Chimney Chase Flashing – Roof Flashing – Saddle Flashing – roof repair

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(tranquil music) – Here we are, we’re on the
roof, and we’re looking at this chimney chase which is pretty
typical to see on a roof. The chimney chase has a
saddle flashing in the back, this one here is nice
’cause it has a cricket. But what’s happened here,
you can see right down here in the corner, they’ve actually
put some sealant in here, which causes a ponding area right here. As you can see from
this mud on both sides, the water is sitting back
here and creating a pond. That’s actually causing
the siding here to dry rot. You can see where somebody
has come in and actually, it looks like they’ve cut the trim up a little bit out of that area. But typically what you want is
a nice area for water to flow around this chimney and go downhill. So this is a potential problem
for this chimney chase, when this roof gets done I’m gonna guess that there’s gonna be
some dry rot damage here that needs to get replaced
on the chimney itself. Now one thing they’ve done
here is they’ve installed the roof diverter, that’s
what this flashing is. And it’s designed to capture
the water right before the chimney chase and
divert it away to the sides. They’ve got a longer one
over on the other side to get water away from a little sunroom. This is a nice way to get water
away from a critical area, however this flashing, it’s down here, still has the basic
problem of holding water, which again is right on the wood siding. You want to keep that
siding up a little bit, so that water’s not contacting it and causing problems long term. (tranquil music)


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