Brave Rescuers Save Trapped Wild Horse | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

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That’s a wild horse laying there! Her leg is stuck in a fence. The horse can’t run, or even get up. She looks really uncomfortable. Luckily, these nice people found her. They knew they just had to rescue her. The horse needs a lot of help. They needed to free her from being all tangled up. So they brought heavy-duty wire cutters to cut her loose. The wire was super thick, but it was no match for those cutters! She was free! So the rescuers stood back to watch her go. But the horse collapses right when she takes off. She’s been stuck for so long that she lost strength in her leg. I bet that horse feels really scared. The horse needs a lot of help. The rescuers weren’t sure what was wrong. They knew they’d have to take a closer look. But this was a wild horse, which means she was probably really scared of them. She didn’t know what they were doing, so… …one of the rescuers decided to get close to her and calm her down. The rescuer was probably just as scared as her. He was very cautious, and pet her gently on the neck… …which really seemed to calm her down. They gave her some water, and tried to figure out what to do next. They knew the horse would be okay if they could get her onto her feet again. But how on earth were they gonna do that? The horse was huge! I’m wondering if… do we wanna try and roll her this way? They decided they would try to roll her onto her feet… …using a strap to gently pull her over. That way, the horse could stand up on her three strong legs. They tried to keep her calm while they tied the strap. The leg that had been tangled still seemed to be hurting. She looks kinda nervous, but everyone was being really brave. Alright! Okay! Looks like the strap is tied! The rescuers backed up and started to pull. So close! But she needs a little more help. One, two, three, pull! Quick! They pulled one more time. And she rolled right onto her feet! She’s standing! And now, she’s walking! She’s gonna be okay, and it’s all thanks to those brave rescuers. Sometimes you need a big plan, and a big heart, for a big rescue like that. Remember, if you see an animal in trouble, do not try to rescue them by yourself. Ask an adult family member for help.


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