BLM Wild Horse 4-H pt. 1

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My name is John Mead and I live out in
Middleton and my ranch is basically for the use of 4-H. The BLM 4-H program is for
kids roughly from 12 to 18 they get an opportunity twice a year to work six or
eight weeks with a untrained untouched colt, so they’ve got the opportunity to
bond and work with a horse and learn everything you could possibly think of. We’ve in ten years we adopted out over
300 horses and raised over 44 thousand dollars for 4-H. So the future for BLM
and 4-H to me would be to get the word out and show how fantastic these horses
are and it’s a win-win scenario. These horses need a home. We need a different
mindset as far as mustangs in the world today. They’re not untrainable. They’re
unbelievably smart and I’m just happy to be part of it these kids make it so for me.


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