Butterfly Guard Sweep to Honeyhole 411 Kasa Sankaku Saddle (heel hook)


When I pop people up in put my guard they don’t know What do is I throw? Get my on the hooks on every topic shoulders. I thought very sorry but a bit How we fit nicely so I can sit here and hit action Garam, you know Anything like that well tendency to do now is it anyhow attempts like cross the leggings go? me as the arm bars easier to attack, but if you’re into once again to leg locked, it’s not that straightforward to school and Kind of worked out wait hitting Casa Out of it, and then we’d would do it anyway So what happened this? I’ve had to go and get great because he’s been fighting the way for me to try to get away from a book like that So I’ve had to dine in an eventually get hold of grandma get my hair being very wealthy chefs and grabbing all Shoulders, I’m going to pop him up in the sky he places help these homes But he keeps his legs up in the air and he crosses them over he looks in time. Oh As soon as I facing up into the sky he’s I was too far forward for me to attack my own But he knows clever right well He’s not now able to do is to stop her grabbing the top of this knee so my hands gone on to the thigh All right, this one’s going to go on to the back of his head what I’m going to do Now is I’m going to take the furthest foot curl, and I drive across his body and as I do that It’s about to wangle his body Fluid it turns off Turns over just squat straight into the gutter Alright, it’s it’s quite complicated to get your head around but once you’ve drilled it a few times It does actually feel quite natural you know my breath. I’m just escape the other Angle Okay, so I’ve got here a top graeme up in the sky Alright his hands are too far away for me to get straight Armbar on and flags are up. I can’t get the single Leg x popped him up Grabbed the back of his hand and rub the back of his knee as I do that Protect the weight on one leg as I kick this leg through as I kick the leg through turning over triangle up here castle pain And how to play with it if you can get it working smooth It’s a really easy way of getting to that Kassar ball place without having to go through the fight when you’re approaching wait


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