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Hi everyone! In this video, I will be showing
you how I made this pony version of Sonata Dusk.
She is one of the Dazzlings from the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks movie.
I’ve painted her using acrylic paints and sculpted her mane, tail, necklace and pendant
using polymer clay. The supplies and tools that you’ll see me
use to make this custom pony are a My Little Pony toy figure,
oven-bake clay (air-dry clay or any type of sculpting clay will work as well),
paintbrushes, paint palette, paint pots, super glue, blade and x-acto knife, sculpting tools,
blue and white paints for her coat; blue, gray, white, and dark blue for her mane and
tail; metallic gold and black for her necklace; and cyan, magenta, white and black for her
eyes. You don’t have to use the exact supplies
or brands that I’ll be using. So, feel free to use the supplies that you do have.
Start by cutting off the pony’s mane and tail. Cut as close as you can to the head.
Ask an adult for help if you’re not old enough to use sharp tools.
Now, we’re ready to start sculpting. For her forelock, roll out a sheet of clay
about 2mm thick or however you like. Straighten the sides by trimming them with a blade.
Decide how long you want her forelock to be. Now, trim off the excess clay.
Mark the center point of this side. Then, use your blade to cut out a V-shape.
Press the sheet onto her head, like so. And pinch the sides together.
Cut off the excess clay with a knife. If there’s a gap, then blend the clay together
with your finger and smooth out any rough or uneven edges.
Once that is done, press a small sheet of clay onto the back of her head.
Trim the end to your liking. Then, smooth out any uneven edges.
For the sides of her forelock, decide how long you want them to be.
Cut two sheets of clay to that length. Lightly sketch on the shape with a tool.
Now, cut the shape out with your knife. Smooth out any rough and uneven edges.
Attach them to the sides of her head and blend until it becomes seamless.
Use your knife and tool to create the gaps and texture for her mane.
Then, do the same for the other side. To make her pony tail, start with a log of
clay. Taper the ends and sculpt it into a S-shape.
Decide how long you want it to be. If it’s too long, then trim it to the length
you want and reshape. With a small piece of clay, make a tuft of
hair by tapering one end. Flatten it a bit and blend it on the pony
tail. Make another tuft of hair and blend it on
the other side. Now, create the hair band by wrapping a thin
sheet of clay around the top end. So, this is what it looks like so far.
Let’s move on to her tail. Start with a log of clay. Taper one end and
flatten the rest. Decide how long you want the tail to be and
trim off any excess. Now, taper this end and shape it to your liking.
Make a tuft of hair and blend it onto her tail.
All the
sculpting is now finished. Let’s start painting!
Sonata’s skin color is very pale blue. So, I’ve mixed a tiny amount of Apple Barrel’s
Cool Blue with some white paint to create this color for her coat.
I didn’t paint this area because I need to glue on her tail first. If I paint this
area and then glue on the tail, then I’ll be gluing the tail onto the paint instead
of the pony I did this for one of my previous custom.
I didn’t realize that it was a big mistake until I dropped it. The paint along with the
tail ripped right off the pony. So, make sure you glue the tail to the pony.
I’m going to paint her tail before gluing it on. You can do whichever is easier for
you first. To make this blue color for her tail, I mixed
Cool Blue with a bit a white and a tiny amount of gray.
For the dark blue streaks, I’m using Apple Barrel’s Admiral Blue color.
I’ve painted on one more steak on this side and two more on the other side.
The tail is now ready to be glued on. I’ve painted on three more layers for her
coat. For her mane, I’m using the same blue color
that I used for her tail. This is after three layers of blue paint.
For the bail, I’m using FolkArt Metallic Inca Gold color. Regular gold or a similar
color will work as well if you don’t have metallic gold.
I’m using black for the cord. Take your time and try not to get any black paint on
her coat. This is after 3 layers of black paint.
Moving on to her pony tail. I’m using the same blue color that I used for her tail and
mane. I’ve glued on her pony tail using super glue.
Now, let’s paint her eye. I’ve already painted on her eyelashes because it’s too
difficult to do in front of the camera. All you have to do is sketch on the shape
of her eye using a pencil and then paint on her eyelashes with a fine tip brush. Now,
let’s finish the rest of her eye. After about 3 layers of each color, paint
on a large and a small white circle for the highlights.
Once that is done, do the same for the other eye.
I’ve painted on her cutie mark. If you’ve watched my other custom videos, then you should
know that I don’t film the painting of the cutie mark because it’s too difficult to
do with the camera in front of me. All I did was paint on the heart shape with
a magenta color. Next, I painted on the musical note with the same blue color that I used
for her mane. And then, I painted on the shadows with the same blue color that I used for her
streaks. I almost forgot to paint the streaks on her
forelock. I’m using Apple Barrel’s Admiral Blue color.
This is after 3 layers of blue paint. I’ve sculpted her gem pendant using red
clay. If you don’t have red clay, you can use any color clay and then paint it red.
Now, glue on the pendant. The pendant is really tiny, so I’m using a plier to hold it. This
way I won’t risk gluing the pendant to my fingers.
I’m brushing on a thin layer of gloss sealer to give the gem a shiny appearance. If you
don’t care for shiny gems, then skip this step.
Alright, this custom Sonata is now finished. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Follow
me on Instagram if you want to know what pony I’ll be working on next.
And if you want to watch my other pony tutorials, then click on the images that are on the screen
or visit my channel. Thanks for watching!


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    You should really paint the ponies coat before moulding on the mane with clay but leave a blank spot for when you glue on the tail

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    Lol lemme just spin her head 360 degrees
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    I am a new fan and also biggest fan of yours and my name is jehanne

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    When we all think that we can make an amazing custom that looks just like hers…..But honestly this is amazing. You are a gifted artist with a lot of patience and time. Keep making more customs, you just earned another sub!

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    I was showing this to the Boys and Girls in My class. They finded this REALLY AWESOME and they liket your Voice. They were asking why im watching ur Vids i was like SHE GOT TALENT

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    Not trying to be rood but it would look better with a horn and some wings( but like how they looked in equestrian girls) or you can make them look like during season 7 the ending

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