Cheap Way to Taming Horses without Raw Sugar – Black Desert Mobile Global

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Hello Welcome back to my channel
Chico Game Room This time I want to share / discuss about
efficient & cheap taming horse in my opinion First, make sure in your stable
there are still slots left for taming horses and second, don’t forget to buy
the taming rope on the NPC Lets try to buy 10 Horse Taming Rope
Ok.. Well, for Raw Sugar in my opinion
We don’t need it Because this Raw Sugar, just to increase
The probability of getting a horse So we don’t need to use or buy raw sugar Let’s just taming immediately
using this Taming Rope Horse Ok, I usually taming at…
Bree Tree Forest for taming horses Now if you already arrive at the field map
you can check in this minimap If there is this horse symbol/icon
it’s means there are positions Horses you can taming Let’s just try searching it Ok, so here it is Now to distinguish between tier 1 & tier 2
can you check from the probability chance Well, Let’s taming For tier 2 horse, Probability
chance is 40/80%, that’s for tier 2 horses If it’s tier 1 is 50/90% Let’s try taming Does it work without raw sugar? Ok go up Wow, failed Ok, let’s try searching again Ok, let’s taming again Ok, taming it Up, Up.. Up… Woow, failed again Let’s try searching again Oh it’s not there
Return to the starting position Tier 2 Horse Let’s taming it Ok! get it, without raw sugar
So it’s more cheap in my opinion Let’s named it Doom Ok, got 1 There are still 7 more ropes left
Let’s taming again Now this is usually tier 1
the color is not bright This is Tier 1 horse
usually 50/90% Now if it’s like this, we just cancel it
If we cancel, the rope won’t disappear The taming rope won’t disappear/consumed
Still 7 Ropes Let’s looking tier 2 again
This is still tier 1, we just cancel it So we can quickly find the Tier 2 horse Ok let’s search again That’s a tier 2 horse
It looks color more bright Capture / Taming The chance 40/80% is tier 2 Ok, Up Can we get it?
OK, get it again Dine Let’s search again This is Tier 2 horse OK, get it again We name it again, Doom again
Oh, Let’s named it Doom2 There are still 5 more ropes Ok Let’s try searching again This is Tier 1
Let’s just cancel it The rope is still 5, and not decrease This is tier 2 horse here
let’s try to taming it again Make sure in green position Oh, failed Let’s try searching again Now that’s in front
Tier 2 To the top A little up Ok, get it again
Dine2 3 ropes remaining This is a horse tier…
This is Tier 2, I think Let’s try check it out Ok tier 2, 40/80%
Capture / Taming Hup, get it again
Hehehe Ok, Doom3
Let’s just named it Doom3 2 more ropes left Ah in front, tier 2 again Taming Pull down
Go up Oh, failed If it fails, the rope will definitely consumed
1 Rope remaining Let’s try to use all the rope Tier 1 Horse Let’s just cancel it Ah, tier 2 horse Last Rope Oh Failed It turns out that from 10 Ropes I got
How many it is? Ah, Around 5, 5 horses Ok, now we can check here I got 5 horses with taming rope only
without raw sugar This is a chance, maybe it can
get more or can be below me If without using raw sugar If you’re not lucky maybe you can
got only around 2 or 3 I think I’m quite lucky
can get 5 If you are more fortunate
Maybe you can get around 7 Ok Maybe that’s all this time
See you next video, Bye-Bye


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