Capture images using a Zebra Barcode Scanner

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Hi, Travis from POSGuys. Today’s Ask the POSGuys question comes from
Andrew. He asks how you take a picture with a Zebra
imager. This is the latest Zebrea imager. It’s the 8178. This also applies to older versions of the
imager. It uses the same tool and it has the same
functionality. Depending on what scanner you have is the
quality of the image. The other tool that you are going to need
is the Zebra 123Scan. This is a free download. It is available on POSGuys. I’ll post a link in this video. You can also get it off of the Zebra website
as well. So, this is the standard program that you
use for configuring your scanner. You can also do some functions in it. What we are going to use today is the dataview. Normally we click one of these buttons to
create a new configuration file, but today we are going to click dataview. In it, you will see the scanners that are
connected to your computer. This is the scanner, and this is the base
unit of it, because this is a Bluetooth scanner. So, I’m going to double click the base unit
in order to be able to take images off of it. So, once in it, it’s going to ask what you
want to do. Normally, for operations, you are going to
be using the USB/HID keyboard emulation for this. I’m going to use the images viewer. So, click that and it will go into images
mode. Form here, it’s ready to take a photo. So you can either hit the capture image button
on the screen, or you can press the trigger. So, I have my little statue here, and you
hold down the button and it takes a picture and you see it on screen. Or, I can use the capture image button and
it will do the same thing. From there, if you click the “save as” button
then you can save it. So, you can see the picture of it. So, it uses black and white photos and it
kind of is what it is. It’s not the most high-end picture in the
world. It’s not going to replace a camera. But what it can be used for is recording damage. So, if you are receiving items in a warehouse
and you see one that’s damaged and you just want to take a picture of like a dent or a
scratch then this would definitely do that. From here, if you want to switch between a
regular barcode scanner mode and images, you have to go to this drop-down and then select
data USB/HID keyboard. You’ll hear it beep and reconnect and once
that’s done you can go back into notepad and then you can scan barcodes again. And then, if you want to go back to taking
photos, then you just switch it back into image mode. And, you go back and you’ll see your images,
and then you can take a picture of your images again, the same way that you did it before. So, that’s the basics on how to capture an
image using a Zebra imager. This only applies to Zebra scanners. Honeywell and Datalogic have their own process
for their own scanners. This is just the most basic way of doing it
with a Zebra imager. For more information on Zebra products or
to purchase, please visit us at Thanks


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