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Hi everyone! In this video, I will be showing
you how I made this pony version of Adagio Dazzle.
She is one of the Dazzlings from the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks movie. The supplies and tools that I’ll be using
to make this custom pony are a My Little Pony toy figure (you’ll need to remove the eyes,
cutie mark, mane and tail), oven-bake clay (air-dry clay or any type of
sculpting clay will work as well), paintbrushes, paint palette, paint pots, super glue, blade, white and yellow paints for her coat; orange, blue, brown and yellow for her mane; black and gold for her necklace; and magenta, black, white, and gold for her
eyes. You don’t have to use the exact supplies
or brands that I’ll be using. So, feel free to use the supplies that you do have. Let’s start sculpting!
To make her forelock, cut out a rectangular piece of clay and press it onto her head. Lightly mark the center point. Now trim it into a V-shape.
Smooth out any rough edges. Cut out another rectangular piece of clay.
Press it onto the back of her head. Now, trim the end to the desired shape. Smooth out any rough or uneven edges. For her necklace roll out a thin log of clay
and wrap it around her neck. Use the leftover clay to make the bail, the
part that connects the gem pendant to the cord. To make her bangs, cut out two rectangular
sheet of clay. Then, trim off pieces of clay to create the shape of her bangs. Once it’s in the shape that you want, smooth
out the uneven edges. Now, do the same for the other side. When they’re finished, attach them to her
head. You can use a toothpick to create the lines
or you can paint it on later. Let’s move on to her crest. Since her crest
is really big and poufy, I’m going to use aluminum foil for the core. This way I’ll
use less clay and it’ll weigh less. Wrap sheets of clay around the core until
you get the crest to the size and shape you want. Alright, let’s see what it looks like on
the pony. Once it’s in the shape you want, use a similar
tool to create the puffs of hair all around. This is what it should look like when you’re
done. Now, attach a thin strip of clay here for
her hair band. To make the spikes, roll out a log of clay.
Cut it into smaller pieces. Taper one end by rolling it with your finger.
Trim off any excess. Then, make four more. For her tail, I used the same method as the
crest. I started with an aluminum core and wrapped clay around it until I got the shape
I wanted. Then, I used this tool to create these puffs
of hair. All the sculpting is now finished. Before
you can start painting, the clay pieces must be baked or air-dried depending on the type
of clay you’ll be using. Let’s start painting!
Adagio’s tail is a dull orange color. I mixed Apple Barrel’s Apricot with a very
small amount of Cool Blue to get this color. This is after 3 layers of paint. I’m using Yellow for the streak. This is after 3 layers. I did the same for
the other side. Before I paint her coat, I’m going to glue
on her tail. This way tail is glued to the pony and not the paint. Adagio’s skin color is light yellow. Yellow
Flame is the lightest yellow color I have. So, I had to mix in some white to lighten
it. I’m using Metallic Gold for the bail.
And black for the cord. This is after three layers of paint. Let’s move on to the eyes. This is after three layers of each color. I’ve painted on her cutie mark. If you’ve
watched my other custom videos, then you should know that I don’t film the painting of the
cutie mark because it’s too difficult to do with the camera in front of me. For her mane, I’m using the same colors
I used for her tail. This is after three layers. I’m using a dark purple color for her hair
band. Let’s finish painting the rest of her mane. I’ve painted the spikes light yellow and
glued them onto the hair band. Now, the crest is ready to be glued on. I’ve used red clay to make her gem pendant.
If you want to give your gem that shiny appearance, brush on a layer of gloss sealant. Alright, this custom Adagio Dazzle is now
finished. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.
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    um… Look on the box of the eg minis. Adagio is a unicorn.Not an earth pony. Awesome vid though!

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