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hi today we are going to talk about our
breyers and all the stuff around this room around it was um really fun to go
through all this stuff that I got from my client that the kids got as
hand-me-downs so anyway here we go so here’s all the brothers how we got
for Christmas this year this one was the fancy one because it came in booties my
brother’s barn and it comes on a stand and everything yeah and that one’s name
is fire fire we get a couple here that are that are like these ones here are
not briar and then we’ve got this one that’s not rare and back here this one
is not rare but everything else they they’re all briars and oh my gosh how
exciting yep and that one’s from your grandma yeah that one’s one of the new
ones that we got from Grandma but the rest of these are all hand-me-down
briars from two of my students it looks like a corset would belong in
our pasture doesn’t it yeah yeah okay so Toba out of every briar on this table or
every horse on this table which one is your favorite we had a couple where we
got two of the same I got two favorites which was your your one favorite so this
one right here this one okay and then that one of it really Wow and these two
are my favorites you like those – I got four feet what’s your favorite prayer first one that’s way down it is super
cute yeah all right now we’re gonna move on to the stablemate these are like the
little teeny any version of Brer horses in a box like
an actual book one of these stablemates this was a spirit character okay this is
spirit character and a girl named pro writer the spirit shows and I got spirit
two of my grandma’s house and I got another one that’s here and that one you
got from a friend for Christmas and then your brother got you one of these for
Christmas but the rest of in some of these we did already have like there’s a
couple we just don’t remember which ones they are
but you guys won some of them from a horse show that you did this summer and
some of them were given to us before from the same girls that we got the
whole Christmas haul from I got it from my friends that was very nice okay Bodi
can you show us which one is your favorite the unicorn yeah yeah which
other one do you really like me show you little pony yeah yeah you think so yeah
that one looks like it belongs in our herd hey like this one right here yeah
it will take it does look like Rosie just a little bit different color yeah
okay towba can you show us which one is your favorite how about you show us your
top two okay and that one is a little Appaloosa
full that looks like that could be anacondas baby okay now what other one
is your favorite that’s a little more than two okay all right
so now we’re gonna go over we’re gonna show you the breyer truck and trailer
and this is specifically for the stablemates
doors open and such but it’s horse crazy it’s extremely fragile
so one drop and this thing is going to be in a million pieces the little hitch
on the back here is really fragile and I accidentally broke so the the gooseneck
hitch here that already has a piece right here broken off and that was just
me trying to pick it up like lift it off and I was being super gentle about it
but it just busted right off so briar as much as I absolutely love all of their
stuff I wouldn’t recommend buying this because
of how fragile it is it’s just not it’s not a quality it’s not a quality piece
so and all the little doors do open on this so if this were metal I think it
would be really awesome or even just a better plastic but in the
trailer the top lifts off and this thing keeps popping off it doesn’t actually
stay on I know you keep putting them back on and it works so it’s they’re
really gentle with it but still and then inside there’s a little slant Toby you
want to put a couple little forces in here to show okay the unicorn yeah it
doesn’t they don’t make trailers design them yes for the extra yeah and see that
just um yeah be careful if you pull on that cuz it’ll blank
we can put four because there’s a mystery that’s backwards horses
backwards this is a front-loading trail it’s not a
backward slant it’s a front yep because then they get tied up front
here here okay and then the next one so you open this up the next one loads in
goes there go ahead and put that on there oh yeah these we need one more and
then we can put this one they definitely don’t make trailers though for unicorns
I guess you got to allow an extra foot or so if length to accommodate that little the baby’s gonna go up front on
the track with the babies oh okay cool and then we put one more in here okay
hmm alright well that’s the stablemates collection okay now we’re gonna talk
about all the little accessories that came with the two barns and everything
so we have tilde Bodie you want to tell me about what you got going on here so
here is a carriage so Bodie in the meantime while Tove is getting a horse
will you show me what you got there and this is a puppy so you attach this to
the trailer you probably we probably wouldn’t catch a fool but you never know
well here is a let’s go back to it back to it and blocks all the people and
whoops you’re getting a puppy that’s inside so boy tonight can I have the
puppy so here’s the puppy and the doghouse house yeah girl so look at all
these people okay to drive this way so it’s kind of
like a little science demonstration science demonstration okay so we have
some some beer tap with a meerkat yeah I have no idea where the meerkat barrel
came from but that’s pretty cool hey but we got some barrels can you guys kneel down so you can be in
the video okay so show me a thirst first cup for the first place in a row yo yeah challenge you are okay we have we’ll get
all the people so we’ve got how many people do we have here seven people came in there and then
we’ve got lots of trophies we’ve got a few different saddles don’t get job
attribute is jumping a really cool saddle rack and I’m I’m gonna talk about
my favorite piece right here which is this little teeny tiny tack box or um
brush box so it says briar route on it but there’s all these little brushes
there’s a little rubber curry in a sweat scraper and we’ve got a little bottle of
uh flex and razor and metal curry which is my favorite
brush I have a video about metal curries oh yeah we shave the hair up so these
things I’m certain will get lost at some point but we’re doing good so far yeah
it’s like a moisturizer okay this here is actually a um we’ve got a bit less
Bridal because the brayer versus can’t can’t put bits in their mouth cuz they
don’t open oh right here we have a little leather halter with a very cool
details the details are no that’s hey no it’s not this is a blanket for horses
okay if they get cold it’s kind of okay moving on the next step okay so now
we’re gonna show you all the barns and stuff Nick who’s with the barns we have
dog nut the dog was not included she’s helping so this is a little wash rack
it’s got a little hose that hangs off the side Tovah show him the hose for the
hose there’s a little pose you hose them down or you get to use
that little hose to fill that water tub right there
it’s a little water tub comes with some jumps so we’ve got a whole jumping scene
too that we could show another time but these just happen to come with this and
then we have Godzilla over there climbing on top of the barn um a couple of Corral’s
oh that’s perfect look at that check it out yeah bo do you want to tell me
what’s inside your barn can you show me how that door closes of that stall cool we got a couple little racks in there
and a ladder to the hayloft so but you want to show me what’s inside
your burn well I hope you enjoyed this video of our mega breyer horse haul for
christmas if the people on youtube comment below and let us know if they
would like to see a video of all of our breyer horses then maybe we’ll go ahead
and do that how’s that sound yeah so if you guys enjoyed this video please be
sure to comment below give it a like share it with your friends and please
subscribe to the versatile horsemanship youtube channel and turn on all your
notifications yeah what do you say guys bye


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  1. Heather Oja

    January 7, 2019 4:04 pm

    They need to come join us at Manes n Tails 4H and start showing! We have a fun show on the 27th.

  2. Mustardondpancake

    January 11, 2019 8:14 am

    Man that’s cool! It’s that SJUSTADREAM BRRUHHH and the jumping one is kinda rare.. EEK I WANT THISE STABLEMATES FOR MY SERIESSSSSS!

  3. Allison Alvarez

    January 13, 2019 5:39 am

    Your kids are really cute 😁❤️ you have got Breyer Heaven going on in your livingroom ❤️🐎

  4. snowherd799

    March 6, 2019 9:42 pm

    OMG they have fire and s justadream they is like 100 dollars cute but for the sake of my crazy mind plz teach them to be careful with them but I see there pretty good at being careful so I don't think that they will break any I love how gently they pick them up

  5. Nakotas_ Promise_Breyers

    March 8, 2019 5:28 pm

    Take care of ajustadream and fire. There very valuable. Fire is worth up to 400$ ajustadream is worth about 200$

  6. Peggy Papczun

    May 18, 2019 7:11 pm

    OMG how lucky those kids are! And you too! The Breyers can be priceless, I have several I cherish.


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