correcting horse behavior with respect and kindness with a free walking Horse


This Horse is 5 y old, he is young and he
had some lousy experiences with humans. Which I mean that he was made afraid. Especially
in the stable. We just had a session in the stable and he was hysterical and it was not
possible to ‘reach him’. So all I am doing with him is find his self confidence and make
sure that his fear does not take over. How do you do that?
Well first of all you have to look carefully at the behavior and when he is hysterical
I think you have the responsibility to ‘bring him back’.
Bring him back is not with hitting, I do use a whip but I use it to correct him.
This guy is here for 2 month I guess. But every day his day starts all over again
and every day there is a reason. Besides he has a best firmed, who is also
a Horse that is skittish and is scared. So that doesn’t make it a lot more easy for him.
Makes it harder. Still he should have a lot of reasons to bite
me or to kick , but he doesn’t. He even cares about not touching me, not hurting me.
To me thats a very noble thing for Horse to do.
It means that I owe them something not to hurt them. When I move you can see on his
head that he is somehow getting tensed. He is getting more nervous, on the other side
you can see also that he wants to make contact but that it still bothers him, he still can
not give his trust to humans. What I would like to show you is how I correct
a Horse with something. I prefer to use branches with leaves on it, because then they can bite
on to and eat it. So the whip. this is a branch of a tree that
they can eat. For us a whip has a meaning but for them.
It is nothing we think it is. For them its just a branch, and it can be a straw it doesn’t
matter. When I correct a Horse I sometimes ‘snap them
out of it’. And thats what I do when I touch them very short. I mean hitting is doing this.
Snapping is just this. I think I didn’t see him, but I think he is stepping back because
it scared him. When Horse do that they tell us that they
have experience with something like that. They have experience with a human who has
been using this ‘method’ of hitting. Thats why I think its very important to correct
and just to snap them out of it. So I am going to make contact now and I am
going to … He is now investigating the water and his
friend is over there eating the hay. He is sort of wondering what the heck am I doing
here. I want to be there, but she is there and anyway.
So I am going to make some contact with him and today is a new day for him.
So I am going to tell him again that these things are nothing to be afraid of. Wish me
luck. As you see the steps are very small, they
are very tiny. He wants to trust but he doesn’t know how.
Every time is a new experience. And these experiences, thousands of these experiences,
will fade away his old experiences of being hit. Being used aa … well I don’t know a
word for that. But I do know that he is feeling very uncomfortable. with humans.
But as you can see inside him there is such a beautiful guy.
A great guy who wants to be friends with us, he really wants to be friends.
So if he is able, and that will take a while, to change his old behavior. And to find more
self confidence, it all starts with self confidence. And find himself more calm, more easy.
At this moment he is using his nose to smell. And his nose, sometimes I think people see
the nose as the hugging part of the Horse. Believe me, they don’t use it like that. Its
we who make the noses. They need it to smell my emotions, to see
if and what my intention is. Am I calm, easy.
They smell and they try to avoid. For them it is very important. And thats why
a touch of the nose, just a small touch. And now he is smelling my hand. There was no food,
no reward you can see that. This is no training, this is just.
His nose for him is very, very important. So I don’t touch his nose except to give him
an answer on his need of smelling.


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  1. sonseere10

    June 1, 2016 11:26 pm

    You never use a whip to correct a horse. The horse's past experiences are just that, past experiences. Don't use it as an excuse. The horse is a reflection of the person that handles him the most. If you do good, the horse will do good. You must establish yourself as a confident leader in the horse's mind. You may need to be firm at times but always fair.


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