Chiny – Luoyang – Świątynia Białego Konia i Groty Longmen


6 million residents You probably haven’t heard about this town about 100 cities has more than 1 million inhabitants under the bridge, go through the gates Longmen Grottoes big ears are a symbol of the ideal candidate to power and exceptional knowledge hence the Buddha has huge ears Cave of Ten Thousand Buddhas lace-making workshop exhibitions on the walls are paper cutouts old city of Luoyang White Horse Temple This is the oldest Buddhist Temple founded in 64 AD the four heavenly kings come from the Ming Dynasty all believe that this is the tip of the temple which receives the pain


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  1. Karina Zakrzewska

    March 12, 2013 8:39 pm

    dziękuję za kolejny interesujący film:) te wieżowce – molochy robią przeogromne wrażenie!


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