remove that from him. Like he really does He’s a hard worker. It’s just that effort doesn’t necessarily correlates to result unfortunately. And Crash Man is a grim reminder of that terrible sad fact.


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  1. RandomNPC

    September 24, 2017 3:35 am

    If it was up to you and you
    Knew that you would lose
    If it was up to you I know
    You’d always choose
    To continue…

  2. CapedLuigiYoshi

    September 24, 2017 4:37 am

    I'm not even sure if there's any logic to Doc Air being in this stage. At least Crash Man has pointy "hands"?

    Speaking of, Crash Man's image when descending into Doc Robot has a different palette than the original boss for whatever reason. I don't get it. Did the red-white palette get accidentally overwritten by the hedgehogs' or something?

  3. SomeGuy712x

    September 24, 2017 4:49 am

    Death count: 21 [64] (1 today)
    Enemy 1-up drop count: 10 [15] (2 today, both at 5:00)
    (1:20) Orange Juice? Is it 100%?
    (5:00) Whoa! Two 1-up drops in a row!
    (5:21) Welp, that was an epic fail.
    (5:29) At least this level gives you a mid-level checkpoint after the first Doc Robot fight.

  4. ♀¨•♠ö║í±☻~

    September 24, 2017 5:00 am

    It just hit me, but why didn't they bring back those pole vaulting dudes for Spring Man's stage in 7?

  5. jacopo bindi

    September 24, 2017 8:32 am


  6. FMagl

    September 24, 2017 10:10 pm

    3:12 That is a genius observation!

    In raocanon, Mega Man is a pretty terrible pet owner. "Dr. Light, I liked Items 1, 2, & 3, but I have one problem with them: they don't feel pain."

    i wanted to type "raocanon." ._.

  7. dracmeister

    September 25, 2017 2:22 pm

    Stages Left: 126/161
    Defeated: DocRobot(Air), DocRobot(Crash)
    Weapons Stolen: 22/98
    Honestly if the exploit with Rush didn't exist, that section would've been
    absolutely nightmarish. Notice how the DocRobots are paired
    up with at least one being weak to the other.

  8. Travel

    January 17, 2018 3:16 am

    I don't know why they say Rush Jet is busted or broken in this one, I think it was the one time they had it right. It was far more useful


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