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Hey there, my name is Eli, I own a
company called Magic Beans and I also love strollers and car seats, and I
review them for you on YouTube, I’m so glad you found us. If you have any
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and comments below so you can get an answer for me right away or when I
answer the questions. And here is one of my favorite strollers, the Bugaboo Donkey. This is the Bugaboo Donkey 2 for 2019, it
is a great stroller by Bugaboo, very similar to the 2018 variety, one special
change, the upper weight limit of the Bugaboo Donkey has increased to 50
pounds, so you can have a nice large child, extend the life of the stroller,
which is really nice, and I’m excited about showing you a full review in this
video. So you have a Donkey, it comes with a side luggage basket on the side that
comes with the stroller, you can get it without the stroller but it’s a great
accessory because if you put all your stuff on the side and it’s actually
removable, so you can just carry it and it also comes with a cover so you can
just get a cover for it, so if the rains all your stuff gets protected. When they
upgraded the Donkey to the Donkey2, the original Donkey had air-filled tires but
the Donkey2 has foam filled tires so they’d never deflate, which is a really
nice feature. There’s a recline, to recline the seat you just pull this
little white lever on the side, and you can recline it down, and also something
you should know is this comes with a bassinet included, but it’s not like most
other stroller companies where you’re getting this whole other piece; you’re
gonna get one frame and two fabric sets, so when you set up the stroller for the
first time, we’re gonna add a bassinet fabric set and it’ll enables you to have
your baby facing, facing you in a bassinet, which is quite nice. There’s
also memory buttons to turn the seat in both directions: you push one white
button here, the second white button there, lift, turn around, and now
the baby can face you again, that great recline mechanism. So if you have a full
recline for newborn, and well you have a full recline, and just very, very easy,
very, very high quality. You’re spending a little extra on Bugaboo because you are
paying for the quality, and for the longevity of the product. They make
really, really great strollers. Let me show you how this thing folds down: so
you can have the seat facing you to fold it, or facing out, I prefer it facing
out. I actually prefer with no seats attached
at all, I’ll show it to you with the seats attached: baby, the baby’s facing
out, there’s an adjustable handlebar, push that all the way down, pull these two
triggers on the side and voila, right down to the fold. It’s not the
smallest fold in the world, you may want to get, like, a Bugaboo Ant with it or
consider getting something small for the car, so if you’re gonna try
to think that this is something small for your trunk, it is not small for your
trunk but nevertheless it is, it’s fairly compact for what it is, and then what you
do is you pull these two triggers out to unlock the fold, folding, and you flick it
open. Great! Now let’s talk about how to turn this into a double stroller: so the
first thing you do is you remove that side luggage basket, and there are three
clips once you’re on the front. There’s one unclipped on the back, and one
up here on the back, then what you do is angle this on its side, just put some
leverage, pull that out, and then what you’re able to do is clip in the clips.
Just so you know, if you’re trying to push in the clip and it’s not working,
what you need to do is pull it all the way out so it’s all the way out, it’s
fine to do. And then it clips right in, really easy. Same thing on the bottom;
make sure it’s pulled all the way out, and it clips right forward, same thing as
for the first seed. You can buy this with two bassinets if you’re having twins. It
also works with two car seats when you add a car seat adapter, so you can add
two new PIPAs or other different types of infant car seats. If you want to use
this for twins from newborn, or with bassinets, et cetera, and then what you do is
you click in your second seats just like that, and now you
could have both babies facing out, both babies facing you in different
directions, a bassinet and a seat, two bassinets, et cetera. So much flexibility! Let me
show you how the canopy extends: you can just unzip here, nice long accessible
canopy, great UV sun protection for the canopy, also, just so you know, these seats
also sit on their own, so if you remove the seat,
you would have, you could, like, plunk the child right there on the ground,
so they can sit if that is convenient for you and for your lifestyle. Now, in
terms of the width of the stroller, in that smaller position it’s only 24
inches wide, and in the wide position, let me show you over here. Yeah, it’s only 30
inches wide, so in the back here, in the the back of it, or the handlebar, it’s
only 28 and a half inches wide, so that’s important information because the
interior door of most homes are 30 inches wide, so it’ll fit through the
doors and the interior of your home, but an ADA compliant door is 34 inches wide,
all doors fit ADA compliant, so this is gonna fit through standard sized doors
no problem, so you don’t have to worry about the double wide. I like a double
wide because it enables, like, both kids to recline fully for naps, et cetera, very, very
convenient. This is one of many single to double strollers that you can look at.
You may be looking at another UPPAbaby Vista or other Bugaboo strollers, I have
lots of reviews of those brands and of those types of strollers right here on
the channel, and I’ll see you right away in one of our other videos.


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  1. Alexi Hunter

    October 9, 2019 8:59 pm

    hey Eli love your reviews !!! Are you going to compare the bugaboo donkey 2 to the 3 ? Is it worth waiting to get the D3?

  2. Danielle Young

    November 24, 2019 3:31 pm

    I am trying to decide between the bugaboo donkey vs Nuna Demi grow. We have a 30 pound service dog who has his own stroller, we take every where with us. When our new baby comes I want to have the option of taking our dog with us places. How feasible would it be have our dog in the Nuna Demi grow? If we go with the donkey how fast can you convert from double to single, as we would be changing this configuration often depending if our pup will be coming with us? Sorry for the loaded question would appreciate any thoughts!

  3. Brandi Monty

    December 31, 2019 9:11 pm

    Would you recommend this stroller for a 2 and a half year old and a newborn to last 2 years? I want something that can hold a 4 year old and 2 year old as well


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