Amazing White Horse & Honorable Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay

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Bhutan is a heavenly gifted land where we Bhutanese enjoy peace and prosperity
under the leadership of our wise and extraordinary kings. The peaceful
elections on March 24th 2008 marked as the turning point in a smooth function
of transition from monarchy to democracy. Bhutan became the world’s youngest
democracy. The former opposition leader shared his lunch with a white horse at
Chelela, the highest point on the Haa-Paro national highway in 2012. The
opposition leader was coming back to Thimphu after visiting his constituency
and decided to have lunch at Chelela. The white horse grazing nearby
approached the opposition leader and refused to be chased away when the
opposition leader decided to share his lunch with the animal that strides the
PDP dream. His excellency Dasho Tshering Tobgay
is the prime minister of Bhutan since July 27th 2013. His Excellency is the
former pupil of the Harvard University and also the University of Pittsburgh.
Before joining politics his excellency served as a civil servant in the
Department of Education in its technical and vocational education section. He set
up the National Technical Training Authority in 1998 and remained its head.
His excellency also served as the director of the ministry of labor and
human resources for around four years since 2003. His Majesty the King
conferred him with a lung Mar scarf a lifetime scarf on December 17th 2014 at
the 107th National Day celebration and thus became the first recipient of the scarf
since its re-institution. In February 2016 Prime Minister – Tshering Tobay
presented a very powerful and meaningful TED talk and declared Bhutan as a
carbon- country as Bhutan works toward economic development . it is
constitutionally bound to protect the environment 60% of the forest shall
remain untouched. Currently 72% of the country is under forest cover. His
Excellency explained, “we export most of the renewable electricity we generate
from our fast flowing rivers. So today the clean energy that we export offsets
about six million tons of carbon dioxide in our neighborhood…” Bhutan is also
famously known for gross national happiness and it’s rich culture. For
example, regardless of rich or poor Bhutanese people enjoy free health care
and free education rather than undermining our culture and pristine
environment The People’s Democratic Party is
committed to Wangtshe Cherpel-empowering people for liberty equality and
prosperity by devolve empower and authority from the center to the people.
The People’s Democratic Party PDP Meser Mang Tso Tshogpa is one of the
major political parties in Bhutan formed on March 24th 2007 the founder president
of this party is Sangay Nidup, the former prime minister and agriculture
minister of the royal government of Bhutan. The leader of the Opposition in
Parliament is Tshering Tobgay. The People’s Democratic Party submitted its
application for registration on August 6 2007 and thus became the first political
party in Bhutan to do so. On September 1st 2007 the Election Commission of
Bhutan registered the party the party presented candidates for the 2008.
National Assembly election in all 47 constituencies the party won only two of
the National Assembly’s 47 seats and just under one third of the votes cast
the only other party that registered for the election the Bhutan peace and
prosperity party gained 45 seats and just over two thirds of the votes


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