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– I’m a kid on Christmas. You grow up watching Marvel, you know. You grow up wanting to be a superhero. You grow up, and getting
to be that is like, yeah, the words can’t describe it, man. – [Josh] You like your costume? Have you had a fitting?
– I do, yeah. I love it. – (laughs) Feel like a superhero in it? – Yeah, and I am. – Amazing. (laughs) [Josh] It’s a great pleasure
to welcome Barry Keoghan into our studio today. A big fan of yours, man. – Thanks, man. – The new film is ‘Calm With Horses.’ As I was saying, tough piece
of work, great piece of work. – Different. – Yeah. Talk to me a little bit about, let’s just get the basics out of the way. How do you get involved in this one, what’s the appeal of this one? – Nick Rowland, you know, he’s a first time filmmaker as well. I seen a short he done
called ‘Dancing in the Ashes’ and he made it for, like
three, four thousand and it just blew my mind. You know, it was just
incredible and moving and I wanted to see what he was
doin’ for his first feature. So, this came about
and he flew to Ireland, we chatted, we had a few Guinness. And, we got on, do you know? And, we chatted about the character. And, yeah, we just, we clicked. – Is this a uniquely
Irish story, you think? What makes this unique to
that land, to your homeland. – It is, you know, and it’s
always nice to film home, it’s always, always nice. But, the Irish crews and everyone, and just gettin’ to
work on this was magic. They’re based on the short
stories by Colin Barrett. – Right. – It captures, kind of
the life of the west, if you get me, you know? – Mmm hmm. – I grew up in Dublin and
this filmmed in Connemara, it’s a totally different world, so. – It’s also about friendship and loyalty – Loyalty, yeah. – and violence and culture,
like that’s just an inherent in some kind of, the way
some people have to grow up just by blood.
– Yeah. – How does it resonate
with the way you grew up? You had a tough childhood
from what I gather. – Yeah, it wasn’t like
that, though, you know. – I hope not, yeah. – But loyalty, it
definitely plays a big part in the loyalty. ‘Cause he, Dympna, the character I play, is constantly trying
to prove to his uncles and basically to the
community I think, you know, and keeping this, kind of,
persona that he has, you know, and this vicious kinda thing
he’s tryin’ to give off. But, yeah, it’s loyalty to
his family and, you know, to Arm, and that, so yeah. – You know, watching it,
this doesn’t read as like, oh, this must have been a blast to shoot. This must (laughs) like, is it, I mean, obviously you’re getting
something out of this experience. – Yeah. – But, I can’t imagine ever you – I got to see my country, you know. – Well, there’s that. – I got to go to places where
I wouldn’t have went to. You know, the west coast
of Ireland is probably one of the most beautiful
places in the world to go. Gettin’ to spend time there and
it’s such a low budget movie as well that, you know
you don’t have the perks of stayin’ in these big
hotels and you’re kinda with the team on it,
which is nice, you know, because it was a young crew as well and everyone was kind of, everyone was puttin’ their hard hours in and you felt a part of that. You didn’t feel like, all right I’m gonna go to the hotel and – [Josh] Right, check-out. – You know, I rider-ed that. Well, I won’t say rider-ed, ’cause don’t go puttin’ me in it. But, like you know, it’s
sometimes the crews and that don’t get the love that they should. To be there with them and basically goin’ at
it with ’em was nice. – Well and you mentioned the director, this is his first feature and
he’s got everything to prove, like it’s all on this. – There’s a lot of pressure,
man, a lot of pressure. – I can only imagine. So, for you, I mean especially and I want to talk to you
about like the last few years, which have been amazing for you. But like, is it important
to still mix it up with like young first time filmmakers? – Yeah, if the script is there. Honestly, if the script and
the story and the character, you know, them three
elements, I’m down to do it. You know, doesn’t matter the budget. You know, you see films these
days bein’ made on iPhones and stuff like that. Doesn’t matter what it’s captured on. You know, it’s the story. So, yeah, whatever the material
is, if it reaches out to me and I like it, I mean, yeah. – I mentioned when you came in here, I’ve been really admiring your work and your choices the last few
years and just like every. – I’ve been lucky in that way, man. – It’s a good run and it’s gonna continue, I think judging by
what’s coming up for you. Just talk to me a little
bit, like expectations, like five, if I talked
to you five years ago, is this kind of what you
imagined where you were going, like is this exceeding? – Yeah, you seen the
tweet, I tweeted Stan Lee? – Yes, so let’s give a little context. Back in 2013, you tweeted, – I was like, “Please
let me be a superhero.” – “Please make me a
superhero,” to Stan Lee. – Yeah, and it’s just
that vision and that, you know I don’t wanna
make it sound too cheesy and too cliché, but it’s just havin’ that drive, you know, and watchin’ all these
people that I admire and gettin’ to meet them. I’m starstruck when I get to
meet half of the people I meet. I’m such a fanboy like as well. – I know you, I can tell,
I follow you on social and I was at D23, and I saw you losing
your mind for The Rock. – Oh, my God. (laughing) That was madness, ’cause we set that up
so I’d bump into him. – You set it up? – Yeah, yeah, they set it
up, like for me, you know. I was like, “Can I meet The Rock?” and they were like, “Yeah.” I was like, “Well wait, yeah?” I was like, “Oh, oh (beep) all right.” (laughing) “This is it.” And, my girlfriend seen him and they set up so nice that
we’d bump into each other. And, he is such a gent. – The best. – You know, they say
don’t meet your heroes. And, oh my God, he was
more than I expected. Like he, you know and the
fact he was just tired and whatever and he was ready
to go and he’d had a long day, but he stood there with me and he was willing to give me advice. And, I was the one that freaked out. I was like “Oh, I can’t, I
can’t, it’s The Rock, oh my God.” And, my girlfriend had to butt in and go, “Just wanna say, he can’t talk now, “but he’s a huge fan of yours.” You know, he was just, he was so lovin’ and the fact that he
went and tweeted me after and showed support that way. It goes to show, like he
is where he is because he’s such a good guy, you know. – What’s the Barry Keoghan, Rock collabo that we’re tryin’ to get
off the ground? (laughs) – What is there? We’re workin’ on it,
yeah we’re workin’ on it. I wanna put that out there. (laughing) – It has begun. Look, it worked last time with Marvel to make you a superhero. – I know, man, I know it. – What do we want to secret
into the universe now? – I know, I know, it’s crazy. – What did movies mean to you growing up? I mean, I alluded to the tough upbringing, were movies an escape, was it? – Escape, man, I was gonna say that, yeah. I think for everyone, you know. Look at Martin Scorsese,
he says he always ran away to the cinema and, you
know, escaped that way. And, for me it was watching old movies and learnin’ traits and ways to talk to people and mannerisms along with some acting and. – Who were the actors you were
obsessed with then or now? – Paul Newman. – Yeah? – Paul Newman, I still am. Brando is the obvious one as well. And, just you know, they just, I never met my granddad,
you know he passed away before I was born, but they
somehow remind me of him, you know and his kind of way. – What about in your contemporaries? Who knocks you back, who
are you impressed by? – Joaquin Phoenix. – Just the way he’s just wantin’ to commit and just go for it. – Just, Tom Hardy. – Same way, yeah, totally, yeah. – I have a list, DiCaprio,
I have a list of ’em, and Daniel Day Lewis. – Have you spent, I mean Hardy
was obviously in ‘Dunkirk,’ but not in your stuff, have
you spent time with Tom at all? – I got to meet him at the premiere. For the first time, which was weird. – Intimidating guy. – I was like, “Oh, you
were great in the film.” He was like, “So were you, bro.” (laughing) – ‘Dunkirk’ secret handshake. (laughing) – Play it cool, do you know what I mean? But no, he’s class, man. He does this thing with his body as well. You know, the great ones
do it, that body language. I don’t even think he knows he’s doin’ it. But, you know, whatever way he’s feelin’, his body tells it off and. – I think of that film
like ‘Warrior,’ the way– – ‘Warrior,’ man and ‘Bronson.’ – [Josh] Amazing. – Do you know and then even
in ‘Dunkirk’ and Batman, you know, he’s covered
here, but, you know, it’s just a lesson what
he does there, like, he. – Yeah, couple quick things. I know you can’t say
anything about ‘Eternals,’ but talk to me just what it means to you to be a part of this. – It’s exciting, man, it really is. – And, now you’ve gotten to
know your cast a little bit. At D23, you probably met a lot
of them for the first time. – I did and that was, it was, you know, I thought it was gonna be
intimidating walkin’ out. But, you know, they were
so reassuring backstage and gettin’ to meet everyone. And, they were like, “Just take a breath.” and, you know, I was like, I was the last one to be
called out and I was like, “Am I gonna make it through them curtains, “’cause I feel like I’m gonna” (whistles) And, but I walked out, and you
know that was an experience in itself as well, gettin’ to just, you look from there to
there and I was just (sighs) it was full up everywhere, like it. And, everyone’s so, you know,
pumped up and you’re there and you’re tryin’ to hold your own. (laughing) Crazy. – [Josh] I can’t wait to see
what you do with it, man.


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