Chance It Looks to Fountain of Youth

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I think Chance It, as far as his attributes
and ability, from the time he came in, he’s basically shown that he was a classy horse
and each time, he keeps wowing you and wowing you with everything he does. He’s always showing that he has a special
ability. Since I’ve been in America, he’s the best
horse that we’ve ever had. I don’t think we’ve ever had a horse close
to him in ability. We always thought highly of him and the first
time when he got beat, it was disappointing. So second time out we were hoping that he
would run like how we thought. You still never envisioned as impressive as
it was. You couldn’t get much better than that. But at a quarter pole, I turned to my mom. She rarely comes to races. And I turned to her and I was like, “He’s
everything we dreamed of.” He doesn’t show any distance limitations. Look at his pedigree, you probably think he’s
a sprinter, but he’s not built like a sprinter. And when he trains, he doesn’t train like
a sprinter. So as far as distance, we’ve always felt confident
that he really get the distance. The reason for waiting was the Fountain of
Youth is 50 points. And if you were to win that it guarantees him
a spot in the Derby, whereas the Holy Bull was coming back in four weeks, that’s
only 10 points. So even if he wins the Holy Bull, he still
has to basically go and do it again. And that was a deciding factor. It gives him better spacing. He was coming off from the Mucho Macho Man. It was a four-month layoff. And to bring him back in four weeks for only
10 points, we thought it was more worthwhile to wait until the Fountain of Youth. Most of the time Tyler is running him now
a few times, so he knows him well and he’s been working him. We’re going to leave it to him as far as tactics. He has tactical speed work. He can break and put himself in a good spot
and we’ll leave this decision to Tyler. If all goes well in the Fountain of Youth, then we start dreaming towards how we get to the Derby. If we were to win the Fountain of Youth, it
basically takes a lot of pressure off us and we know we have a spot to the Derby and then
we decide do we want to run again or do we go straight to the Derby. Those are the deciding factors that… I think you won’t make those decisions until
the outcome happens. You know what I mean? You don’t want to think too far ahead. I came from Barbados for these dreams, to
try to get to the Derby and hopefully one day win it. And we’re on the way, we’re pretty close.


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