An unusual donkey safari from the desert to the sea in Cabo. – EP 4/4


The interesting thing about the Baja Peninsula, and Cabo in particular is that the desert meets the ocean. There’s a magnificent power about that. Today’s activity, we came to a ranch called Carisuva That’s operated as a tourist business but also helped out the community and took in animals, many of them being donkeys. We came to meet Marcos who’s the General Manager. Hi! How are you? Good how are you? I’m Christine! I’m Marcos. Nice to meet you! Troy! Nice to meet you! How are you Marcos? Very good! Having a good day with the donkeys? It’s so hard! Working with the donkeys, that is very very nice. They seem so friendly and happy! Did you take all of these donkeys in? They are all rescue donkeys and donkeys who were born here at the ranch. Are they normally able to wander around during the day? Yes. They are free to go and come and that’s the way we always treat them. Felt good! To not, you know, participate in a tourist activity where the animals were pend or kept in conditions that made them unhappy. Also, for the no reason that I can explain, I really like donkeys! I think they are adorable and friendly and intelligent! Is it true that donkeys are some of the most intelligent animals in the world? Well, I don’t know if one of the most but for sure they are so so smart. They have an incredible capacity to make decisions. It’s amazing. They always make the decisions for the good of the community. What’s the donkey safari? Donkey safari? Yeah! What’s that? Donkey safari is the activity, the tour we have to get money from the people who wants to do the tour and to use all of it for the donkeys to protect and to still protect the donkeys too. It’s a non-profit activity. Are we riding them? Or are we walking them around? Well, we never ride them because it’s only a walk with them. Sounds good man, let’s do it! Ok, let’s go! Man I had a bit of fun before we started the day. Marcos taught me how to lasso the donkey. Alright Troy, go for it! Oh! They know! They know it’s happening. Poor guy! You don’t like me! Hahaha! I don’t think they want to! Troy, I think he’s gonna succeed because he really wants to do it badly right now. I was running around, sweating, it was really challenging! Come on! It can’t be that hard! Right!? We all see lasso in the cowboy movies, but it is really difficult! I’m gonna get one before we leave! We’re gonna ride these donkeys. It took a long time but man, I got them! I think that Gaby and Christine were a little bit concern but Marcos reassured me that this is normal, this is how they do it and that I wasn’t harming them in any way. I would have felt bad about that. Ok guys, we are going to put this beautiful piece. We put it like this to protect the donkey. Ok, now he’s more confortable and we’re gonna put the sattle. When you are horseback riding you have rains, what about when you are on the donkey? Well, that’s why you don’t ride them! Haha! Because you don’t have balance. How you guys feeling about getting on them? I wouldn’t No Gaby you wouldn’t? No I don’t think so. I like horses but I don’t think I wouldnt like to ride a donkey. They’re too small and cute. If they are not used to be ridden I don’t think I would want to, to get on I feel like it would be not conscientious of the donkey. Walking in the desert with our donkeys was really funny because they didn’t really seem like they wanted to follow us at all. Towards the end, they were like oh ok we’ll just ahead and walk. The desert was incredible. The landscape. I’ve never been to this part of the world seeing these enormous cactuses, size of trees! Sand, there’s cactus, but then there’s palm trees and you still smell salt water because there’s the ocean right next to the desert which is just crazy to me, the contrast! We ended up trekking through the desert, walk thought the trails with the donkeys to the top of the view point where we could literally see for the entire stretch, beach to beach. The only people on it, were us! The hill… everything felt vast up there which again, it’s something that you see in many different places and you think that you can’t see that again. It was stunning! Guys, this is gorgeous but this wind is crazy and it’s starting to rain! Yeah, it’s terrible. What do you think if we get back to the ranch and get a surprise, like to drink something! It’s a drink? A Mezcal maybe? Maybe! Maybe! We’ll see! We’re up for that! I like surprises! Ok well let’s go to the ranch and you figure it out! Good call! Cheers friends! Salute! It was an exhausting day because it was an exhausting week, but it was a nice way to end the trip. It was pretty funny. A light note on this trip after like the bungee and the free dive and everything. It was much more relax, laid back. This week has been the absolute highlight of my year. I’ve done things that I would not have done on my own. I’m incredibly grateful for that opportunity. I am exhausted and… happy. I didn’t know much about the Baja Peninsula but I’ve gotta say that it is a place that I will be back to explore more than we have but again I kept looking out the window on the drives everywhere we went and being blowed away by the landscapes, by the structures, by the hotels, by the homes. It’s gorgeous, it’s colorful, it’s vibrant! You will be blowed away, you’ll be taken care of, you’re gonna take in this paradise. I hope in a similar way than I have.


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  1. MohamadReza Etemadi

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    forcing them to walk with you and throwing ropes around their neck and pulling them is the definition of abuse you fucking trash, you guys are more animal than them


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