Author Meets Illustrator | Horse Meets Dog

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My name is Elliott Kalan, and
I’m the writer of Horse Meets Dog.>>And I’m Tim Miller. I’m the illustrator.>>Of Horse Meets Dog.>>Of Horse Meets Dog. [MUSIC]>>I’m an author, you’re an illustrator. It seems like that’s kinda that same
thing, ’cause we’re both making a story.>>Yeah.>>But it’s pretty different,
because I use words and you use pictures, which sounds simple, but it’s actually
incredibly complicated—explain.>>As soon as I read the words,
I see the pictures. And if the words are really alive,
and if they’re kind of funny, it makes it all the more visual.>>In some ways,
the pictures are the star of the show. In other ways,
the words are far more important. In fact, the most important way is
the words are far more important. But the pictures are also very good.>>Actually, I mean, the words are just
kind of, like, they just kind of get the ball rolling, and then the pictures,
really kind of hit it out of the park. [MUSIC]


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