Banbury Cross: Part 7


(Banbury Cross theme playing) Faith: Can you come over here for a second? I need to talk to you about something Oh, sure Faith: You know Mystery, right? Olivia: We’ve met Faith: Well, I’m trying to talk your dad into buying her. I think she’d make a really great eventing horse. He’s not around right now to try her out and take her for a test drive, so I was wondering if you wanted to? Olivia: Me? Yeah, your dad trusts your judgement You can always tell him what you thought of her What do you say? Olivia: Well I’d love to! are you sure I’m a good enough rider? Well, grab your helmet and let’s find out! Olivia: Okay! (hoofbeats) Come on, let’s go You are so awesome! Faith: How’s she feeling? So different from Aviator but so fun! Faith: That’s great Hey, why don’t you ride over to the indoor and I will set up some jumps for you? Okay! HA! I caught you, Elijah Webb! I knew you liked this guy Ok, I’m busted (chuckling) Well, I’m glad you guys are getting along Look, um, there’s something I need to talk to you about Elijah: Oh? I may not have been entirely fair about the whole wedding thing. In fact I’m pretty sure I wasn’t. So maybe we should just forget about it? I don’t know if we should completely forget it. I mean, I still wanna marry you. It’s just that, when I propose to you for real, I wanted to plan it out. I didn’t want it to seem like a spur-of-the-moment thing. Because you’re more to me than that. I get it. Okay, I do. I just get excited It’s what I do, and I’m really sorry. I love your enthusiasm Lola: Really? Elijah: Of course Lola: I love you, too Lola: I really should be getting back to the paperwork But we can continue this discussion another time. And, I look forward to you proposing to me, when you can make it The Most Romantic. Proposal. Ever. Oh boy. Adian (offscreen): Hey, ladies! How’d your ride go? Olivia: She was awesome! The way she went over the jumps? I could tell she wanted to go higher, but Faith wouldn’t let me. Adian (mouthing): Thank. You. Adian(out loud): You know how you were saying you needed an eventing horse? Faith needs somebody to ride Mystery and we were thinking Faith and I decided together that if you wanted, you could do a work lease for Mystery and use her in your eventing lessons Olivia: Really? Really? Faith: Yeah, that’s what we decided. Olivia: I can’t believe it! Faith: That is, if you do your work. I’m going to need a lot of help around the barn, so, that’s how you’ll work off your lease Olivia: Ok, I can do that! Adian: Are you sure? We’re trusting you with a lot of responsibility Olivia: I can do it, Dad Adian: Hey, I’m not the one you have to convince Mystery is, she the one who’s going to be your eventing partner after all. I can do it, Mystery! We both can! You know, this’ll be the last time that we’re at Uncle Mike’s together like this for a long time Yeah, I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right. Alexis: We’re finally going to college! Christy: After all our years of working and saving up, we’re finally on our way! Saving up? College is ridiculously expensive! We decided to start college late because we didn’t want to start with massive amounts of debt. I guess that’s why I haven’t seen much of you the last couple of years Yeah, we’ve both been picking up extra hours. Right Awesome. What’s wrong? It’s kind of embarrassing. You can tell us The reason that I’m late to college isn’t because I was working. Unlike you guys, I’m gonna have massive debt Well, that’s nothing to be ashamed of I mean, the money that we’ve saved up isn’t gonna last our entire tuition Well, that’s not the whole problem. See, um. I had some family problems it’s taken me a lot longer to finish high school then it normally probably would have? That’s why I’m going to college now yeah so I’m really worried about how I’m going to do. I’m terrified that I’m going to let everybody down Alexis: Wow. Christy: It’s all right Lizzie We’ll be there for you We’ll all be there for each other Yeah? That’s right! No matter what! No matter where life takes us! Ellie: Hey Lola, I’m sorry to bother you so late but you weren’t in your office earlier Oh, yeah, I was just talking to Elijah. Ellie: Oh! I’ve been thinking about signing up for the Hundred Day Mustang Challenge since they’re going to be holding it in Washington State next year? Lola: Oh! Ellie: Yeah, but I need a place to board a mustang and I was wondering if it would be okay to board one here, or if you’d rather I didn’t I think that would be okay Okay, I guess Im gonna do it! I’m gonna apply! They could still say no and I could still not be accepted, but I’m really excited about this! Well, then go for it! Yeah, I will! Thanks, Lola! Oh, and, goodnight! Dawn: Hey, Kiona? Yeah? Dawn: I’m getting ready to take Olivia and Mystery over to Purple Valley for their lesson, and I was wondering if you could take over my lessons by any chance? yeah sure it’s no problem Dawn: Phew, thank you! That takes a lot of the pressure off! You know, you were really good with the kids at camp. Now that I’m barn manager, I think I might have you take over a few more things. Maybe, some lessons on a permanent basis? What do you think? Kiona: Wow! I’ll definitely think about it Dawn: Well, you don’t have to decide right now but, I have to go, so we’ll talk about it later Kiona: Okay Kiona: You know it’s just gonna be the two of us around here again. You know, like before Faith came, and everybody else. Dawn: Huh, yeah. Well, except Faith will still be here. but you’re right Lizzie: Hey, you guys have a safe trip I’m about to head over to Greenbridge to get Rubicon loaded on their trailer It was so nice of Lola to give me a ride up there. I’ll see you at college! Faith: You have a safe trip, too! (truck and trailer rumbling) (running footsteps) Adian: Was that Faith? Did she just leave? Lizzie: Uh, yeah? She’ll be back tomorrow, though I’m the one that’s going to college! Adian: Right, yeah, I know, I hope you have a safe trip and I hope you have a really wonderful year But, I gotta run! What’s with him? Faith, waaaaaaaaaaaait! Wow (galloping) Adian: We’re catching up! (even more galloping) Adian: Faaiiiith, waiiiiiit! (plastic truck sounds) Adian: Thanks for stopping! Faith: Adian, what is it? What’s the matter? Adian: Nothing’s the matter, I just needed to talk to you before you left Easy, boy. Faith: You really had to chase me down just to talk to me? Adian, I have a cell phone Adian: I’ve been chasing you for years I just didn’t know you’d let me catch you. What are you talking about? You know how you said earlier that it really bothered you that neither one of us had ever really committed to anything? Yeah? Adian: Well, Faith, I want to commit to something Will you marry me? Oh, Adian! Faith: Yes! Yes, yes I will! Wow (Banbury Theme playing slowly)


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