ARE WE DEAD…? | Pony Island – Part 2


Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Pony Island. This got off to a really dramatic start and I’m hoping to keep this going for a looong time. “Restart”- I don’t think I want to do that. Okay… Now we’re going into the- Oh? Aah. “Hopeless soul”? “Hopeless soul”! That was the guy! Wait a minute… Wait “Hopeless soul” was the guy that I was talking to… And then- oooh that says “Lucifer”. Oh I get it. With the symbol that is cock and balls. And then I’m “Guest.” So… Whoever was that other person that I didn’t talk to… is deleted. There’s four… There WERE four people here. or at least that’s what I’m picking up from this screen right here. They were four… …and I just killed one of them. Through… whatever actions I have. “Password”? Iyyyy… didn’t mean to do that. “Triangle” ? Ah, that’s a, that’s a lovely- WAAAIT A MINUTE. Zoom in on that triangle! *omg biggest conspiracy* Nah, nothing. Go away. I don’t want you. Alright. So… “Walkthrough”? “for a bit then boots up again” (Blabbering) (More blabbering) …to click “Guest” and hit the submit-no password needed, click on Messenger to speak with me again? Oh! Hello. “Please respond when you find this message. you are… deceiverrrr! “Good. It’s good to see you”. Ooh! Good old Markimoo. So crazy in his accusations… “False prophet he said.” What? Hello? I saw that. I was looking away talking to myself. Nooo… “You did well with that first CORE FILE” “However, we still have…” “the the OTHER two…” “Despite the amount of data that was corrupted, security will be increased. It won’t be as easy for me to open another portal. “I have an idea.. Log into my user profile. “The password is ‘2734’” Thanks, man! It’s not like “Lucifer” can’t see this. So 2734. So I already don’t trust this guy… I’m usually the first to be like… There’s a full of bullshit and I don’t like it. So, 2734. Aah. “You made it over.” Yes. I’m here. But where are you? “HE’s never guessed my password thus far.” *Mark mumbles and giggles about statement* Anyway, so… Alright, what do we got? Search progress? What about Portal Generation? Ooohhh! Can I do that? Can I- can I do it? Ughh, I can’t do it. “MOVED” “Messenger”, “Search_Progs”- wait a minute… What’s behi- Awww I thought there was gonna be someone behind there! Aww, I thought I was gonna be sneaky! Alright, fine! Ooohhh… What is this? Yes, that’s the one. Ooohhh, “DE”-…”DEGARBLE”. Okay… Ahh…that’s a lot less garbled! Okay, “security”…”least to greatest” Ooohhh! Ahh, Pony Island! “You see what this means?” No, not at all, I don’t know… “If you want to be free from this machine you must delve into Pony Island once more.” “I don’t envy you…but it must be done.” Why? Why must it be done? “Find Pony Island and play it.” “As soon as I am able I will open a portal for you.” “The CORRUPTED file next to mine may be worth investigating.” Ahh, is that the one I killed? ‘Cause I don’t trust you??? *sniff* I don’t trust you…I don’t trust you at all… Alrighty then…I’ll- I’ll do what you say… I don’t- I don’t know what the- I don’t… 2734…Oh Yeah… Ahh, that’s right, we don’t need a password. That was my 1337 hacking skills getting in the way of everything! Hello eyeball, let me poke you in the cross. Umm…”crypted” “corru-” “corrpted” That’s for backup. *reads* Guest: None, Hopeless Soul: 2734, CORRUPTED: iamerror… Uh…”ponies”. Oh, ponies! Okay… You got it! Ponies it is. Hello, eye. Are you still watching me? Why are you watching me? Also I still remember that like, the whole… the whole arcade cabinet is slanted. I didn’t even know that. Ooohh “WELCOME BACK”… Oooohhhh, that’s so ni- *Eeeee!* *Eeee eeee, eeee, eeee eeee!* Ah, “Settlers”-“Settlers of Satan”, I like that. Can I play this? I never really have, played it much. Buy a road… Roll… Brick… Okay. Roll, Rick, Roll, Rick, Roll. Hey! I got it, alright! I got a t-I got a ticket! How ’bout that? Okay, “Messenger”…”Say ‘yes master'” “We will see” “Welcome back”. Okay, so he’s already said “Welcome back” to me. He knows I’m here; he’s okay with it. He’s all, he’s all jazzed-uh, bu beh, boo, boo boo boo… Oh-kay, here we go… Yeah! Maybe I could, you know, stand, like, I-I know I have horrible posture, but, maybe I could just straighten my spine… just a hair in the right direction so I’d be able to do what I need to do. Ah, good ol Satantech… Made some of the best classics of the 90’s. Like, ooh… Satan Island… Doom- *laugh* I guess? Anyway, Pony Island now fully mem- Ooo! “You have been busy”. *creepy voice* “So have I…” “I have made some changes to Pony Island”. “Adventure mode… …is a game design revolution”. “Please refrain from cheating… …this time.” *normal voice* Okay I don’t know about that; cheating’s just in my blood. *creepy voice again* “You’ve gotta be- just a minor bug. “Let me fix-” *normal* No I’m gonna go in. What is that? It’s a *quietly* portal. It’s a portal. Nicee okay. It’s a portal! (yes mark we can all see that) I know how portals work. I’ve been thinking with portals since I was twelve years old. There we go. I fixed it for you. No need for you to fix. I do fix. *suprised Markimoo* Oh. “This is new”. “There is a huge amount of corrupted data… …north of you”. “Our best chance at opening another portal lies there”. “Just play along and don’t let h…” Woah. What is that? Uh oh… *ominous music* Okay… We’ll go. We’ll go on. Okay. Ah. Oooh same idea huh? Buh– I don’t have I don’t have my lasers. Oh there we go. Okay so I need… Wait *the Markimoo is thinking “Laser power” *Mark has a realization* Ohhh. *inhales* Ahhhhh. Loop around here. Okay so I know what needs to happen. We’re gonna loop. Loop loop loop. We’re gonna build up the power of this gosh damn laser. Hey I gotta lotta god damn time. I don’t have to wait for nobody. I can be here until the end of my days; so I’m gonna get laser power 69 and you’re God damn right I’m patient enough to wait for that to happen. So, here we go… *funky music* *Mark has a mini dance party* *the Markimoo got bored of dancing* *or maybe not* *or maybe he did* *nope* You can’t see it but I’m thrusting my hips in an oh so sensual manner. Oh! Nailed yeah! *singing* And a boink. Iyyyyyyyy am a genius. Heuh. *mini quiet scream* I got a level 69, bitch. 69 level laser. You have no idea how powerful this son of a bitch is. Like, it’s it’s gone to the year 6969. It has battled all of the dick elders from that time period and then stole every single one of their lasers and destroyed them. Die. Just no. No no. What are you- AHH! No you don’t. No you don’t. No you don’t. Yeah. There you go. You didn’t know what was coming at you. Just in case you didn’t know, it was a laser. A level 69 laser. Did it. Nailed it. I’m going to the Great Gap. It is really quiet here. Oh. Fire my laser! AHH! Okay. Well this seems to be a problem. I don’t think I can beat this with lasers which is quite a conundrum. I’m almost entirely used to exclusively lasering my way through all my problems. “That level is a little tricky”. “Try leveling up first”. “You can grind for EXP over here”. Ummmmm Thank you for the advice, you are awfully kind. I mean, it just seems to me, like, whoever this guy is talking to me, he just wants me to have a good time with his game. Like, that’s literally all he wants. He made a game, he wants people to play it for a long time, he’s worked very hard at it, and for some reason, this other guy wants to dismantle it all. Now why would that be? I mean, me, I’m just a guy at an arcade cabinet. I could leave at any time. I’m just enjoying me, myself here. Which would also lead me to believe, like I would have no reason to NOT participate because me, as just a player, is looking at this and being like “hey this is a really interesting game” But also me as a person, is also a player out here going “hey this is a really interesting game.” I wonder why it is. Yeah.. I gained… Oh… Ah. Oh. Oh… Oh you’ve got an incredibly skewed sense of time. Well time to loopy loop. Hey I’ve got enough patience for this thing to go all over the place. Okay so how- oh shit. AhHhH OhHhH *more random mark noises* Oh okay. Okay. Yeah. Doink. Doink. Doink. Doink. Nope. That ain’t doin it. It’s gotta be over here. Heh. That’s the one. Okay. Then this out. Boink. Boink. *Moaning in excitement* Did it! Did it! Did it! Did it! Did it! “Why can’t you play MY game” “the way I intended?” “Enjoy the wings.” Thank you! “Cheater.” See? This guy seems nice! He just wants me to play the game that he has spent so much time making. He spent He’s really legitimately trying to make a perfect type of game here. I can’t really fault him for that. Oh that’s cool. I like that. Demonic and awesome. I love that. Heh. *Mark is trying to be a dragon* No one can beat the laser dragon pony! *giggles* I’m having a great time. I’m having a wonderful time. Ticket lake? I want to go to Ticket Lake! How can I get a ticket at Ticket Lake? Herp. Braaaarh! I just have to fire my laser whenever I go up into the sky. Anybody want a taste of my laser? Hup. Anybody? No? Literally no one wants a taste of my laser? It’s made fresh within the depths- *more dragon impressions* Okay thank you. That was nice of you. *and again* Does anybody remember the laser compilation? Dr. Octagonapus and all that stuff? Man, right at the height of the laser meme. Got o- ohh. I died! I was talking about MEMES and of course I failed. God damn it. All right. Fast forwarding back to where I wasn’t such an idiot. *sped up music* I mean, admittedly, the guy’s name is Lucifer and he seems to run SATANtech So… you know. You gotta give things where you know like it’s a little iffy. And I don’t wanna I don’t wanna point fingers or anything, but if I had to go “huh. I wonder who’s probably” “not a good guy…” Probably gonna be this guy. Cliff of Trials? I don’t wanna go there. I want to get the ticket. The Weeping Hollow? Oo that sounds bad. I can’t even go there. I can go there! OH! Why am I in the Weeping Hollow? Why would I want to go here? Oh. Hi. Do I want you? I’m gonna get you. Alright. I thought it was gonna kill me. I did it. Okay… I’m a little confused. Is this coin gone? Okay… Alrighty then. Let’s carry on. I got a ticket. Or I got a coin. Can I get Can I get a ticket please? No? Okay. Alright let’s go. I suppose. Back to normal, are we? With cliffs in the background. Oh boy. Oh geez. Is that that’s like another Like another wing that popped out sometimes. Uh oh. Uh oh. Nehhhhh Okay. Cutting it close there bubba. And you’re dead. And you’re dead. And what happened? Something happened. Well I did it. I gotta admit, the game’s not too bad. I just I kinda just want to know how to get that ticket and I have a funny feeling that maybe I should go through this again. Can’t go through the one on the left. Fire backward. Go faster if it shoots out my butt. on yeah There’s something going on there but I can’t seem to figure it out. so I’m going to keep moving forward. Hello. *gasp of realization* I see something up there. Ooh. What is this? I don’t know what this is for but oh. Oh okay. “Is Var Under 0?” Hm. Okay. Okay so this should be good right? All I need to do is portal it over here now. Okay and we got it! It’s negative seven, far more than needed! Yay! It unlocked a square, but maybe it unlocked another square [mumbling] Oh! Ah, I see you! I saw you! I found you, secret! Ooh, hello! Hi, hi, hi, ho! Hi, hi, hi, ho! Hahahaha! Ah… Okay. Now we’ve got something here. Now we definitely got something. Ooh, I’m on the river Styx! I don’t know why I’m here, but I’m here. Goodbye, world! Goodbye Pony World! I’m gonna go- ooh. yeah I’m not, uh. I’m not a pony anymore. Heh. I’m not a pony anymore..? I’m a little confused as to what kind of transformation happened out there on the water. Did I go through some weird temporal rift that somehow turned me into a bipedal pony? I have no idea. A little bizarre and I seem to be a Crusader as well and I I don’t know what to think about that. Okay I’m just gonna- Just gonna carry on, if I still got wings and can shoot lasers I guess I’m okay, but… Oh! Uh, I wasn’t even paying attention, I was looking at the skull – cloud. There’s still a lot of unknown elements in this game that I’m trying to decipher, like obviously it’s trying to be meta in some way but there’s some backstory here, and I like, I always do this when I’m playing these games, I always try to figure out like, what exactly is the story and what’s the motivation and why would this be here. Why would this guy, because, it’s an important story element, it’s not just an anecdotal thing, that I’m a real person sitting at an arcade cabinet and there’s something really going on with this. Like, there legitimately is something really going on so it has to mean that there’s, like, substance behind it. There’s- There’s legitimacy to who this person is, who made this cabinet and also why this particular guy’s playing it and also why he’s not walking away. Like, these are all things that I think come into play, because I’d like to assume that it’s not just unsubstantiated, just, bulls#!ttery. Ech, I’m gon’ get’ya with my lasers- You’re a new guy, too. Do you know what’s going on here? Oh! Can’t hit me! Nyah! Are you dead yet? Are you not dead yet? Oh! There you go, you’re dead! So, also, like, the discrepancy between the
lost soul and the Lucifer character, like, who they are in this- in this endeavor
because if the lost soul is actually lost and not just sitting at an arcade
cabinet hoping to get tickets, then there’s something more to it than that. You know what I mean? Or maybe i’m
looking into this far too much, which is an entire possibility and I get lost in the
lore sometimes and I don’t want to, there may not be anything in this game but
it’s not gonna stop me from making the connections anyway so. Oh. Hello? Hello? Good gracious! There’s a lot of levels here. Ok got it! Ow. But there was the Cave of Truths..! Okay but before that i’m going to
check over here to the layoff because there was something over here… I don’t know what this is. But Keep’s Approach? Let me go to the Cave of Truth first, because if I’m going towards some sort of Keep that probably means something that the Lucifer guy has. So let’s go find out some truth here.
“You’ve done well to find me mortal” “Enter ‘back’ to leave this place
or I may show you a vision.” How about a vision? “A glimpse…” A-ha! Oh! “Now you may ask 1 of 3 questions:
‘Who was I?’ ‘When did I die?’
‘Who killed me?’ ” OOOOH- KAY! Okay. Now we know something very
interesting: I’m dead! That’s fascinating. I’m literally dead. I’m
a hundred percent dead. So ‘Who killed me?’ is an interesting question only if that pertains to someone else in
this game, ‘When did I die?’ is an interesting thing because it would tell me how long
I’ve been in the game… The only thing that doesn’t matter in
any capacity in this one is ‘Who was I?’ Because, it’s irrelevant who you were
because that’s- that doesn’t matter in the consequence of where you are right
now so either who killed me or when did I die I guess it would be kind of
interesting to know how long I’ve been in this place but I’d rather know who
killed me because that implies someone killed me. “His name was Abu Al-Kindi
he fought for his City” Oh, I was a soldier, now that’s fascinating! Thank you I said thank you! What the heck..! Oh, that’s so interesting! I can’t go back
in there and ask another thing, nope, nope. Okay, goodbye! Oh, that’s so interesting! Oh, So I… Wait a minute. My character
right now is literally a crusader… You- L- Th- That couldn’t that couldn’t be it-
Why- What would a crusader even do in this weird bizarre techno world like…
Oh that’s that’s really fascinating, oh my God it opens up a lot of doors… I know- I don’t be- This game has been out
for like half a year already so I know that people have already poured through
this as it is but I am SO curious right now. Oh, that’s so fascinating, oh, that tickles
everything! What is it like, how does it all relate
how does it all relate- Why specifically me- Am I here? Or could that just be my
“character” in this game and not necessarily who I am? “You’re doing so great.
Now I need time to create” “More content for you.” “Why don’t you take a break?” “I insist.” No, I’m having fun! Uh-oh position button..? I don’t know how to process the button properly…
Hm, I guess I will do a little bit of this section here Uh, s#!t. Ok, so now i need the y-position up one… Ok, so that’s gonna loop through so and now
exposition needs to be below… Yeah, this is gonna be complicated, ok…
Ok now it’s good, ok now it’s good, it’s No, I’m good thank you Oh, content all done?
Oh, content all done now! Oh content, oh, go on Oh no, poor you! Content’s all going bye “I told you to take a break.” “I need more time here.” “You’re not ready for the boss fight.” I think I am!
“Let me just-” “Code up some nore levels.”
“Oops. Just a typo. Hold on.” Ah! Uh-oh. Aah I see! Oh, hey! Oh! “” “I hope it’s good” “It’s gotta work” “doubt”
Okay. That shows that the creator of this game
is doubting himself and that’s even more interesting. “What was that function?” “ponies are cute” “hope?”
Hope? Oh, that’s so interesting “too dark right now…” “more_fri#ndly(content)”
“needs to be friendlier” “what is a friend?” Oh, that’s so interesting! Oh that’s so
interesting, OH THAT’S SO INTERESTING! Oh it’s so fascinating, okay I’m gonna
blast through this and… Okay got it, Now we’ve got enough data,
we got a whole smackarom [?? sorry] of data so we’ve got to go somewhere for this data… “needmoretime” “panicking” “needmoretime” Oh, man. Uh. Hi mascot! How ya doin’? Oh, you’re so cute, so cute. “slow down”
Nuuh, don’t think so, maybe you need to speed- uh… Uh… “Not loading…” Oh, s#!t. So what I first gotta do is I
gotta get a_data all the way up to a hundred… Which is gonna happen right about… Nyeh! Nyoh! Beh! Buhh! Right there. So then i can get a_data over here and then I can just loop through the
pattern of this bulls#!t here… Now we’re going to get b_data
up to a hundred, boink Boink! Boink. Okay, then we need to see data Okay- NO that’s not what I meant! Ah, s#!t, it’s
gonna be all- it’s not gonna be even! Oh, God, that’s not gonna be even. Oh well whatever, it’s not pretty but it
is what it is, it’s done. “It’s not ready.” “Don’t look.” I want to look at all, I
really do! Show me, come on, please!
Oh, it’s upside down. That’s a problem. That’s a problem, poor game design.
IGN 3/10 Jesus Christ, needs more Doritos. Hi mascot, how you doing? Oh boy. Hey, Ticket Lake! No tickets no more! Oh boy. So if I recall maybe I could go back
to the Cave of Thruths. Oh hello- skull… Through the desert there was the Cave of Truths but-
ah! Maybe I could ask another question? Hello? Nope. Ok that’s not the case, but i
guess i can go to the boss fight now, maybe that’s going to mean something for
me I definitely know that I’ve been missing
out on some tickets here and there but I think I can forgive myself because I’m
not exactly completionist I’m good enou- Ooh-kay! Boss fight it is!
As not ready as it may be. “You made it”
“The final level of Adventure Mode.” “I wanted to have more of a build-up.” “But you’re here so we might as well do this.” “The final boss is me of course.” “If you lose your soul is mine.” :] “Smiley face” Oh that’s that’s some
friendly content right there. Well I can’t seem to hit you. Huh. Who’s cheating now?
“I’ve done it take this portal to the core file.” Okay goodbye! See ya! I wanna do- Oh! it’s Beelzebub! Ohai Beelzebub!
How ya doin’? Oh, hey- Woah-k Nevermind. Whoa that was expected. What, how is that expected,
Holy s#!t! I don’t know- Ahh! Okay. Really I wasn’t doing it right.
Break these symbols and break these rocks, Oh, I jumped right into that fist! Okay so I need to not do the jumping.
Oh! Ah, s#!t! Ok, thank you for being nice, okay so I
got you alright so now I’m getting this boss
fight a little better. God part of his head’s gone. well just like playing Bastion
in Overwatch! So easy it’s got click and hold then keep your eye on the target!
Oh no, your chin! Oh your poor little baby chin! Uh-oh.
Thank you ohaithere ♫AAAAAAAAANNNND YOU’RE N-DEAAAD♫ Oh, s#!t! Oh s#!t! Oh! I am de vinner! A-ha delete core file “Well played. You are a true warrior. Now
click this shortcut.” “Let’s take down this core.” Oh!
“No. You are being led astray.” “Can’t you see that destroying these files” “Will prevent you from playing Pony Island?” Oh. “But destroying the file is
the only way to advance the plot” Eh, hah, hahah. Eh. WOAAAAAAAHAHAAAH Oh, damn! Ok, is this my chance? I’m doing it. Thanks for the distraction. Oh, security breach. “Fool fool fool” Oh geez. “Sleep-” OH GOD! That’s in real-
thats in real! Maybe not real life, considering I’m dead, if that is true.
’cause I was programmed in the game as well, who knows if that’s right or wrong. Oh geez. Oh what is this?! Hoh, I- I am in an arcade! I am! Oh my God that’s amazing, I love that!
There’s cobwebs on it now, though. How long was I out for? Ok, so that’s all
the time I got for this episode, it ran longer than I thought it would but this
is just so interesting so I’m gonna play this again, I don’t know how much longer
there is in the game but there’s one more core file to delete so I can assume
that’s as much as we’re gonna be able to do, so: Thank you everybody so much for watching,
and as always I will see you in the next video. Buh-Bye! [Top video] Mark: OH SHI- NO NO NO I HIT IT! AAWRGH
[Simultaneous] Jack: AH, NO! I hit it! YEHEHEA My own teammate bounced it in! [Bottom video] One, in, INININININ LETITGO! DIDITGO? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH [email protected]#KOFF!


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  25. Yeeto Cheeto

    November 9, 2019 4:33 pm

    Alright. So I was told to take a break from YouTube when I was watching this video. So I did, and what freaked me the fuck out is that I left the video paused at 4:16. So when I came back and Markiplier said "Oooooh Welcome Back." It scared the hell outta me-


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