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Hey whatsup Hetros and Homos my names Tommy Green. Welcome back to my Youtube Channel and you are watching me Tommy Green. Okay, sir Yes. Hello. Hi. How are you? You will not welcome here How did I miss you? No, stay away from my house. Thank you. You were not invited Okay, let’s pick up that arrow so yeah, back to what I was saying I was thinking um that we Hello. I was thinking today that we build a shrine to Lava sheep, and if you don’t know who lava sheep imake sure you go watch episode 1 I’ll link it right here No Rest in peace lava sheep. You will be missed it can also double as a tribute to the horse I do not want to talk about that I mean I didn’t mean to but Here we are. So I figured I’m gonna put temple of lava sheep in this Mountain right in here Because it can also double up top. I’m gonna put my Tower of wizardry and witchcraft So that will be fun. Do I have an axe on me? No, I don’t. Let’s go get my axe let’s take down these pumpkins because Halloween is Officially OVER! Perfect now that all my pumpkins are taken down I can start decorating for Christmas because Apparently as soon as it hits November 1st, it’s Christmas for the next Two months and a little bit. Last episode I got this map and I got this buried treasure map so I’m thinking next episode we go and find the buried treasure because I wanna know What’s in it? We are going to go and dig our little hole I’m thinking we do like this kind of like Death Stary globe with like lava waterfalls in it And then in the back I can have like five sheep that like represent the colour of lava for like council of lava sheep And I think it’s gonna look amazing What I’m gonna do now is I’m just gonna fill in this gigantic hole at the back because I have a feeling I’m gonna come down into a here whilst digging my Hole in the back because I’m gonna make it like really good Okay, so I’ve gone through all of my dirt. I need to go and get more dirt. Okay, let’s go and get some dirt. A few moments later I’m just going to fill up rest of it this in here as by all means I’m probably going to dig through most of this on the outside, so I figured trying to get some of this covered up will help me a lot More moments later Okay, so I kind of extended the back of this just a little bit to like get started And it’s just behind the portal over here. So I have to Think in mind what I’m doing this not to mess it up Because I’m pretty sure I will um But I kind of want to I was like you kind of come in and then you have to step down just a little bit So, i guess Because it’s going to be four Like four big and then three wide so that’s going to be Like kind of you step down like a little whole way so it’s like one two three and then you start going down yeah, that would look cool with people kind of like I like a proper temple at that point right Like Temple of lava sheep with the Council of lava sheep it being inside. Yeah. It’s like temple of lava sheep with Council of Lava sheep being inside they can like give me guidance of like what I’m supposed to do throughout this series because I think that would be Fun, that would definitely be fun times Okay We might have to go back to the nether and go back to my nether fortress to get some more nether bricks and some more nether brick fences because I don’t think you craft those if you can I have been lied too A few moments later more moments. Later I figured I might as well come and update everybody on my intro to the temple So far, it looks pretty lit. I have a stairs and glowstone going down this way and this way Down into the temple. So I’m just gonna have to make this like I think two more and then I can start the temple No, three more. Sorry two three one, two, three, one two three and then Once it’s kind of a little more walkable Like I think three is good and then I could just open up the space for where I want the temple okay, I just realized that I how do you have eight pieces the glowstone left and Eight pieces is not going to do that for me So we have to disappear into the nether to get some glowstone and as you can hear in my voice I’m so excited. I have to do that so I guess this will be that entrance to the temple like the actual temple where like I’m going to have everything so I think my mission is to Dig out the temple and then go to the nether to get glowstone I think the temple is going to be because it’s already three and then I think I want you to step down into the temple Down in the temple, I think one two, and then it gonna go one two Three four and then one and then you have a thing yeah, it’s kind of going be like a little like Yeah once you go It’s hard to explain it once I am once I have it Carved out of the stone. I will show you And I think it will make so much more sense because right now it looks like a mess right now this is honesty a mess Because what I do to the bottom I have to do to the top So this is gonna be fun Oh my god, so whilst I was digging my beautiful little tunnel For my temple I happen to hit that beautiful lake behind this mountain Sir, it is daytime. Why are you not dead but I’m staying away from you. Um, so whilst I was Digging I had to go Over there and I literally took out half of the landscape to put it here to try and blend this mountain in but I have to bring this mountain out so much to be able to get my thing done and this is Upsetting this is gonna take me literally forever But that’s okay. I can do it. I Just figured I’d give everybody an update on my struggle Of building this Temple Why do I do this to myself? Because I think it would look amazing Okay, I’m going to dig out some more dirt. I’ve literally stripped this place of its dirt, so Let’s dig out another like ten stacks and hope that’s enough to do my Mountain I also, it’s melted a huge stack of cobblestone so I have some proper stone just to like put on the outside to make it blended and be more natural then I guess Fake mountain would be that make sense like a Mountain I built just out of dirt because I think the stone in there will just blend everything together really nicely and make it look Really good. Oh I hate digging out dirt! Yep Once I take out a couple stacks of dirt, I will be back. Oh, it’s almost nighttime What is that Excuse me, who the hell are you? Hello Excuse me Excuse me. Oh No, they are not friendly. Oh no. Oh no. Oh my god, leave me alone. You are rude No Oh my god, oh my god. They call crossbows. Oh my god Okay Absolutely not leave me alone. I’m just living my best life here and you’re coming to ruin that that is rude and disrespectful Um, no No No, okay, can they break in my house, can they open doors? I hope no There are monsters nearby, oh yeah, of course as monsters nearby they’re trying to kill me So I’m moving my bed and going to bed did they leave me alone? What you are still outside? Sir-sir no. No. Thank you Okay Oh My god How do I not see that coming We are going to kill them because, they are rude No ow I want your banner your banner looks good Thank you Thank you Okay, what are you Bad omen. No hello sword. thank you What Can somebody explain what that it? Hello Excuse me, sir. Why are you coming through my portal? I need to go investigate check this out. What did you go? No, another sheep got through here. Oh my god, the nether is claiming so many sheep It’s honestly a savage um But whilst I’m here. Oh no, what? Where are you. Honestly need to go back to that fortress I was at because that Fortress had a lot of good things that I need But I need to remember how I got there But I don’t know how to do that One hour later There it is There’s a ghast!!! Yess!!! Oh no 🙁 No, no, no, no, no, I’m supposed to hit you back! No, no, no, no, no I am supposed to hit you away. You’re not supposed to explode. Oh my god. I’m literally going to burn to that now that was Wow, I’m so smart! The next day if somebody in the comments can let me know why I decided to do this to myself That would be absolutely amazing Because I’m an idiot Yeah Yeah, I’m just such an idiot See look, I need more dirt. We love that for me We love literally making a mine right next to my property This is gonna take a while I got a little carried away whilst I was building it’s night time for I think the 17 hundredths time and then I had to fix the back so I kind of made like a little plinth almost here, which I’m gonna have to extend and just Exactly. Oh my god. I have an entourage Wow. Hello fans how we doing? No, don’t get that close. Excuse me Five feet at all times, please Excuse me, excuse me. Thank you okay, so I have like a little plinth for that and then under here is like my temple of Lava sheep So, yeah, I’m just going show you that okay, so when you walk through the portal Inside the portal you’ll greeted with this wonderful little entrance I think in here I might cut this out and maybe out like a lava block or something. Maybe add some lave in there But when you come down here you’re greeted by the most spectacular void I have ever built Down here is going to be glowstone Up there is gonna be glowstone when I have enough because I don’t have any surprise. I ran out and then this is like all steps going down So whatever I do down here I do up here pretty much. Yeah, like whatever. I do like down here I do up here okay, so after like extent that yeah, but like It looks so good! back here. I’m going to dig that out And then after I dig that out I’m going to try and find a slime try and get some slime balls or find a like a wandering trader And like, grab a lead and like bring five sheep back here to make the colour of lava to have Council of lava sheep Just to pay tribute to Lava sheep. Who ran Into the lava because he saw the light literally he saw the light and this can also double as like a tomb for the horse that I Accidentally hit into the lava unintentionally Yeah, and I’m just going to dig this out because in that way I can just kind of Finish. What! Hello Hello sir, what happened? I’m very confused what exploded? Can somebody tell me what exploded in my humble abode That would be amazing, please because I don’t know what happened Welcome back Welcome back. It has been a hot the second. I need to make that different Love that. ooooo, That looks so good too like the entrance to the temple. Well just the entrance to the portal in general like temple portal like whatever I literally have so much dirt on me Oh my god, this looks so good for the entrance to the portal. It’s getting nighttime, so I should go in my house and sleep Because if I don’t I will probably die sir Excuse me. I will slay you because you’re in the wrong place Yeah, come at me what you’re gonna do thank you 🙂 I don’t get an achievement for that. Oh now for the bigger reveal Okay inside we love this. It’s so sleek. It’s so elegant and then you walk down here. I am so happy with this This is going to look so good So up here and in these guys, I’m gonna put lava so the lavas going to come down down here. I need glowstone So I think it the best place for us to go get lava is in the nether sadly we to go there yet again because I don’t feel like going in a cave and dying Excuse me. You are also in the wrong place. Why can’t you all stay in your own home? Hello? Who are you? Oh no you’re dying. Um, okay, so I guess I’ll just leave you to die Do I help you? Okay, Sir that was a rude and disrespectful no stop no My sword broke. Thank you. I didn’t even bring anything with me. Oh my god, he’s invisible. There’s an invisible man here Show yourself Am I crazy or is that invisible oh Bye, okay. Goodbye I can’t save you. Oh He gone He is a dead man, I finally fixed my portal because I kept on coming out over there. So I fixed it I basically had to take it down and move it back one block because where it was it just wasn’t working. So that’s a fun I guess so I’m going to bring to the dirt with me and I’m just going to go have a look at the back of the temple and fix that up because I have a feeling it’s not that great also, this is where I got a majority of my dirt from I used a couple shovels Diamond shovels bearing in mind so you can imagine the painstaking work to remove all of this Because all of this had dirt there before at the beginning of the episode. Um, yeah, I just have to cover up my temple I didn’t realize my temple was gonna be this big if I realized it was going to be this big. I probably wouldn’t Have made it Okay, I mean it kind of was I built this a wonderful little plinth thing for it and I think it looks gorgeous I think I might put fencing around it. But as you go down here You walk into the temple Look at how frickin cool that looks my mission is to try and find a slime to get leads Three days later. Oh my god. That is a ravine I almost fell down and died, but it probably has diamond down there. Oh my god. Coco beans. Hello How are you? How are you doing? Can I have you can I also get a sapling so I can grow more of you? Is that a possibility A few moments later finally I got my One jungle sapling so that will do for now Let’s go and try and find some more coco beans. Oh, hello. These are huge. Oh my god. Wow! There’s so many of them. I will take you and i will also take you Because you are useful for cookies Many months later a while. I found myself wondering trader it has been so long I don’t know how I got home. I hate them it took forever to find one. I literally walked one way and I just kept on going until I came across something good And I got myself a Slime Block so I’m going to make leads out on my slime blocks out of my slime block I am actually going to say because I only have one. And how many leads can I make. I need more string How do I get string. How do you make one of these One eternity later You honestly have no idea Okay. Yeah, I literally have like the skeleton to try and kill me right now. So that’s not a good look Hello, where did you go That’s not a good look at all but it after a millennium. I finally got my sheep in here. We lost a couple on the way as they kept on transporting through the portal but I do not want to ruining you There we go, Oh my god. my goal this episode has been completed I have made Council of lava sheep in the tribute. Oh my god. I need to go get my frame I need to get a frame on that blue wool from that poor sheep. This is in tribute to lava sheep and Fire horse. I accidentally killed No fire horse needs to go this way. You both have a shrine with council of sheep It is done All right, hetros and homos I hope you guys did enjoy today’s video If you did, please give this video a big thumbs up and also hit that big red subscribe button right down below And hit that post notification bell. See you got notified. Every time I post a brand new video I hope you guys have an amazing week and I will see you guys next time. I upload a brand new video BYEE!


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