Bill Salus: Does the Harlot Ride the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse?

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>The fourth horseman of the
apocalypse mentions Death and Hades. Who are they? And here to address the
question of who are they is
author and lecturer Bill Salus. Hi, Bill.>>Gary
it’s great to be back on the
program and we’re going to have a very
fascinating topic today.>And
we’re going to continue a discussion that we began on
our last broadcast. And the fourth seal mentions Death and
Hades, and I think it’s really easy to read across
that. In fact it’s in verse 8 of Revelation 6, “And I looked,
and behold a pale horse: and
his name that sat on him was Death, and Hades
followed with him”. and it’s really easy just to
read right across it and say,
‘okay, that’s Death and Hades followed with him. So
what?’ But you actually point out that this is
bigger than it seems.>>Right.
Because what we’re told about Death and
Hades and the timing that they show up on the world scene
gives us some pretty detailed
information about who they are, who is there
identity and what are they
doing, what is their mission. You know it says that they are
given authority over a quarter
of the earth to kill through multiple means.
It starts talking about famines
and the sword, et cetera, the beasts of
the earth. And commonly, we
pointed out in the previous show, the
traditional teaching is that
means they are killing a quarter of the world’s
population and it could be as
many as a billion plus people. But that’s not
technically what the text
reads. They’re given power or in some translations
authority over a quarter of the
earth to kill. Because by the time
you get to the fourth horseman
of the apocalypse you’ve had the other three horseman, the
Antichrist comes on the scene
and the white horseman first seal. Second seal you’ve
got the wars taking place and
the fiery red horseman, and then the third seal the bad
fruits of a war is across the globe
will be famines, scarcities and
pestilences. The world is in chaos. So here
comes Death and Hades at a time when Satan is no longer
restrained from supernatural
deception, we talked about that in the
first program. The paranormal
is the new normal at this point in time.
So Death and Hades, who do they
represent? And they have
authority over a quarter of the earth. Well,
that could be a global network.
And I believe Gary, that there is evidences that
that is the Harlot World
Religion Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17.>Now I’m
going to go back to Isaiah chapter 28 and I’m going to start in verse
14 here where it says “Wherefore hear the word of the
Lord, ye scornful men, that rule this people
which is in Jerusalem. Because
ye have said, we have made a covenant
with death and with Hades are we at agreement”. So here they are agreeing with
death and hades and we know who
we’re talking about. the people who rule this people
which is in Jerusalem.>>Right. What you
just directed the viewer’s
attention to is another proof text for the
important false covenant of
Daniel 9:27. In the Hebrew translation
that’s Death and Sheol. It says ‘you made a covenant
with death’ –this false covenant in Daniel
9:27. ‘you are in agreement
with Sheol’. What we want to draw
your reader’s attention to is
there is an introduction of what appears to be Death and
Hades the fourth horsemen
taking us back around 740 B.C. dealing
with another proof text of the
false covenant. So why don’t you read
the full false covenant. Let me
just qualify this first before you do that: most
of you may be familiar with this false covenant as per
Daniel 9: 27,>Mhm.>>where it
talks about the Antichrist will–it
says he will confirm a covenant for–it’ll be Daniel’s 70th
week for a week which is a week
of seven years, we commonly call
that start of the 70th week of
Daniel the seven year tribulation period.>Right.
>>He will confirm a covenant,
we know it’s dealing with Israel for a week and with the
many, so he’s saying there’s another signatory besides
Israel, we’ve gotta find out
who are the many. And then in the middle of the
covenant he will go into and
stop the offering and the sacrifices that are taking
place. So Daniel’s information
which is really important, it says we know who
the confirmer of the covenant
is, that’s the Antichrist. We
know that the two signatories are Israel
and the many, whoever the many
represent. We know that it’s for seven
years but in the middle it’s
going to be voided and it seems to enable the Jews
to reinstate their animal
sacrifices so those are important details.
But it doesn’t tell us why Israel is going to the table,
why they are negotiating, why
they feel the concern to be part of this false covenant. And
let’s face it, at this point in
time in Israel’s future history the Jews will probably have
been greater state for Israel– they will have defeated the
Arab foes around them in Psalm
83 and “The Now Prophecies”, a
book that you offered that
these things could happen, the Middle East. They will
probably, their God will have
defeated the Ezekiel 38 invaders, Russia, Iran and
Turkey supernaturally with
fire, hailstone and brimstone, Israel is then burying the dead
for 7 months burning their weapons, can
bring them fuel for seven
years. And it says in Ezekiel
39 there actually getting renown. This
is a different Israel, this is
a powerful Israel on the scene at this
time, and also the scornful rulers of Isaiah
28:14, they hook up with death and Sheol, whoever that
represents, to confirm a
covenant. And go ahead and read why they do that and this
other information in Isaiah 28.
>I’ll start back at Isaiah 28:14 “wherefore hear
the word of the Lord ye
scornful men that rule this
people which is in Jerusalem.” So it’s
addressed to a group of people you’ve been
talking about.>>That’s right.
They’re the ones that confirm,
they become signatory to the false
covenant, the Antichrist
confirms in Daniel 9:27.>Next
verse, “because you have said,” and by
the way this is the King James
which uses the term ‘hell’ but it’s really
Hades. Hades is the best term. “we have made a
covenant with death and with
Hades” are we at agreement, when the
overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto
us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood we
have hid ourselves”. and so there it is. It is a
protective action on their part.>>Well it is. So the
details we get there, the other
proof text for this false covenant is
that, the many are represented by Death and Hades or like I
said Sheol in the Greek, some translations. So who are they?
Well coincidentally we just
said they show up as the fourth horseman>Right.>>so
you gotta put a face on them.
And that’s who the other party is that the other
signatory with Israel. And
what’s motivating Israel is that Death and Hades are
perpetrating and overflowing
scourge throughout the world and Israel does not want
that to overtake them. And it
says they covenant under lies and
falsehood. In other words they
aren’t necessarily buying into whatever this Death
and Hades is perpetrating or
the Antichrist is confirming with them.
They’re doing it because it’s
politically expedient. And we’re going to find out
that the true content on the
false covenant probably has nothing to do with the
Palestinian/Israeli peace
treaty. There’s no Scriptural
support for that, which is commonly taught.
But it has to do with the Jews
desire to build their tribulation,
their third temple. And we’ll
talk about the clues to that in a minute.
>>And we’re talking with author
and lecturer Bill Salus his latest book just coming out. It’s called “The Next
Prophecies: Decline of Islam, Ezekiel 38, Mystery
Babylon, the Antichrist” and you’re asking what I think is a
very important question: do Death and Hades represent the
Harlot World Religion? And I
think up to now people have kind of
read across Death and Hades and just, you know not very
important. I’m just going to
read on to the next verse. But wait a minute, stop, and
let’s ask ourselves who are
death and hades? And you spend quite a
bit of time on that.
>>Absolutely. Because I do
believe they’re the other signatory
that Israel covenants with of the many of Daniel 9:27 or
of those perpetrating the
overflowing scourge you read in Isaiah 28:15. And
so who are they, and they show up in the fourth
horseman of the apocalypse. So
before we get into what the clues may be as to the
true content of the false
covenant which continues on in Isaiah
28, let’s talk about Death and
Hades. Okay when you get to what Death
and Hades are doing as the
fourth horsemen they have authority over a
quarter of the earth to kill, and they’re killing, we find
out the fifth seal saints among
whoever else they’re killing, the next seal
is the fifth seal saints. These
are believers in Jesus Christ. So these are–and they
become believers after the rapture. Because the sealed
judgments are opened after the
pre-trib rapture. So what
happens is the fifth seal saints are
killed for their faith, their
belief in Jesus Christ. We’re
told that in the opening of the
fifth seals. So what we find
out in the answer to the fifth seal
saints, Gary I want you to read what the fifth seal saints ask
and what the Lord answers to
them so we can then say well, look at Death with Hades’
role in this situation.>All
right. I’m reading in Revelation 6:9. And I’m reading in the King
James version. Bill occasionally uses other translations, but this is okay.
There’s a wide breadth of interpretation here.
“And when he had opened the
fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls
of them that were slain for the
word of God, and for the
testimony which they held: and they cried –by the way, the testimony
which they held, that’s the
context here. Next verse says “And they
cried with a loud voice,
saying, how long O Lord holy and true doest thou
not judge and avenge our blood on them that
dwell on the earth?” And white robes were given unto
every one of them; and it was
said unto them, that they should
rest for a little season, until
their fellowservants also and their
brethren, that they should be killed as
they were, should be
fulfilled.” So this is amazing. Just the pure brutality here of the system of that day. Millions of people are going to
be subjected to the side effects of some kind of a
strange covenant.>>That’s
right. Death and Hades has authority
over a quarter of the earth,
this is the fourth seal before the fifth seal that
you just read. And they’re
perpetrating what I believe is the
overflowing scourge that Israel
is going to be concerned about.
They are killing and among their victims are the
fifth seal saints. And they ask the interesting question,
the fifth seal saints, how long
O Lord until you avenge for how they were
killed. And that’s an interesting question because
I would argue well then this
must suggest that the false covenant has not
been confirmed just yet or they
would not need to ask that
question. Because once the false covenant
is confirmed they can calendar the days, there’s seven years
of tribulation period,>Right.
>>they should know that, these guys are dying for their
faith at a time when prophetic
awareness is pretty high. So what the Lord says to them
is there’s actually agree
groups of Christian martyrdom after the
rapture. There’s the fifth seal
saints who I believe were killed in this mysterious
gap between the rapture and the
tribulation period which is something we talk about in
“The Next Prophecies” book
because it’s not the rapture that starts the tribulation
period, it’s the false covenant
we’re alluding to in Daniel
9:27, so I believe they’re killed in
the gap and then the fellow servants of
them get killed, I believe they
get killed in the first half of
the tribulation and then you have the brethren
of the fellow servants. So you’ve got three
different groups of martyrs,
I’m putting them into time
slots. You don’t necessarily have to do that but I believe they fit
into these various time slots.
So you’ve got three periods of persecution of
Christian believers after the
rapture. The fifth seal saints, the fellow servants of the
fifth seal saints, and the
brethren of the fellow servants
of the fifth seal saints. But you only have two
holy killing campaigns after the rapture and that is
the Harlot World Religion who
in Revelation 17 :16 is drunk with the blood of
the saints and the martyrs of
Jesus, and the Antichrist in the second half
of the tribulation who is
beheading people for not taking the mark of the
beast, and that’s in Revelation
20:4 and his mark of the beast
system come in Revelation 13. So the point I’m making is that
unless we can find another
killing campaign after the rapture besides the Harlot
World Religion and the
Antichrist then one of these people that
are killing in Death and Hades
has to be the Antichrist or the Harlot
World Religion. Well it can’t
be the Antichrist, the Antichrist comes up on the
white horseman, the very first
seal. And he’s embarking upon his
career as he goes out
conquering and to conquer, and he starts his killing in
the middle of the tribulation
period, not in the beginning because he doesn’t get his
system together until the mid
part of the tribulation period, Revelation 13. The
Harlot World Religion has gotta be the other
alternative because they’re
independent. The Harlot World Religion is coming in and
killing people immediately, Death and Hades is killing
people. Authority over a
quarter of the earth to kill. So I think the connection is
unless we can find another
reason why this couldn’t be the
Harlot World Religion and it’s certainly not the
Antichrist because he’s the
white horseman, then I conclude that this is Death and Hades,
this is the Harlot World
Religion, they are perpetrating the overflowing scourge, they
are drunk with the blood of the
saints, the martyrs of Jesus,
and the Jews don’t want it to read ‘and the
martyrs of the Jews’ and that’s
why they are willing to do a covenant with Death and Hades
to avoid the overflowing
scourge that is being perpetrated and they do
it willingly in lies and
falsehood because they realize if they can make a covenant
with them they’ll avoid the
scourge of the killing of what they’re
doing and then the reason they do it. If we
need to read Isaiah 28:16-18 to see why are the Jews even
coming to the table, what is their–why are they
signing on to this covenant?
>And here is what 16, 17, and 18 say:
“Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold I
lay in Zion for a foundation a
stone, a tried stone, a precious
corner stone, a sure
foundation: he that believeth shall not
make haste” or he that
believeth shall not be persecuted. Or shall we say caught in the
persecution. “Judgment also will I lay to
the line and righteousness to the
plummet: and the hail shall
sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters
shall overflow the hiding
place.” Of course we read about
this in Revelation, these events.
“And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your
agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge
shall pass through then ye shall be trodden down
by it.” Wow. Dark, dark words.>>Well
what you have there, very important
information. There’s two phases
of the overflowing scourge.
There’s the initial phase where
the Jews think they’re going to
avoid it, and they sign on to this
covenant to avoid it. But
ultimately the Lord is saying it will actually come
back and bite them and it will
overtake them and that’s the second phase of
the scourge. But the clues in Isaiah 28:16-17 gives us the
true content of the false
covenant. Isaiah is warning them, he’s
saying don’t act hasty. Don’t act hasty why? Well
because here’s what they’re
saying, we he’s saying the tried stone,
the precious corner stone, it talks about the
plummet. These are terms that
the Jews would use to build their third
temple. They want to build
their third temple. And they are also idioms in the
New Testament for the Messiah,
Jesus Christ.>Sure.>>He is the
tried and tested stone, the
cornerstone.>Right. >>But Isaiah is telling them,
you want to build your temple
because you believe if you build your
temple you will hasten the
coming of the Messiah because
national Israel does not recognize, nor
will they at that time that
Jesus Christ was the Messiah. They’re still
going to be waiting for the
Messiah and they believe that if they build the temple that
will hasten His coming. And
when He comes because text build a
temple. They believe He will do
away with the Harlot World
Religion that overflowing scourge and He
will usher them into the
Messianic kingdom which is the high point of Old
Testament prophecy. So they believe that it’s politically
expedient for them, they get
the better end of the stick, we’ll covenant with you, we can
build our temple. And Isaiah is
saying to them, wait a minute. You’re going to build your
temple, you think that’s going
to bring the Messiah. I’m
telling you the Messiah has already come, don’t act hasty because
what’s going to happen is the
overflowing scourge is going to come back and
actually overtake you. So
they’re making it under the
false premise because they don’t recognize
Jesus Christ was the messiah.
The other clue we have that the true content of the
false covenant is in Revelation
chapter 1 the first indications we have
in the first three and a half
years after the covenant is confirmed
because the covenant is for a
seven year period and it’s broken up into a first half and
a second half. The first mention we have, the
first thing John’s doing is
he’s running around with a
measuring rod.>Mhm.>>And he’s measuring
the temple. But he’s told don’t measure the outer court it’s
for the Gentiles and they will
trodden over Jerusalem for three and a half years.
>Right.>>So if part of he
covenant was to be able to
build that temple the very first thing you
would do is go out and measure
it so you can build it. And I believe that’s
another clue that he’s going
out that they can build the
temple now, the Jews can build the temple.
But what’s interesting is it
says don’t measure the outer court, and let the Gentiles
trodden over Jerusalem for
three and a half years. You
know the first and second temple is the Jews
did not have to negotiate with
any Gentiles, they built those. But the third
temple they’ve gotta negotiate
with the Gentiles. And they’re
not negotiating with the Palestinians here,
that stuff will be dealt with in, I believe the Psalm 83
war and the Ezekiel 38 wars.
They’re dealing with the Harlot World Religion,
those Gentiles in my estimation
that are perpetrating an overflowing
scourge, that are killing the
fifth seal saints, that are a force to be reckoned
with. And the Antichrist is in cahoots with them, we’re
told in Revelation 17 that the Harlot World Religion
sits on the Antichrist, sits on
the beast from Revelation 17:3. So his initial staging,
he’s in subservient position to the Harlot World
Religion, it’s an unholy church
and state alliance. Says in Revelation 17:7 the
beast carries her to her
heights.>Right. >>So this is a powerful entity
Gary, and I believe when the Antichrist comes on
the scene and the white horse
from Revelation 6 you can
confirm the false covenant but that does not
necessarily mean that’s when he
does, but it means he could. And unless he confirms the
false covenant in the 70th week
of Daniel, can’t start the
tribulation, can’t start. So you have Israel
on the scene, one signatory of
the false covenant, white horseman’s on the scene, the
first seal. But who is the
second signatory, who is Israel concerned about,
what is that scourge that’s
being perpetrated? And I don’t
believe that happens until the fourth seal. I believe
that’s when the covenant can be
confirmed because now Death and Hades is
on the scene, the many in Daniel 9:27 and Isaiah
28:15, but wait the fifth seal saints
are saying ‘how long O Lord?’
>Right. >>It doesn’t even seem to be
confirmed until after the fifth
seal saints lodge that question
but by the time we get to the sixth seal
it says the wrath of the Lamb
is come, the wrath of God is
come. And so I believe that by that
time, by the sixth seal the
tribulation starts. So just to
be clear because this is going to be highly
controversial dear viewers.
Everyone teaches that all the seal judgments happen in
the tribulation period and I’m
advocating an alternative
thought here for you.>And allow me if
you will to read the end of Revelation
chapter 6. The last two verses of
Revelation 6, verses 16 and 17 “He says to the mountains and
rocks, fall on us, and hide us from the face of him
that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath
of the Lamb: for the great day of His wrath
is come; and who shall be able to stand?” Now that’s just
about as clear as it gets. For the great of the wrath has
come.>>That’s right.>It just
says it.>>The tribulation is
started by that time. I don’t
believe it starts until that time.
>Right.>>Like I said the
alternative view is the timing of the sealed
judgments, the first five, open in this gap period after
the rapture but before the
tribulation. They carry over
into the tribulation. Now that deviates
from the traditional that all
the sealed judgments fit into this seven year
tribulation period. So I’m out
on a limb on there and I’ve got not skin in that game. The
sealed judgments are bad, I’m
just saying this is how I’m
reading that, folks. You have to make your own
decision.>Now let me just ask
you, and I’m going to throw
this at you right out of the clear blue, but I
think you can handle it. For
those who may not have followed all of your work,
go back to the rapture of the church. From the rapture of the
church to the period that we’re talking about, Revelation
6:17, for the great day of His wrath has
come. Let’s just review what
happens in that period from the rapture
to verse 17. >>Okay. Jesus comes and fetches
His bride, we are raptured out, the restraint that has been put
upon Satan in 2 Thessalonians 2 is removed,
he now comes out with
supernatural deception, lying signs and
wonders, put forward his
closing arguments into the
world scene, the first thing that happens is
the Antichrist, his point man
comes on the scene, the white horseman of
Revelation 6 the first seal, >Right.>>Then what happens is
the second horseman comes on
the scene in succession and wars break out throughout
the world, the fiery red
horseman. Peace is taken from
the earth, that creates famines and
pestilence and scarcities
worldwide with the third horseman, the
pale horseman. And we’re not sure–and I’m saying there’s a
gap because it’s not the
rapture that starts the tribulation period, it’s the
confirmation of the false
covenant we’ve been talking
about that starts Daniel’s 70th week.
And so we have to figure out when the
confirmation of that false
covenant occurs. So I say we go
all the way through to the fourth horseman who is now
trying to bring normalcy back
into the chaos of the famines and the scarcities
created. They’re starting to
kill true believers in Christ, the fifth seal
saints. They’re asking how much
longer is this going to go on because they’re in that gap,
the tribulation period hasn’t
necessarily started yet. But by the time we get to the
sixth seal what happens is Israel has confirmed a false
covenant which is wanting to build a temple so they can
bring the Messiah. That is a
violation, the Messiah has already come. Plus the
fifth seal saints are being
killed. By this time the wrath
of the Lamb is coming out in
Daniel’s 70th week in response
to what’s going on in the world at
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—–>Gotta hand it to you, Bill.
You’ve got me convinced and for a long time I’ve been
thinking about this period of
time after the rapture, and then before the
great and terrible day of the Lord. There’s a lot
happening in that period of
time. We don’t know how many years it is exactly. We’re
still trying to figure that one
out. And maybe we never will,
because our job is not to time these events but
simply to tell people they are coming. You read the
Word and make what you will out of them. But whatever you do
make sure that you have received the saving grace
of the Lord Jesus Christ. Avoid all of this, right?
>>Well that is really the bottom line. Because what we’re
talking about, no matter what
the timing of the sealed
judgments are, if they’re in the
tribulation, or my alternative
view might prevail. We’re talking about events that
we don’t want anyone to face,
we wouldn’t want anyone to go
through these types of things because
they get progressively worse
and they have the opportunity
now before Jesus comes to get His
bride to accept Him right now
as their Savior. >Amen. Bill Salus. Hey, I’m
Gary Stearman. You keep watching…we are!


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