Centaur Pull On Bell Boots Review


AL: Hi, I’m Al from Creative, and today I’m reviewing
the Centaur Pull On Bell Boots. I like to keep my horse
in bell boots 24/7 because who can afford for their
horse to lose a shoe? But lately in Massachusetts
it seems like every season is mud season and my Velcro™
bell boots just kept getting clogged with mud
and falling off. I needed a pair of bell
boots that would stay on no matter how much mud got caked
on there and so far the Pull On Bell Boots have been perfect. I love how thick and durable
these bell boots are. I’ve been using the same
pair for over six months and they have yet to rip, tear or crack. I’m even able to hose my
horse’s legs off daily and the rubber is still
perfectly intact. These bell boots fit my
horse’s hooves perfectly and they give me an extra sense
of security when he’s in the turnout
and when I’m working him. Funny story about these
bell boots is that I got really excited when I saw
that they came in white. I had a brain blast moment
and figured the brighter the color the easier they’d
be able to find in the mud. Well after 10 years of searching
for black bell boots in mud, I now have a shiny white pair
that I have yet to fall off once. These boots are perfect
for anyone whose horse is an over-reacher or gets
a little frisky in the turnout. They actually stay
on my horse 24/7. The only time I really
take them off is when he’s getting his feet
done and as soon as the farrier is done they go right back on. I do two different things
to maintain my bell boots. If it’s warm enough out
I’ll hose off my horse’s feet to get any mud that stuck
underneath the boots. If it’s too cold for hosing
I’ll take a stiff brush and brush the outside
of the boot and then kind of flip it up around his fetlock
and brush underneath it. Because they stay
on my horse 24/7, it’s really important for me
to get the dirt out from underneath and off
of this hoof wall. I do find that these bell
boots run a little small. My horse wears a double 0 shoe
and I consider him to have smaller feet and he wears
a large. Sizing up may also help you with
a little bit of extra room when you pull them on. I do have one helpful
tip for you when putting these bell boots on. It’s a little bit easier
if you flip them inside out first so that you can pull
from the bottom of the ball boot right up over your
horse’s foot and then put them back down around
their hoof. If you do get a pair
and they don’t fit your horse perfectly, don’t worry because you can
exchange them for free with SmaretPak’s free
return shipping. I’m Al, and the Centaur Pull On Bell
Boots are my favorite bell boots
for all seasons.


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