Compilation Teen Titans Go! Jinx, Raven, Starfire Dolls My Little Pony Custom


hi everyone welcome to Evie’s toy house
and today we are making a brand new custom so we are gonna be making
Starfire from Teen Titans go so this is a really fun shell I really like
Starfire she is an alien and so she is gonna be a lot of fun to make to make
Starfire we’re going to be using a few different dolls so we’re gonna be using
Twilight Sparkle’s head Applejack spotty in her necklace and
Twilight Sparkle skirt alright let’s get started
starting with a head the first thing we’re gonna do is remove the bangs so
we’re keeping the hair on the side so we’re going to have to separate this
from the bangs and then we’re gonna pull this off I’m gonna use an exacto knife
and clean off the glue residue if you’re doing this at home make sure to get your
parents to help you then with air dry clay we’re going to rebuild her hair so
using a flat piece we’re gonna fill in the empty sections and smooth it down
then taking two small curved pieces we’re gonna make her bangs now we’re ready to paint her face we’re
gonna paint it a light orange color once the face is done using green we are
going to paint in her eyes so this is going to look a little bit strange just
because it is green instead of white using black wig on to line her lids so
we’re gonna make this very very thick and add in her eyelashes she has these
two gigantic eyelashes for her irises we’re going to use a dark
green color using a very thin brush we’re going to
line the bottoms of her eyes with black now we’re going to add any black pupils and dot it with white and we also going
to give her a smile which is going to use black for that before we color her
hair we’re going to cover the dark purple with a layer of white paint all right now we are ready to paint her
hair so I’m gonna paint it red using a large brush then for the finer details
I’m going to switch to a smaller brush and before I forget we’re gonna have to
add in her eyebrows so her eyeballs kind of look like commas so we’re going to
paint that in there a little bit high up on her forehead and then give her two of
them for her body Apple Jacks body is already Orange both of them painted
again because we wanted to match the face color now with dark purple we’re
going to color in her outfit so we’re going to cut her in her shirt for a
little to top we’re gonna paint her skirt and we’re also going to paint her boots
dark purple now with the light purple was on paint
lady top in the bottom parts of her boots paint a belt around her waist and
we’ll sit on paint her gauntlets for the necklace we are reusing Applejack’s
necklace but we’re going to have to trim it first after that we’re going to paint
it a light purple color alright let’s add in the dark green gems
so one on each of her gauntlets and also on her necklace alright everyone’s silk star is done
what do you guys think so I really like the way she turned out especially her
face so here is an up-close look at her face so her eyes are green so she
doesn’t have any white in it at all so his green eyes with dark green irises
and she has these very interesting eyebrows and very thick eyelashes and of
course her bangs are up here and she has this beautiful reddish hair her elf is
actually pretty simple so she is wearing um a crop top of her tube top that is
purple with a skirt and she has these lighter purple gauntlets and necklace as
you can see here it’s just a mix-up dark and lighter purple so let me know down
below in the comment section what you think of my Starfire and if you guys
like this video make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye hi
everyone and welcome to Evie’s Toy house I recently made Raven but I made her
wearing her cloak so you can’t see her face at all or her body so I finally got
another photo finish I’ve been waiting to get her before I make my next custom
and it’s because I really wanted her hairstyle so this hairstyle is very
similar to Ravens hair and this time I want to make her without her cloak so
that we can see her face and for the body we’re gonna be using rarity and
this rarity is actually wearing a bodysuit
so it’d be easier to customize with her alright let’s get started
starting with a head I’m going to take off the hair for both photo finish and
rarity then I’m gonna paint Rarity’s face with
light gray now we’re gonna do the eyes I’ve already outlined her eyes and this
time I’m gonna do something different I’m gonna make one eye bigger than the
other one and this is because I’m gonna make her look a little bit upset now with white we’re going to fill in
her eyes and cut her irises purple now gonna come back in and fill it in
with black and dot it with white with black I’m going to give her a frown
a little bit off-center now with her bangs back on I’m going to draw two
triangles off on the side with an exacto knife I’m going to trim off the
triangles now then glue the hair back on both the banks and the back so her banks and in a triangle so we’re
going to add a little triangle piece on the front I’m also going to kill into
hair on the side of her face now we’re gonna paint her hair I’m gonna
paint it black and also mix in a little bit of midnight blue for the body I’m going to paint the legs
and hands the flesh tone which is a light gray color even though her shirt
is already black I’m going to paint over it again so that I can extend the
sleeves down to her wrist we will paint her socks a dark food
color using the same dark blue I’m going to
paint the cuffs on her shirt eating red and when paint three ovals on
her waist using some air dried clay I’m going to
make her cake so we’re going to just roll it out and cut it into a u-shape
after its dried we’re going to paint it a dark blue color all right everyone so my Raven is done
what do you guys think so I think she turned out pretty cool her cutters are
pretty simple they’re mostly black and blue but I think the way I did her eyes
make her really stand out so one eyes look big bigger than the other one and
she looks like she’s just glaring at you this looks like she’s kind of upset at
something her hair is actually really cool she has short cropped hair I
colored it black but there is a little bit of blue in it kind of a midnight
blue so you maybe can see that come through here is her body so her body’s
pretty simple too she has a black bodysuit and she has these boots with
the blue socks on and of course I also made a cape this time we don’t see the
hood because there’s just no space down here to make the hood so I kind of
skipped on the hood instead and of course here is my other Raven that I
made recently this one is with her with the hood on and as you can see she looks
totally different because you can’t see her face at all is so dark and black and
she is just kind of under the shadows of her hood and she’s also her body it’s
pretty well hidden because it’s covered by her cook but this time you can see
everything all right so let me know down below in the comment section what you
think of my raven without the hood and if you guys liked this video make sure
to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye hi everyone welcome to Evie’s Toy
house and today we are making a brand new custom now I know she looks a little
bit scary but we’re gonna make her so much better I’m gonna be making Raven
from Teen Titans go so this version of the Raven that I’m gonna be making is
the one where her face is completely shadowed by her hood so her face will be
mostly black and the reason why I picked this head and bodies because these are
leftovers so this is DJ pon3 head and a shave it down so that it’s a little bit
smoother and this is one of Twilight Sparkle’s
bodies and she’s just one of the leftover bodies that I had all right
let’s get started the first thing I’m going to do is to paint the email a
light gray color then using white we’re going to paint the eyes I’m going to
paint a half circle on each side of the face since I don’t want rayvin do you have a
smile I’m gonna go back with some air dry clay and fill in the mouth
this way you’ll smooth it over and I can paint her mouth on instead also gonna
fill in the gaps in her head so using more air dried clay I’m gonna fill in
the front and also in the back this way when we put a hood on it’ll be smooth
using a very dark blue color we’re going to paint a train go down the forehead and down the sides of her face then we’ll fill in the inside with black we’re gonna make sure to cut it under
her chin around the nose and around the eyes using purple was on the paint her eyes
and these are also going to be half circles and then fill in the pupils with
black now for the mouth I’m just going to draw a very small frown now using a
flat sheet of air dried clay I’m going to flatten it over her head and I’m
going to start to shape her hood so we’re going to keep shaping it until it
looks like the shape it does in the series using scissors we’re gonna snip some
triangles I’m going to smooth it out now for her
body we’re going to wrap a large cake around her so using a piece of air dried
clay we’re going to wrap it around and smooth it down now we’re gonna blend it up into her
hood on the bottom we’re gonna trim it so it’s floor-length so this is what
Raven looks like so far with the air dried clay all dried and as you can see
most of her body is completely covered and also her head and her face so the
last step is to paint the clay you will paint this a very dark blue color finally we’re gonna paint the yellow and
red clasp around her neck all right everyone so here is my custom Raven what
do you guys think so I had a lot of fun making her she didn’t turn out at all
what I thought she would be I think the reason why is because I kept the pony
ears and after adding this hood on she ended up looking like a cat so this
looks like a cat to me with the ears and also maybe some whiskers over here but
essentially she was a pretty simple figure she is mostly black and dark blue
and she’s just wearing this cape that just goes all the way around her and so
to me she looks like a cat that’s just walking around with a cape on especially
this little mouth area so I think we need to remake her I need to make her
without a hood so that we can see more of her face so let me know down below in
the comment section what you think of that idea and if you guys enjoyed this
video make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye hi everyone and welcome to Evie’s toy
house today we’re making a brand new custom we’re going to be making Jenks
from Teen Titans go I recently made Starfire and Raven so if you have not
seen those videos make sure to check them out after this video
jinx it’s a troublemaker and villain in Teen Titans go and she’s actually really
cute she has this really cool hair that looks like horns and bright pink and she
also wears a purple gothic dress to make her I’m going to be using birdies head
inside twice body and this is because the lab coat that site why wears fits
jinxes outfit pretty well alright let’s get started the first thing we’re going
to do is remove the hair so I’ve already done this so this is what rarity looks
like without her hair now we’re going to take some air dried clay and filling the
gaps in her head this will prevent any strange lumps when we start to build her
hair taking a flat piece of clay we’re gonna put this over her forehead so I’m
gonna cut it across it back and trimmed some fringes in the front now taking two logs of clay I’m going to
make it pointy on one end and on the other end we’re going to flatten it up a
little bit and I’m going to turn it upwards kind of like horns and I’m going
to attach it to the back of her head I’m gonna need some extra clay to fill in
the gaps we’re gonna keep shaping it until it
looks like it’s part of her head all right the clay is dry and so this is
what it looks like looks kind of neat now for her face I’m gonna start by
painting her face with a mix of these three colors I have white grey and pink
and we’re gonna paint it all over her face now for the eyes I’ve used the pencil to
sketch out the shape of her eyes and we’re gonna use black and trace the
upper lids we’re going to fill in the inside with
white I’m gonna make sure the other lashes
with black then for our irises we’re going to use a
hot pink color for the pupils you’re going to be black
and they’re going to be cat-like so they’re kind of like narrow ovals now gonna dot the eyes with white using a dark grey and will give her
smile and with a little bit of pink watercolor I’m going to color in the
blush on her cheeks so these are just two small ovals right under the eyes and finally put a hair we’re gonna paint
all of it a bright pink color now for the body we’re going to take up
the skirt and trim the bottom one cut little semi circles on the bottom of it
all the way around for her outfit I have these two colors I
have a darker purple and a lighter purple we’re going to start by painting
the bottom half of her body with a light purple and also going to paint her skirt the
same light purple color and will paint a little bit of the light purple on her
shoulders now we’re gonna paint the rest for
outfit with dark purple gonna line the edges between the light in the dark
first and then fill in the space using black and put ad stripes to her
lights although with black alone paint the top
half of her boots and finally was black I’m gonna paint
tooth bands around her hair are they one so my jinx is done what do
you guys think I think she turned out really cute I really love her pink hair
so here is a close-up of her face you can see her big ol eyes there Cullen cat
like of course she asked these two pink blush ovals of her cheek and her hair so
this hair is bright pink and they kind of look like horns down here is her
outfit and as you can see is pretty simple it is dark purple and light
purple and she is wearing tights with black stripes on them so let me know
down below in the comment section what you think emerging and if you guys
enjoyed this custom make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe alright
I’ll see you guys next time bye


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