Baby Tiddley-Winks – G1 My Little Pony ‘n Friends


Let’s play tag, kay? M’kay. Can’t catch us! Nya nya nya nya nya nya! Can’t catch us! Can too! [screams] Help! Baby Lickety Split! Baby Shady! Help! Help! [gasps] Puppy ask if Baby Tiddley ok! Uh, I fine, big puppy! You saved me! Only all wet. [laughs] Puppy make me dry now! [barks] No can talk like us! [laughs] Call you Dinah, then! ‘Cause you big like a dinosaur! You lost? We keep her? Please? Huh? Please pleeeease? I guess we can’t say no! [cheering] [Dinah howls] Now we play! But first you better wash! You all dirty! Now go sit! I clean up mess! [whines] Help? No! You did enough already! [Heart Throb screams] What happened, Heart Throb? I hope tomorrow better. Dinah! Dinah! Woah! Dinah bigger! Dinah got a whole lot of friends! Tell her she can go! Tell her she’ll always be in your heart! Just like you’ll always be in hers! [whines] It’s ok, Dinah. I understand. You gotta go. [barks] What we play now? Maybe play now… Ok! What game? Um… checkers! [gulps] Baby Lofty go get checkers, ‘kay? Yes, checkers! Baby Ribbon get ’em, ‘kay? Wink up there! Get checkers! Can’t! Not all here! Checkers all there? I’m not all here! Buttons, would you play a game with us, please? This gonna be fun! What ball gonna be? Maybe… maybe… Who are you? Your very own special playmate, Baby Tiddley-Winks! And I know a place filled with the best toys and games in the whole world! Oh boy! Just close your eyes, we’ll be there in a flash! Wow! Look at all the toys! In this place there’s nothing to do but play all day! What this? It’s a ping-pong table, made especially for you! Get ready! Wanna play more! Ok! Come on! This is the best game ever! Look! Wow… Looks hard! Every room has a different surprise! You have to find your way through! Try it! ‘Kay! I’ll see you at the other end! Whoa! [giggles] Whee! [laughs] Which way I go? This way! [laughs] This fun! Yay! I told you you could do it! Baby Tiddley-Winks likes ball! [laughs] Shucks. I’m turning red! [giggles] Will be just like that! I just thinking what red ball be like to play with! Maybe wasn’t any ball! Maybe was… imagination! ♫I’d live in a fantasy toyland♫ Wow! [laughter outside] C’mon sleepies, wake up! Look, pretty! Oh boy! [laughter] Hi there you two!


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  1. Carly Steffen

    April 3, 2018 11:28 pm

    History does repeat itself. Baby Tiddley-Winks imagines going down a slide at 4:37 and then floating in air (taken from the story “Little Piece of Magic”). In the episode of My Little Pony Tales called “Battle of the Bands,” the young twins Ting-a-Ling and Jing-a-Ling do the same thing during the competition (but without imagining anything).

  2. CuteYoshilover

    August 8, 2019 7:08 pm

    I will say this, Pony Puppy is one of my favs of the original season, Dinah is so cute! and the 3 baby ponies/fillies were so sweet. Baby Tiddley Winks would have been washed if not her her


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