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(light, happy music) – [Evie] Hi everyone! Welcome to Evie’s Toy House, and today we are doing another review of the customs I’ve made this year. So this video is for the
My Little Pony customs that I did for the other characters that currently don’t have a mini doll. So first up we have Apple Bloom. So Apple Bloom is Apple Jack’s sister, so because of that I used Apple Jack’s head and body for her. And I think she turned
out really really cute, I really love the way
her eyes are layered here with the different shades
of yellow and brown. And her hair is also a little bit different than Apple Jack’s. And next up we have Sweetie Belle, and I used Rarity’s
head and outfit for her. And she looks really really cute with that violet and pink hair. And her outfit is really adorable too. Next we have Scootaloo. And Scootaloo uses Rainbow
Dash’s body and head, and I really like the way
her outfit turned out, I think this combination
of green, teal and white looks really really cute. Next we have Gloriosa Daisy, she is from the new movie Legend of Everfree that was released this year. And so I really like
the colors of her hair, and this is kind of a dark magenta color with pink highlights inside it. And what’s really neat about her is that I used some colored
pasta for her headband and also for her shoes. So here is Princess Cadence, and what I really like
about her is her hair. Look at these shades of yellow,
pink and purple in there. Isn’t that pretty? And here is Princess Luma. She is one of my favorites, I really love the way her colors turned out. And her eyes too, so she has that very thick eye shadow up on top, and it kind of goes really well
with the shades in her hair. And back here we have Lord Tirek. He is a very special custom, he is actually not an
Equestria Girls mini. But instead is a mix of a pony and of the Incredible Hulk. (laughs) So he was a lot of fun to make and I think he turned out
really really cool looking. So he has his tail back
here that was modified. And he has his upper body here that is from the Incredible Hulk. And he does stand (laughs). Super super cool character. I also made another villain. This one is Sunset
Shimmer in her evil form, so this is kinda of a
scary version of her. She is mostly yellow and orange (laughs). And her wings are made from my 3D pen, so it’s black in the back
and red in the front. And it’s much lighter
than using resin or clay. Next we have Midnight Sparkle, so this is an ultimate
form of Twilight Sparkle. So of course I used Twilight
Sparkle as the base, and changed her hair using air-dry clay, and added wings by using oven-baked clay. So I think she turned out really cool with these really big wings. Of course it makes her
really hard to stand too. And last of all I have Daydream Shimmer. So this is using Sunset Shimmer, and I also gave her new hair with lots of sparkles
in it for the flames, and a pair of resin wings. So these wings are made from resin, and also part of her dress too so this piece is actually made from resin, which gives it that really cool transparent effect. All right everyone so here are all the My Little Pony characters that I made this year. I am looking forward to
making a lot more next year. So let me know down below
in the comment section which ones are your
favorite, and which ones you are looking forward
to seeing next year. All right, I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!


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  1. Raja Waqas Saleh

    February 20, 2017 9:12 am

    Please do silver spoon she is my favourite so plz plz and can you make her an equstrea girl and can you make diamond tiara to

  2. Alyssa Vivian

    March 12, 2017 7:06 am

    You should do Chrysalis, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Thorax (good changing from the mlp s6 finally) and Evil Gloriosa Daisy.

  3. DüH İtzYâĞirlÂpril

    January 25, 2018 2:38 pm

    Sweet treats ponies make better customs. But you also make good ponies like ı said she makes better ponies cuz she makes ponies more smooth and cute and like candy and at last realystic. If you want you can check her channel out, if you check her channel out ı would be happy.


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