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My little pony, friendship is magic, is a children animated television program based on Hasbro’s popular toy line of the same name, and the 1950 classic film: “All horses cannot operate autombiles” It takes place in a world inhabited by a multitude of cartoon horses, including unicorns, pegasi, boring horses, giraffes, donkeys, mustangs, mustangs, colts, and Mr.ebs, which is a derogatory term used to describe horses that can’t eat peanut butter. The show is based around the life of Twilight Sparkle, a magical unicorn with powers comparable to Jesus! If, you know, Jesus was a horse instead. Twilight Sparkle has no friends, as every other horse fears her unequal power and limitless knowledge of the archane. This worries her mother, Queen horsey time, who decides to take action and help her daugther make some new friends. The queen takes Twilight to summer camp a the prestigious camp: “WHHHEHHHENNNNEHHH…!” Where she’s forced to make friends with the least popular girls in school. Their names are: Fluttershy, the beast master. Rainbow Dash, lord of the dark skies. Pinkie Pie, the shape shifter. Applejack, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAUU! And Rarity, who’s also in the show… Every other so, the horses learn valuable lessons on both friendship and life, like being honest and true to your best pals, and not eating my fries when I’m clearly not finished with them, Debra!!! I mean, seriously I am so sick of this Debra. Get your own french fries okay? GET YOUR OWN GODD- Some other episodes even feature fun filled songs sung by the characters themselves, like the hip song, PINKIE PRIDE, which took the world by storm! And was the best musical number at the 2011 corean people’s choice awards! 1, 2, 3… My little pony, friendship is magic, is the television JUGGERNAUT, coming to take your eyeballs by storm. Catch horsey-horse fever this summer and endow your brain with all 5 award-winning seasons on DVD and laser vision. Buy cartoon horse action figures at your local toy merchant. And try NEW cartoon horse brand HORSE MEAT!!! A heart and punching adventure for the whole family. Let horse-based wonderment into your heart, and discover why friendship truly is magic.


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