Bonding With Your Horse (Horse Video)

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– Hey, I’m Haley. This is Scotty and this is
bonding with your horse. (light upbeat music) Scotty came the week that I came to TTR and ever since then I think
we’ve been totally inseparable. (Haley laughs) At first, when I came, I didn’t really understand
how horses work. I was new to them. And scotty kind of opened my eyes to see that horses have a whole system in their mind and they think just like us and they work things out too. And they all have their own personalities. So a few tips for bonding with your horse. You definitely like introduce yourself. Like whenever there’s a
new horse in the barn, I always go up to the horse and say, “Hi, my name’s Haley and I
know that you’re name is,” like for example, Scotty, “and I hope that we can be friends,” because I think that’s
just nice to do that. It’s like their first day of school. They never know if they’re going to fit in our barn so you wanna make them feel really loved and special. Another tip that I would give for bonding with your horse is
definitely pet them a lot. Interaction is key. They thrive off of social interaction. Anther thing is treats. Scotty is over here. You can see that he knows
that I have carrots. You’re a good boy. When riding with your horse, also, if you get on a horse,
I’d say that giving praise is always a good idea. If you just, if they do
something really well, you always wanna be like,
“Good boy,” “Good girl.” They thrive off of your confidence, but they need their own
too to thrive themselves. Huh! Oh, you saw the camera! He loves cameras. I take pictures of him all the time. He just loves (laughs) them. Sometimes I’ll walk into the
barn and I’ll say, hi, to him. The first thing he does is
like give me a huge kiss and I’m like, “Oh, I know I
haven’t seen you all week.” (Haley kissing) Thank you!


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