Ben introduces our gorgeous zebra foal!

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Hi there, I’m Ben one of the ungulate keepers here at Auckland Zoo. As you may have heard over the Christmas period we’ve had a zebra foal born, she’s three weeks old today and today we’re just going to introduce you to her. At three weeks old, our zebra foal is doing very well. She’s started to progress from drinking mother’s milk to actually eating solids She’s in the background
behind me just having a little nibble of some hay. So she’s starting to test the
environment, she’s also looking at the giraffe quite a lot. This is Kabili, our two year old giraffe
and it’s quite nice for her to actually have a little playmate, in the form of
our three week old foal because Kabili’s quite young, so she gets chance
to pay someone. It is raining, as you probably noticed,
but despite the rain the zebra don’t mind being outside. They seem to always
be on display, that’s where they choose to be, and that’s where they feel
comfortable. So if you do come to Auckland Zoo on a rainy day, over the
summer period, chances are you’ll probably get to see our young zebra foal. So this is actually quite an exciting time for me as a keeper and this little lady is
actually the first-ever foal I’ve ever worked with. So it’s a very nice time for
me and all the other keepers here at Auckland Zoo to see her running around
and very nice, very healthy and a jolly little lady.


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