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– I’m in Whitehorse,
in the Yukon, and the territory’s capital
is home to the largest producer of arctic char eggs
in the world. Robin Muzzerall
is vice president of aquaculture for
Icy Waters Arctic Charr. Every year, the company exports an average of 5 million
arctic char eggs intended for the reproduction
in fish farms in North America, Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. When I saw Whitehorse
for the first time, I was really, like, impressed. It’s very unique, eh? – Yeah, Whitehorse is
a very neat small city. We have the architecture
that dates back even to the gold rush days,
it’s very vibrant and very international
and very active. – And the air is pure,
as for the water. – Yes. In the city
and out at the farm, the air is beautiful,
the environment is great. – What is exactly
an arctic char? It looks like a big trout. – An arctic char is very similar to a trout, it’s similar to a salmon, but it’s its own species. – Right here, in the Yukon,
all of a sudden, it’s the best place in the world to actually have these babies, because what you’re doing are eggs, you’re selling eggs
to the rest of the world. – Yes, so what we do
at our facility is we raise our own broodstock, so we carefully select the best males, the best females, we cross them,
then produce the eggs. Those eggs we put into trays, where the water is running through them all the time, so we have to provide fresh water, which comes from our water source here.
The next stage is when we see the eyes, so we handpick– our technicians
carefully go through, very gently, and pick out any dead eggs and remove them. Then, when we have them all picked properly, there’s a certain stage; this eyed stage is when we’re able to package them and send them
to our many customers. From there, they have farms
and they grow these eggs to produce the flesh,
to produce the food that we eat. Some of those eggs
we keep ourselves and we grow them in our pond,
and we have a number of tanks as well. We grow the fish up
to a couple kilos or so and they go through
our own processing plant where we carefully process them, and then we sell them both
to the local market– if you eat in downtown Whitehorse and you see char… – It’s yours.
– It came here. – Thank you so much, Robin.
– It was great. Thank you. – Today, Canadian
arctic char eggs are used in aquaculture
all over the world, and they’re produced in a magnificent northern setting according to the best standards approved by Ocean Wise. And that’s why we are the best.


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