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hye-won welcome Evie’s toy house today we’re
making another Cutie Mark Crusaders and based on your votes we’re going to be
making AppleBloom so I’m going to be using Applejack because AppleBloom is
AppleJack doodle sisters alright I have all my supplies let’s get started
first I’m going to cut off AppleJacks hair once your ponytail is off I’m going
to use some air dry clay and make apple bloom’s hair so then start with the two
strips as she usually worries in the front once that’s done we’re going to
make the best part of her hair until then use these two pieces blend them out
and shape it when air-dry clay is dry we can now
paint it and I’m going to paint it a pinkish red color next for our facing on
the paint Applebloom a pale yellow color nails on
line your eyes with black and give her some lashes and now we’ll then do the
eyes her eyes are orangish brown I’m going to put it in orange first and then
add in a little bit of a light yellow color and paint into your teeth let’s draw in
her eyebrows I’m going to use up on baked clay for her beau and this is
because of them big plays actually a little bit easier to mold after its
baked and one painted pink for Applebloom’s body was unpainted the same
yellow colored next without paint her shirt green and give her a brown silk and here we are going to paint her boots yellow
I really like the Apple so I’m going to keep the apples on her boots Applebloom wears shorts but I really
like the skirt diet Applejack came with so I’m going to reuse the skirt and
instead of painting it over I’m going to paint her cutie mark on it here we go
her cutie mark it’s actually really cool it looks like a shield and then paint it
in with all the colors alright guys so here is my AppleBloom what do you think
do you like her so I’m really glad I did these old hair pieces because Applebloom’s hair is always drawn with these front pieces and I really love her color I
look at it this is a really nice pink color for her hair so here’s a close-up
of her face so here’s her orange eyes and it was eventually pretty simple she
has her regular Equestria girl mini eyelashes and her eyebrows are brown and
she’s showing her teeth with a pink smile and her outfit I think turned out
pretty good too it looks a little bit different from the standard Apple Bloom
outfit so she has a green shirt but she’s wearing a jean skirt in sub jean
shorts and she has these apples on her boots
and for her cutie mark I didn’t want to put it on her cheek because I think it
would have been too small for me to put in the detail so instead of put her on
her skirt and I think it looks pretty good there alright and here she is with
blue what do you think don’t look cute together I just love the two of them so
we have one more member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders to go hi everyone welcome to Evie’s toy house today I’m going to be making a third member of the Cutie
Mark Crusaders and if you didn’t watch my custom videos you know that the last
number that I need to make is Sweetie Belle so I previously done Scootaloo and
Apple Bloom and if you have not seen those videos yet go ahead and take them
out after this video so I’m going to using rarity to make this custom and
this is because Sweetie Belle is actually rarity doodle sister so I think
it’s really fitting to use her alright let’s get started I want to start first
by coming her hair with a lighter color and they’re going to help me later on
because pretty girls hair color is pretty light the $30 hair is pink and violet so I’m
going to start with a pink first now that the pink is done I’m going to
put in a new pilot or her face and loliter skintone alone
I’m going to use some acetone and take off the beauty mark right here pretty
tails either green so I’m going to use sage green to cut her eyes in and then
clean it up would black and dot the eye and one paint your boots pink and then
add the yellow belt details around it or her body I’m going to paint a white
stripe down the front because I’m going to need that for her shirt I don’t paint
her pink jacket on and then a the pink stripes on her shirt lastly I’m going to add a purple belt and for the last part of her outfit I’m
gonna paint her skirt yellow alright everyone so here is really bad what do
they think I really love her colors so her pink inspired hair is so so pretty
and I love her outfit too this magenta yellow and purple really go well
together so let me show you a closer look of her face so I’m best not to her
face alone they still looks a lot like rarity I did take off her cutie mark
with some acetone but gave her her sage green eye and I just really love this
hair color so here’s a little piece of her huge band it kind of goes into this
part of her hair but I really love the colors oh my gosh I’m so messy color
here’s a close-up of her outfit so she wears a little jacket over her white
shirt with pink stripes and she was little purple felt and her food really –
which is pink boots with a yellow belt and buckles on them
hi everyone welcome to Evie’s Toy house so today we’re making another custom and
we’ll be making another Equestria girl we’re going to be making school ooh who
is a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders gonna be really admiring would ask so I
think using her is actually quite appropriate alright so let’s get started
alright we’re going to be cutting off angle batches hair little B half shorter
hair so then trim that off once the bottom is trimmed off was going
to clean it up with a little bit of air dried clay and make it look like it’s
part of the hair once the hair is dry was on the painted and we’re going to
paint it a really pretty purple we’re going to do her skin and her skin
tone is bit of an orangish yellow on them do this color once that’s done
we’re going to paint her eyes we’re going to do four eyes that beautiful
dark purple color after that was going to clean up her eyes with some black after eyelashes back in and give her some eyebrows so her hair
is build it – for both I’m done – repainted pink mics on her arms and legs
we gonna paint it with a same skin tone colors once that’s done we’re going to start
working on her outfit so this will take a few coats where you going to start
with some prey add a green can make your boots gray and then come back for a
second round and finally one state gray in the
greener drives gonna add the key of her and we’re done
alright guys so here she is Scootaloo what do you think I’m really glad I
redid her hair color cause I think miss color match is going to do a lot better
than the other kind which is too purple her face is really nice too if Scootaloo
is a younger pony she doesn’t wear makeup so either big and bright and I
love that purple and she had to use true self is really cute too so take a good
look at her outfit so I didn’t know what color her shirt was under the under her
jacket so I just hated white would come to me and I think it looks pretty good
what do you guys think I really wrote this one is so fun let me know about any
comment section what you think of my customs you guys like my custom videos
make sure to subscribe so you know when your next one is up alright see you next
time bye


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