Ask the Vet – Sacroiliac (SI) injections in horses


SARAH: “My horse recently
got her SI injected. I was just wondering
if there was anything I could do to help her
be more comfortable, especially after
hard work or jumping? Could I poultice/liniment
the area–” that’s a tough spot to get to
“–or is there something else I could do? Thanks!” DR LYDIA GRAY: So I went
right to the source. We had Dr. Kaneps
here, recently. He is board,
double-board certified. He’s a real smart guy. He’s an American College
of Veterinart surgeons and the new American
College Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehab. SARAH: He’s got all the letters. DR LYDIA GRAY: I know. That’s a lot of letters. SARAH: The alphabet soup. DR LYDIA GRAY: ACVSMR. I sent him that question, in
the hopes that it was going to rise to the top and it did. This is what he said. SI is sacroiliac region
lies deep to the croup, like you said, and relies on
the muscles of the top line and croup for stability. SI injections reduce
inflammation around the joints. Poultices and liniments
applied to the area, would have very little effect. Further support of
this area depends on building strength
and flexibility in the support muscles. Top line muscle strength, is
improved with carrot stretches and belly pinches. I think that’s where you– SARAH: Oh, and have them tuck. DR LYDIA GRAY: Yep. Upper rear limb and
croup muscle strength is improved with work over
ground poles, cavalettis, and cycles of gait transitions,
like walk, trot, walk, trot, canter, trot. Building strength of the support
muscles of the back and croup is the best way to ensure long
term comfort in the SI area. I asked him– one of my
favorite books is called, “Activate Your Horses
Core: Unmounted Exercise For Dynamic Mobility,
Strength, and Balance,” by Doctor Hilary Clayton
and Narelle Stubbs. He said he uses that a lot too,
and he highly recommends it. SARAH: You guys should
have a book club. DR LYDIA GRAY: So
that’s his answer. I think it’s right
on, and there you’ve got a resource to go read up on. SARAH: I really like
imagining with all of his many, many credentials,
him taking out his prescription pad. Belly pinches, two times daily. Call me in the morning. DR LYDIA GRAY: Knowing him,
he might do exactly that. SARAH: Belly pinches is
an amazing, amazing term.


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  1. Natalie Harris

    March 9, 2018 11:58 pm

    I've had many SI injections on my back, I've never seen it done on a horse, that's so cool. Keep your core!
    I'd love to see that done in person at the SI joint. I've watched some of mine. That was neat.


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