BLM Wild Horse 4-H pt. 2

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My name is Shannon Janson. I’m a 4-H leader for Denim and Dust Ada County 4-H group and this will be our second year in the wild horse 4-H program. So there’s several programs between the BLM and getting horses adopted out of the wild horse corrals. One is the Extreme Mustang Makeover. One is the Mustang Mania and one is the group effort of the Idaho Extension Agency and the Ada County or other county 4-H groups. We’ve owned a mustang since 2005 We started helping the BLM train wild mustangs to showcase and help get them adopted. So we did that on a volunteer basis and so we’ve been involved with mustangs for quite a while now, and I think they’re kind of addicting. We like to enable kids to be horse crazy. What I’ve gained is patience with learning how to do all these different maneuvers. One of my favorite parts was being the first one to touch Reno and take his name tag off. I normally work with older horses or horses that already have training on them, so to come and work with a mustang that has no training who is a youngster is mainly like the biggest gain I’ve gotten out of this. So this is the ten year anniversary of this program and it’s been really successful between learning for the kids and getting the horses into domestic homes. And the goal is to teach the kids and teach the horses. and they learn together.


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